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To Everyone's Advantage by Alamo Preacher

I suppose it was wrong of me, but it was only done out of concern, love, even desperation. My husband of two years had grown distant and preoccupied. Where once before he was attentive and loving, now he seemed to only be interested in working on his computer, and when he wasn't shut away with it, it was almost like he wasn't here. I suspected that he was having some sort of affair with someone he had met on-line.

So, one Saturday morning, before he got up, I snuck into his study and powered up his computer. It didn't take long to disable his password protection and get into his private directories, but I was surprised to find that his chat logs were not what I expected. They were all very innocent, and to male friends or work colleagues. What I did find though, was a large amount of downloaded porn.

I smirked to myself at this. Could this be all he was doing here for so long, ogling pictures of naked women from the net? He'd always been a bit of a leach, but I just couldn't picture him spending so long just looking at pictures and jerking off. I decided to scan through them, out of curiosity.

To my surprise there were actually no nude pictures. They all seemed to be fairly mild, soft-core pictures of women, posing in lingerie. The largest section seemed to almost exclusively of women in pantyhose. He clearly had a thing for pantyhose that I'd never known about. I made a mental note, and was just about to turn off the PC when I noticed another set of directories. These contained web files, and pictures. The pictures were more of the same, but when I opened the web pages I got a shock.

They were stories, erotic stories. Stories about men who liked to dress in women's clothes. There was more. Women dominating men sexually, cuckolding them, humiliating them. What was astonishing was that some of these stories were unfinished or in the middle of being edited. They were Steve's stories. He was writing them. I quickly mailed copies of the stories to my own account so I could read them in more detail later, then I turned off the computer and left the study, my mind reeling.

I found time to read Steve's stories during the week. They were amazing. They didn't turn me on or anything, but it was like being able to read Steve's mind. I now knew every little quirk he had. I knew all there was to know about his odd sexual fantasy. It didn't revolt me but I was saddened. We were married, I loved him but clearly we just weren't suited sexually. I wondered if there was any woman alive that would actually suit Steve. However, I could certainly fake what Steve wanted but had never asked me for. I pictured the scene, like one of his stories. Then another thought crossed my mind. Maybe I could make this work for us both.

It took a while to prepare, but almost a fortnight after I'd sneaked into his study, I decided to let Steve had what he wanted. In a way, it was too easy, since Steve had already written the script for me. As we were preparing for bed, I dawdled. Once Steve was in bed I picked up a packet of Haines pantyhose and sat down beside him.

“Do you like these?” I asked, drawing them out of the packet. Steve looked surprised, and maybe a little nervous, but tried to act casual.

“Yes, I suppose.” He replied.

I guessed that visions of wearing them himself were dancing across his mind. But that was for later. Smiling at him I slowly put on the pantyhose. It was soft and shiny, very high quality, just like many of the models in his pictures wore. Steve watched me intently, clearly turned on by my manner. I was just wearing a smooth nylon bra and the pantyhose.

“Well, how do you like them now?” I asked, once I had them on, drawing my hands over my smooth legs.

“Very much.” Replied Steve, reaching out to fondle my ass through the silky fabric.

“How would you like to fuck me while I'm wearing them?” I asked. Steve's eyes flew wide open. I never talked like this. He didn't answer.

“Isn't that what you'd like Steve?” I asked and got in beside him. I pulled off his pajamas and took hold of his rigid cock. I didn't want him to get nervous, so I gave him another reassuring smile and then, bending down, I sucked him a little, and he groaned.

“What I don't know is how you'll be able to fuck me while I'm wearing my pantyhose.” I mused.

Steve just gaped at me. I became serious for a moment.

“This is turning you on isn't it?” I asked. He just nodded. I smiled.

“Good. Now, spread your legs.” He frowned, but complied with my command. I scooted my ass in between his legs and then draped mine over his. Taking his cock in one hand I slowly enfolded him between my legs, trapping him between my soft, pantyhosed thighs. Steve gave a strangled gasp. Clearly this was wonderful for him. I began gently rocking my legs, allowing him to slide between my nyloned thighs. I gazed into his eyes.

“Is this good for you baby?” I asked. He groaned again.

“You'll have to answer me.“ I said, stopping for a moment.”

“Yes, yes darling.” He said, desperately shoving himself between my legs.

“Good.” I purred, and resumed my slow movement. “I knew you would like this, because I've been reading your stories.”

Steve's eyes grew even wider. He looked terrified.

“Don't worry baby.” I said. “Everything's going to be fine. In fact it's going to be wonderful. I'm going to do everything to you that you've dreamed of.” Steve groaned again.

“Starting tonight, you're going to get to wear my panties and go down on me. I'm going to put you in pantyhose and then over my knee for a spanking.”

Another groan. “You'll have your own sissy dresses and serve me as my maid. You'll come and come and come all over your lovely clothes and mine.”

He was close now, his eyes, hooded, clouded. “And what's more, I'm going to have a series of slutty affairs. I'm going to fuck around, whenever and with whomever I feel like, and you'll get to hear every detail, and listen to me from the spare bedroom.”

As I spoke his eyes met mine again, and I looked deep into him. I had him. “You'll like that won't you?” I said calmly, without breaking my gentle rocking, and with that he exploded his come all over my thighs, the warm jet shooting between them, drenching the pantyhose.

This hadn't taken long, and in fact, I'd hoped to make it last longer. I wanted Steve to enjoy this so much that he would become addicted to this kind of relief. I knew that now would be the most dangerous time for my plan. Having come, Steve might very likely get cold feet about this. I had to reassure him quickly, before he managed to regain his senses. I quickly peeled off the pantyhose and threw it into a corner. In time, he would be begging to clean them with his mouth, but for now I didn't want to allow him to humiliate himself while all this was still new. I gave him a smile and a gentle kiss on the lips. I snuggled in beside him.

“Well. Did you enjoy that darling?” I asked as non-threateningly as I could.

“Have you really been reading my stories?” he asked in reply. Second thoughts hadn't taken long to surface.

“Of course, I've read all that you've written and others that you saved to your computer. You're really a very good writer.”

“They were private, my most personal things honey.” he said evenly. “I can't believe that you invaded my privacy like that.”

I could tell that he felt he had to say this, but I could detect no real anger in his voice. For a moment I wondered if I could go through with this, emasculating my husband in this way, but then I remembered the look in his eyes when I told him I was going to sleep around and I knew I had to go through with it - for my sake as well as his.

I needed a real man, and Steve could never be that to me again. I would continue to live with him, and I would always love him, but he would never possess me sexually again. I would treat him occasionally, by indulging his sissy fetishes but I would find sexual satisfaction from other men.

Men, who could fuck me, take me; possess me as a woman needed to be. Even if he could go through the motions, Steve could never satisfy me like that again, not now, even if he ever could. Steve was just going to have to accept this, but, if I'd read his stories correctly, he was not only capable of accepting it but would actually enjoy it. Perhaps not at first, but once I'd worn away his male pride, and treated him to the delights of humiliation from his dominant wife, then he would come to love sharing me, and eventually this could work out to everyone's advantage.

“I know, darling.” I replied to Steve. “But aren't you glad I've read them? Don't try to deny that you enjoyed what I just did to you.” Steve looked away; he couldn't look me in the eyes when he spoke.

“But Carrie, those are just stories. Obviously they contain elements of fantasies of mine, but that doesn't mean that I want them to happen in real life.”

I knew he was lying of course. I'd prepared for this. I reached over to the bedside locker and got out a printed copy of one of his stories that I'd placed there. When Steve saw what I had in my hands, he tried to protest, and made as if he was going to get out of bed altogether. For a second I thought I was going to lose him - he was bigger and stronger than me and if he really wanted to he could stop me and prevent all this from happening. Of course, he didn't really want to, and that was where my advantage lay. Before he could get out of bed I simply moved over and kissed him on the mouth, pushing my tongue between his lips and pressing my soft breasts against him. In a second he had stopped struggling and I moved over him, lying on his chest, my legs around his legs, my soft pussy trapping his cock against his belly. I smiled at him. The secret to winning this was to keep smiling.

“Steve, Steve, this is your wife, Carrie here, not some demon slut from your stories. I love you; I want to make you happy. Now, I'm going to read you your own words and don't even think of denying that they turn you on, I have your cock right between my legs, and I'll feel every twitch.” I moved the papers onto the pillow beside Steve's head and began to read from the section I'd noted before.

“Softly, she pulled the stocking up his newly shaven legs...”

By the time I had finished reading Steve's dress-up fantasy to him his breath had shortened and his cock was a rod of iron pressing against my pussy. The images of Steve in lingerie and hose hadn't done anything for me but it clearly drove Steve wild, especially having me read it to him like this. The sight of him so turned on, kind of excited me a little too, I had to admit, but I had to press home my advantage.

“Now Steve, I want you to answer me. Your story describes a lacy nylon chemise. I suspect you're describing one of mine. Would you like to wear it and then go down on me? Suck my pussy while wearing my silky lingerie?” It was an innocent enough question, but it seemed like torture for my poor agonized husband.

“No!” he gasped out, through gritted teeth.

I had to admit I was surprised “Why not baby?” I asked, concerned. He really did seem to be in almost physical pain.

“Because if I admit that, then I'll have to admit to everything in the stories and I don't want that. I don't want to lose you.” Tears welled up in his screwed-up eyes.

“Oh silly, you're not going to lose me. Even in your stories, the wife or girlfriend never leaves. She never even stops loving her sissy. She just finds sexual relief with other men. Is that so bad? You have to admit it turns you on...”

Still he resisted, his eyes closed tight, his mouth in a line, tossing his head from side to side below me, almost a caricature of childish defiance. Slowly, the penny dropped with me. I had to force him.

“You realize Steve, that this is going to happen, no matter what you say.” I spelled out slowly. His eyes opened. “You don't actually have a choice in what I do anymore.”

His eyes met mine. “I'm going to sissify you. I'm going to dominate you. I'm going to cuckold you, whether you like it or not.” His eyes dropped, he could no longer meet my gaze. It was an incredible feeling, to break his spirit like this, just with my words.

“What is required of you is to accept it, and accept it you will. In fact you will enjoy it.”

If I had any doubt about whether this was the right thing to say or do then it was dispelled by Steve's cock's reaction to my words. It was as hard as it ever had been when he had been a man. Steve groaned helplessly beneath me, and a tremor ran through his body. Suddenly I realized that he was close to coming. My words and the slight friction of my pussy against his cock were enough to drive him over. Quickly I raised myself off him. I was fully in-character now. “Don't you fucking dare come!” I hissed at him.

“I've already let you make a mess in my bed once, and you've done nothing but defy me since. Now get over my knees this instant!”

Steve was stunned, but I wasn't going to give him a chance to protest. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and pulled him out of bed and in front of me. He was helpless, trembling, frightened. For a moment I took pity on him. I looked into his eyes. “Steve, you do understand that I love you.” he nodded dumbly, close to tears. Soon he would be closer.

“Steve, you're confused. Once you're over my lap then things will be clearer. A spanking will let you let go, let you understand that I am in charge, take away this silly pride. You do want that don't you?” He nodded again, he would have agreed to anything I suggested. I reached up to him, and he got down on his knees and made to lie on my lap.

“No, Steve.” I admonished. “This is a punishment spanking for defying me, and to release you from your pride. You will not be allowed to come on my lap. Move back so your cock isn't touching my legs.” He did so. “Now, if you should come before I tell you to, and then you will sleep in the spare room for a week, understand? Understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” he said quietly.

“Not mistress.” I said. For some reason, I didn't like the word. “Just Carrie will do for the moment.”

“Yes Carrie.” he said, and I rewarded his obedience with the first slap on his buttocks.

He yelped, which surprised me. I couldn't imagine how anyone could enjoy being spanked, but it was such a feature of his stories that I felt it was vital to do this, and like I said, it would help to break his spirit. After a couple more slaps I found myself starting to enjoy it. Every slap felt good, and made me think of every little chauvinistic thing he had ever done.

How he never cleaned up after himself, his insistence on driving all the time, even though I was a better driver. The fact that he very subtly rubbed it in that he earned more money than I did, even though I was better qualified. Every little thing, and now this latest thing, that he was a secret pantywaist, that he'd married me despite this, and then kept it a secret for years. I realized that I was pouring all this venom out as I spanked him.

Spitting out “And this is for... And this is for...” with every slap. Steve's ass was glowing red and his face was almost purple. I was tiring and, to my surprise was enormously turned on. I stopped spanking and felt Steve’s ass cheeks. They were hot to the touch. Without letting him up, I reached over and got a jar of moisturizing cream from my bedside locker. I scooped a generous portion out and gently rubbed it into his hot cheeks. I saw the relief in the color of his face. “What do you say?” I asked, lightly, as if I was handing him a cup of coffee.

“Thank you Carrie.” he gasped and suddenly he was in floods of tears. He cried and cried, great hacking sobs welling up in his chest and bursting out. I lifted him and held him to me, soothing him, and shushing him. There was no need for more words. When he seemed to be over the worst of it, I got up and went to my wardrobe. I fetched out the chemise that I'd mentioned earlier and a pair of black opaque pantyhose. I helped Steve into bed and then handed him the lingerie.

For a moment he looked like he might resist again, but a quick look into my eyes made him think otherwise. He put on the pantyhose with a practiced movement, and then slipped on the silky chemise. He looked pretty silly but I gave him a smile and then lay down beside him. His cock was still totally rigid but I didn't go near that. “Are you feeling better now baby?” I asked and when he nodded I moved closer and kissed him. “I love you.” I said, and began to run my hands over the silky chemise and over his legs. He seemed to like that.

“Do you like the feel of my clothes?” I asked.

“Oh yes.” he replied, lying back, letting my hands move over his body.

“Do you wear my panties when I'm not here?” I asked.

“Sometimes.” he replied. I'd never suspected. I wondered if he had his own stash hidden in the study. I would have to investigate later.

“And do you wank in them?”

He hesitated a little, but only a little. “Yes, Carrie.” he said. I noticed a particular tone that came into his voice when he was submitting to me. I liked it.

“But this is better.” I said.

“Oh yes!” he moaned emphatically.

“Good. Now how would you like to lick my pussy?”

“Oh yes please.” he gasped.

“Then you may. But you still may not come. Now make sure you don't have any accidents while you're down there, keep your ass in the air.”

Steve scooted down and in a moment, his head was buried between my legs. I lay back and let myself enjoy it. He was quite good at this, and I could tell from his stories that he liked to do it. In many of course, the sissy character sucked his wife's lover's come from her pussy and in the future he might get to do that too. The thought aroused me more, and I pressed Steve's face against myself harder to encourage his licking and sucking.

I thought of how good it had felt to spank him. The feeling of power over him, my dominance of his will all excited me especially the thought of how I would treat him in the future and how he would serve me like he was doing now. And then, the thought of taking any man I liked to bed and still keep my husband to serve me. The thought of how I would whore myself around drove me over the edge and I let my orgasm wash over me as Steve's tongue rasped on my swollen clit, my legs clamped around his bobbing head.

When I was done, I looked down at my sissy husband. He seemed strangely happy too. Of course, this was his fantasy, to be used in this way. I decided to take pity on him for the moment. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. I supposed I could have simply rolled over and slept, but I didn't trust him not to jerk off while I was asleep, and I wanted to control his every release. I smiled at him.

“That was good Steve.” I said. “Would you like to come now?” He nodded rather pathetically.

“You already came once tonight, and between my legs too.” I admonished, as if to a greedy child. “That won't happen very often from now on you know. Coming more than once a day will be a no-no, and between my legs will be a very special treat.”

He nodded, but he looked quizzical. I knew what he was thinking. I laughed out loud.

“Inside me? Oh I don't think so! I can't imagine how good you would have to be for that!” I laughed again at the preposterousness of him entering me, fucking me. He looked crestfallen but not in the slightest defiant. I had him well and truly under my control. I smiled indulgently at him, and beckoned him towards me with a crooked finger.

“Come here baby, and Mommy will make it better.” I said, in mock baby-talk. Steve crawled up the bed toward me on all fours and I motioned for him to lie down on his back. I reached over to my bedside locker again and fetched out the pair of black satin gloves that I'd bought after reading one of his stories in particular. I saw Steve's eyes widen in recognition when he saw them. This was a special thing for him.

Wordlessly, but with a smile, I pulled down his pantyhose and took hold of his aching member. I looked into his eyes. “Now Steve, I want you to promise me that you will never wank again without my permission. I will not punish you if you do. I will leave you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Carrie. I promise.” He said firmly.

I knew he meant it, but he would probably need help keeping his promise. In the meantime, though I was happy to give him his reward. “Tell me how you love me.” I said as I began to gently pump his cock with my gloved hand, letting the satiny fabric slip over his cock.

“Oh, I love you, I love Carrie. Oh God Carrie, I love you.” he babbled, and I smiled at him while keeping a slow, steady pace with my hand, jerking him off while his face contorted in a grimace of utter pleasure.

When I felt him throb in my hand, I lifted myself up and pressed the end of his cock between both hands, sliding the satiny gloves rhythmically over his shaft, until, out of control he spasmed and bucked, spraying his come all over himself and the camisole. I was careful not to get the gloves stained, and to make sure he only made a mess of himself. While Steve caught up with himself I quickly removed the gloves, slipped on my nightie, and got back under the covers.

Steve was back on planet earth by this time, and when I judged he was able to speak I ordered him, kindly but firmly to clean himself up, get a white cotton nightie out of my drawer and get back into bed. He did so, dumbly and without any discernable emotion he seemed totally drained.

When he got back into bed, I was already lying on my side, facing away from him. “I love you Carrie.” He said quietly and made to put his arms around me. “That's nice, dear, but I'd like to go to sleep now, if you don't mind.” I replied, making my voice as firm as possible. His hands snapped back from me, and he became very quiet. I let a minute pass and then sighed out loud.

“Look Steve, don't lie there sulking. I've just indulged your deepest sexual fantasies for you and I'm tired. We'll do it again some other time, but you need to stop thinking about yourself all the time. I have needs too you know.”

His complete emasculation was evident in the tone of his reply. As I scolded him he stumbled out “I'm sorry Carrie .... I understand.... Whatever you say Carrie.”

“That's good.” I said, finally. “Now, go to sleep.”

And so  we did, and as I slept I dreamt of how I was going to indulge myself during the coming weeks.

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