What is Forced Feminization and how does it work? Is it forced? Is it feminization? Is it embarrassing? Is it humiliating? Is it fun?


Almost all crossdressers begin their hobby by trying on a pair of panties. Since most guys don’t have their own panty drawer, they accidentally on purpose discover a pair lying around somewhere, and for some reason decide to put them on. There isn’t much self analysis as to why they want to try on panties because they start very young.

So our budding crossdresser puts on a pair of silky, satin panties and discovers something interesting. They feel fantastic. Not only is wearing the soft, lacy, feminine lingerie exciting, but there is also the feeling of danger. He could easily be discovered at any moment and it would be a catastrophe. But he continues to explore this fetish despite the consequences. Babydoll nighties, stockings and pantyhose, bras, slips, blouses, skirts, dresses and even high heels, until he realizes that he can no longer jam his size 10 foot into a woman’s size 7 shoe.

As our crossdresser continues his journey he may develop a fantasy where he is caught doing the very thing he is trying so hard to keep a secret. This is known as forced feminization. Most forced feminization fantasies are based on being discovered, blackmailed, and feminized as punishment.

Now I know what you’re thinking; if he likes dressing up so much why would it be punishment? This is where it gets interesting. Without getting too deeply into the psychological reasons behind forced feminization fantasies, let’s just say that he gets a little more than he would have liked. In fact, he gets a lot more than he would have liked. He is dressed in the most feminine lingerie imaginable, teased and taunted, his hair is done in a very feminine style, his nails are painted, makeup is applied with surgeon like precision, and he is put into a very short, very tight dress. This can be done by his sister and her friends, a neighbor that walks in unexpectedly, or a group of girls that want revenge.

Let’s start by examining one of the most common forced feminization fantasies: The caught and blackmailed or caught in panties fantasy. I have some lovely artwork to help illustrate the whole thing.

Caught in panties

Here our crossdresser has decided to break into his neighbor’s house and try on her panties. Many crossdresser’s eventually get bored with the clothing available to them and look for other sources. This could be a backyard clothesline, a laundry room, or in this case a neighbor’s panty drawer.

Our panty thief is happily prancing around in his neighbor’s bra and panties when she comes home way ahead of schedule, and she is not happy. In fact, she is furious.

Its time to call the police, after all this is robbery. She’s going to tell all the other neighbors, and his friends, family, and co-workers. This is what he has been fantasizing about for years, but the reality is that she is betrayed and angry, and wants to make him pay for the invasion of privacy. Our panty thief pleads with her, begs her not to tell anyone. “Please-Please-Please don't tell anyone, I'll be ruined! I'll make this up to you somehow, I'll do anything you want, anything.”


She watches him closely and sees that he’s on the verge of tears. She is still angry but seeing him in her panties and bra is almost amusing in a strange kind of way. Here is a neighbor she has known for years, or thought she did. What can he possibly do to make this up to her?

She walks over and brushes the hair from his face. “Do you want to be a girl sweetheart, is that it?” He tries to speak but no words come out. “I have an idea panty boy, if you like dressing up as a girl so much I can help you do it right. Would you like that? You’ll be adorable once we get your hair and makeup done.”

“Oh I can’t do that, why don’t we just forget about the whole thing? I'll pay for any damage. I am so, so sorry.” he asks knowing that this is probably not going to cut it. “Well if you can’t you can’t,” she says with a wicked smile, “It probably won’t be that bad for everyone to know you’re a panty thief. Make yourself comfortable until the Police get here. Want something to drink?”


Realizing that he is completely screwed he reluctantly agrees. She phones the salon for an appointment and helps him get ready. Soon he’s wearing pretty red panties and a bra, stockings, a very cute dress and a pair of heels.

“Don’t be afraid sweetheart; the girls at the salon are very nice. Susan does my nails all the time and I think you’ll feel better with a manicure and pedicure. And Amber can do amazing things with hair; I think a perm would be fun don’t you?”

Our crossdresser/panty thief is helpless, embarrassed, and humiliated, and the forced feminization has only just begun. Soon he will walk, well, actually he’ll be dragged into a crowded beauty salon by his friendly neighbor who is thinking of more ways to make this experience unforgettable.

They walk in and the dreaded announcement is made. “Hi everyone, this is my neighbor and guess where I found him today? In my bedroom prancing around in my lingerie. He wants to be a girl and I told him I'd be happy to help. I'm going to leave him here and I'd like you to do whatever you think is necessary. He’d like a feminine hairstyle, eyebrow waxing, a complete makeover, manicure, pedicure, and if you have time you can pierce his ears, OK? He told me money is no object so feel free to do anything else you think will help him become the girl he wants to be. I'll be back in a few hours. Have fun girls. Oh and you too sweetheart.”

Is he enjoying this? After all, this is a big part of his fantasy right? The truth is that this is beyond his wildest dreams. In his fantasy he pictured a very controlled, very specific scene, but now he is totally helpless and has no idea what will happen next. Will the women take pictures? Will word get around despite the agreement with his neighbor? Will he look good with a perm?

The fun begins

Maybe some of the girls he knows will walk in and see him like this. Then what? They’ll probably make a video and put it on you tube for the entire world to see. And how long will it take for his eyebrows to grow back and the perm to grow out? What will happen when his neighbor finally comes back, if she even comes back at all?

Herein lies the heart of the forced feminization fantasy. He has no control whatsoever. The women will tease him mercilessly, asking him about boyfriends, and how long he’s been dressing up as a girl. They will take pictures, they will laugh, and they will do their best to humiliate him as punishment for what he did. He has to be taught a lesson that he will always remember so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

But is he enjoying this? Part of him wants to crawl into a hole, run home and hide under his bed. But his hair is in curlers, his nails aren’t dry yet, and home is very far away, especially in high heels. Yet there is a part of him that finds this whole thing incredibly erotic. That part is in his panties, and as much as he tries to ignore it his excitement is obvious to everyone around him. Can it possibly get any more embarrassing and humiliating that it already is?


The Presentation

After what seems like an eternity his makeover is finally complete, and he’s gorgeous. Our neighbor has come back with a camera to capture the moment forever. Sitting there in the salon chair with his hair, makeup, and nails done to perfection, he crosses his legs tightly while the girls admire their handiwork and laugh. They have him pose for pictures, talk in a feminine voice, and walk around for them in his high heels, as hard as that is in his current state of arousal.

“This is what you wanted isn’t it sweetheart?” says his neighbor. “You really look very pretty. Do you think we should make weekly appointments now that everyone knows you here? Why don’t you go get your purse and I’ll take care of that for you?”

Its time to pay his bill, tip the girls generously, and move on to the next step; a trip to the mall to buy his own panties. But wait, he didn’t bring his wallet. Now what? “I don’t have any money with me,” he whispers to his neighbor as quietly as possible.

“Oh really?” she says as loudly as possible. “Panty boy can’t pay for his makeover girls, does anyone have any ideas?” They have a new shampoo girl so that’s out, maybe he can do some other kind of work to pay them. This brings us to another very common forced feminization fantasy; the sissy maid.

Many men have a fantasy where they are forced to wear a French maid outfit and serve a group of women. This can involve housework such as dusting, hand washing their lingerie, serving drinks, and entertaining guests.

Sissy Maid Fantasy

The hours are long, the work is very hard, and the sissies are treated like playthings. They are teased, taunted, and made to do all sorts of embarrassing things to keep their Mistress happy, but they love every second of it. Yes, they have to wear panties, stockings, petticoats, a sissy dress and heels. They must learn to do their hair and makeup and even cook and clean with long, painted fingernails, but despite all that there are many more sissy maids than job openings much to their dismay.

Now I know what you’re thinking; are all crossdressers sissies? Do all crossdressers have forced feminization fantasies? Do sissies and crossdressers play well together? Do sissy maids have a union?

No, sometimes, yes, and maybe. There are no absolutes in the fetish world, its important to remember that.

What about other forced feminization fantasies, are there more? Oh yes. The variety of ways that crossdressers devise to be forcibly feminized is almost endless. The key point is that they have no choice but to submit to whatever is asked of them. Whether that is having their eyebrows waxed in a crowded beauty salon, modeling lingerie for a group of sorority girls, or even becoming a cheerleader.

Cheerleader Fantasy

A cheerleader, do men ever fantasize about that? The cheerleader forced feminization fantasy is an all time favorite, and can be easily explained. Forced feminization is all about beautiful, powerful, and in most cases very mean women. This is more or less the definition of the high school cheerleader. Now I'm sure there are some very nice ones out there who do not tease boys and do all their homework, I've just never met any.

In this fantasy our crossdresser is lured into the girl’s locker room. His sister, the head cheerleader, has mentioned that he has been sneaking into her panty drawer for a long time. The other girls think this is hysterical and have a plan, they always have a plan.

He has a huge crush on one of them and they use her as bait. Sitting there all alone with the girl of his dreams he doesn’t think its strange when she asks him to get undressed.

He also doesn’t hear the rest of the squad sneak in and lock the doors until its too late. His clothes are tossed into a locker and slammed shut. Now he is naked in a room full of beautiful, powerful, very mean girls. So far its every boys fantasy. Then his sister holds up a pair of her panties and tells the others that these are his favorites. They look at him, at each other, at him again, and they all get the same idea. Lets dress him up as a girl!

You may have many more questions since this is a complicated subject. You can listen to and download my Caught In Panties MP3 on my website or Podcast. You can download and enjoy the full size artwork shown here. You can read, listen to and download all kinds of forced feminization stories, MP3s and pictures. You can even find a new place to buy your own panties so this never happens to you.

Of course, you may actually want this to happen to you. If that’s the case I’ve put together a forced feminization guide to help you.

See you at the salon!

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