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A Beast for Valerie

Valerie had been a sissy slave to Lady Jane for quite some time. Over the years Lady Jane got to know Valerie quite well and taken Valerie to the edge many times….or so Valerie thought, she had forgotten something she mentioned to her Mistress over a year ago.

“I’m throwing a special party tonight dear and you are expected to be a good servant, Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You are to put your red stretch vinyl mini dress, no panties and no hose. Make yourself pretty too, I expect full makeup.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Valerie went about her business with no reservations, she was used to these parties that Lady Jane hosted. When Valerie finished getting ready she started doing some cleaning in the kitchen. “Valerie, leave that dear, I want you to come with me.”

Valerie followed Lady Jane into the living room of the house. In the middle of the room was Valerie’s cage. There was a board on top of the cage covered by a blanket. “Tonight you will be the center of attention. I know how much you love attention.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Lady Jane had Valerie kneel in front of the cage and lay her chest on the blanket on top of the cage. Lady Jane attached writs restraints to Valerie and secured one hand on either side of the cage. Next Jane put on some restraints to bind Valerie’s thighs to either side of the cage. Ankle restraints were added and attached to a spreader bar for good measure. Valerie was totally helpless and in a spread eagle position. The cage was in such a position that Valerie’s sight was limited; all she could see was the floor and part of the wall in front of her. Soon the guests started to arrive.

Valerie did not recognize any of the voices. She also heard other commotion but was not sure of what was causing the noise. She could sense that the guests were on the other side of the room, it seemed as though they were waiting for something. Valerie started to worry, this was not normal by now she had expected to have the guests fingering her ass or giving her a face full of cum but it was strangely quiet. Soon Lady Jane made an announcement.

“I’ve asked you all here tonight for a display of a filthy sissy slut slave. I have one thing that this bitch has not had the privilege of receiving.”

Lady Jane came up behind Valerie and produces a small vile of a liquid and spread a small amount on Valerie’s ass hole.

“This is the scent of a female dog in estrus.”

Valerie really started to worry now, she started to squirm.

“Stop that squirming you dirty little slut!” commanded Lady Jane, and with that she whacked Valerie across the ass with a leather strap five times. Valerie quickly stopped the resistance and became docile. She remembered telling Lady Jane about her fantasies of bestiality though she never thought that Lady Jane would remember that.

Lady Jane addressed the guests; “Now if one of you would like to bring your dog in the bitch is ready.”

Valerie could hear one of the guests rising to get their dog. It was not long before they returned and the dog immediately came up behind her and licked her ass. The dog quickly mounted Valerie and tried to hump her. Valerie was helpless and could do nothing to prevent what was about to happen. The dog was relentless trying to mount Valerie. He finally was able to enter Valerie’s tight hole and started to hump her with wild abandon. As the dog humped her his cock swelled inside Valerie and soon the two became inseparable. Valerie was in pain from the massive cock on the dog. Soon the dog was climaxing inside Valerie but the two were stuck together until the dogs cock went flaccid.

The dog pulled away from Valerie and Lady Jane asked the owner to move the dog into the other room. Dog cum was running out of Valerie’s ass while Lady Jane applied more of the female scent on Valerie’s behind.

“Next!” Lady Jane said.

Another guest went to retrieve their dog. This time the dog had a hard on before he even got to Valerie, the female scent was strong and all of the animals were very aroused. The dog mounted Valerie and immediately entered Valerie and started humping. About that time Lady Jane approached the front of the cage and stooped to look into Valerie’s eyes.

“Now Valerie dear, I want you to suck a dog’s cock while this one is fucking you.”

Valerie tried to shake her head. ”Oh please Mistress not that.”

With that Lady Jane took the small vile of the scent and rubbed it on Valerie’s lips.

“You do want to please me don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Could one of you bring one of your animals up to the bitches face for me?”

Before Valerie knew it there was a large dog cock in her face. “Suck on it you filthy bitch!” the owner of the dog said.

The crowd gathered around the cage to watch Valerie gets fucked in the ass and suck on the other dogs cock at the same time. Valerie took the nasty dog cock into her mouth and sucked on it, again the dog’s cocks swelled and one was stuck in Valerie’s ass and the other was glistening with Valerie’s saliva. The crowd began to chant, “Suck bitch suck!”

The dog fucking Valerie started to cum shortly after the other dog shot its load in Valerie’s mouth. Valerie could not believe how much cum came out of that dog; it just kept coming and coming. When both dogs were done the dog owners removed their animals and Lady Jane served drinks to her guests. Valerie remained chained to the cage the rest of the evening…..

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