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A Sissy Surprise by Jenny Lace

I looked at my apartment door with shock and fear. Here I was, dressed in a short pleated mini-skirt, pink silk blouse, bra, panties, sheer white stockings and heels, and locked out of my place! These thrilling evening walks to the end of the hallway and back had finally caught up with me. I quickly realized the only way back in was to knock on the door of my neighbor Melissa, a pretty redhead I barely knew. She had been kind enough to offer to keep my spare key for me.

With trepidation, I knocked on the door. After a few minutes Melissa opened the door and smiled at me.

“Hello, can I help you?” she asked in her sweet friendly manner.

“Hi Mel, it’s me Andy,” I replied in a whisper. “I was just coming back from a costume party and forgot my keys.”

Melissa’s eyes widened as she looked me up and down.

“Costume party, huh? OK, if you say so.” she said giggling. “Sure come on into the living room and have a seat while I grab your key.”

As Melissa walked away I slowly walked towards the living room, my heels clicking on the tile.

“This won’t be so bad after all,” I thought. As I turned the corner into the room, I stopped in my tracks in horror as seated there were four beautiful women I recognized from around the apartment complex. All looked directly at me and started laughing out loud.

Tina, a tall striking blond, said while still laughing; “A costume party, huh? Nice, try Andy. I know a sissy faggot when I see one.”

This started a another round of laughter from the women, joined by Melissa who had walked back into the room. I turned around and looked at her, flustered and stuttering: “Me..Mel...Melissa I swear to you, I’m not gay.”

Melissa smiled sweetly and replied; “Of course I don’t think you’re gay sweetie, I can see you’re a sissy, not a guy.”

The other women laughed out loud. Vikki, a brunette with short raven colored hair walked up to me and said; “Sit down, sissy.”

When I just stared at her, she reached her hand back and slapped me hard across the face. As the other women laughed uproariously, I held my hand to my stinging cheek, and sat down on the couch between Layla and Jojo, beautiful Asian twins with long dark hair that lived a floor down from me. Layla smiled at me and said; “Good girl, now sit pretty like a proper sissy faggot.”

As Vikki glared at me, I crossed my legs demurely to avoid a another smack.

“What’s your sissy name, faggot?” asked Tina

When I hesitated, Melissa chimed in, “She looks like a Jenny to me girls.”

All five women laughed as I sat burning with humiliation.

As Layla softly caressed my stocking encased thigh, Melissa looked at me and said; “Well it looked like it was going to be a boring afternoon, but now things are about to get exiting Jenny. I invited a couple of friends over from the next building to join the party. I hope you don’t mind.”

As if on queue, there was a knock on the door. “Don’t go anywhere Jenny sweetie,” cooed Melissa as she skipped towards the door.

She came back a few moments later followed by two huge guys I recognized as Stan and Vincent, competitive body builders that lived in the building. They both looked at me sitting between the twins and smiled. I looked over at Layla, who was still rubbing my leg, and she leaned over and softly kissed me on the cheek.

I looked around the room and noticed that Tina had set up a video camera on a tripod in the corner. When she noticed me looking, she winked and said; “We want to remember this magic moment Sissy Jenny. Your first day on the job.” This was cause for a another round of laughter from the girls.

Vikki walked over to me and said; “Get up sissy faggot.”

I looked at her and slowly rose to my feet. She took me by the hand and walked my over to the two men.

“Get on your knees, like a good little faggot.”

By that time, the twins had walked up on both sides of me and each put a hand on my shoulder, pushing me downwards until I was on my knees in front of Stan. Stan pulled out his massive 8 inch cock, which was now rock hard, and held it in front of my face.

Resigned to my fate, I grasped his cock in my hand.

Then Layla, who had kneeled down beside me whispered in my right ear; “Lick it sissy, lick it slowly and gently and look over at the camera.”

I then noticed that Tina had moved in and was taking a close up of the action. I slowly licked my shimmery, pink glossed lips and began to lick the head of Stan’s cock.

Jojo, who had kneeled down beside me on the other side, whispered in my other ear; “That’s it Sissy Jenny, we’re going to make you a star.”

As I licked and sucked Stan’s huge cock, the twins continued to give me instructions by whispering in my ears.

When Stan started moaning, Vikki came up behind me and grabbed my hair at the back of my head.

“Come on you little sissy faggot, suck that cock! That’s a real man’s cock, take it you fucking little bitch!”

She continued to yell as she rammed the cock down my throat repeatedly. I could hear the other women laughing out loud, and the tears in my eyes only made them laugh louder. Melissa was almost out of breath she was laughing so hard.

“Ha ha ha! Look at her, crying like a little sissy girl. Come on sissy, look at the camera so they can see your precious little girl tears.”

Just then, Stan’s cock exploded in the back of my throat, sending hot cum down my throat and gagging me. I tried to swallow as much as I could, but some trickled down my chin. Vikki, who was still holding the back of my head by my hair, turned my face to the camera.

As tears continued to stream down my face, Tina brought the camera in closer. The twins were scooping the remaining cum off my face and feeding it back to me. This made Melissa deliriously happy, and in a sing song voice she cooed; “That’s it sissy girl, eat it all up.. mmmm yummy, sissy candy...that’s it sweetie.”

She then walked in front of me, put her foot to my chest, and pushed me down on my back. Each of the twins held one of my wrists down over my head so I couldn’t move my arms. Vikki came up and hiked my pleated mini skirt and slowly pulled by panties off over my stockinged legs.

Tina stood off to the side with the camera, as Melissa stood over me and said; “Get ready little sissy girl.” The other women continued to laugh as Vincent, with his cock out, kneeled between my legs. Vickki lubed his cock. With Melissa’s help they raised my high heels over his shoulders.

Melissa, still laughing, said; “Now look over at the camera sissy faggot, you’re going to be an Internet sensation!”

One of the twins positioned my head facing the camera. I gasped as I felt Vincent’s rock hard cock begin to enter me.

As he began to thrust with more urgency, pain turned into wave after wave of pleasure. I couldn’t help myself as I began to squeal in pleasure. This brought non-stop laughter and cat calls from the women.

Melissa in particular was laughing non-stop. “Ha ha ha, look at the sissy faggot getting fucked...that’s it little sissy princess, keep moaning and squealing. Keep making those sissy noises. Good sissy bitch. This will be a fantastic first download for your web site”

We’re going to get you so many new pretty sissy outfits for you to get fucked in you’re going to be living the sissy princess dream.”

As Melissa continued to outline my fate, I felt Vincent’s hot cum shoot inside of me. Not being able to help myself, I began to cum harder then I had ever cum before.

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