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In The Bedroom by Alamo Preacher

In The Bedroom

Hi, honey. Whatcha staring at? You always look so happy when you’re watching me getting dressed.

You know, I’ve noticed that about you. You always watch me so closely, while I’m dressing.

Are you wondering what I’m going to wear? Or do you just like seeing me dressing?

Do you like seeing me pull on my panties?

Do you like watching as I roll up my pantyhose, slip my toes into the ends of the feet and gently tug the soft nylon up my legs?

Ha ha ha. I think you do. I do.

I think you’re just a little bit more interested in your wife’s clothes than a man ought to be. You’re always buying me clothes, aren’t you? I love that.

Most men never think to buy clothes for their wives but you do. Most men would think it a bit odd to take such an interest in their wife’s wardrobe.

What’s funny though, is that while you buy me dresses and skirts and blouses and jackets, and oh, everything - you never buy me the one type of clothing that most men do buy their wives - lingerie!

Ha ha ha. And that’s really funny I think. Don’t you? Hmmm? Because you know what, when I’m getting dressed, its my panties and my stockings and my little lacy under things that you’re most interested in. Oh yes you are. But you never buy be any. No you don’t. Why is that? Are you too embarrassed? I think that’s it. Really I do. No. No. I do.

Because I think you love lingerie, and ladies lacy panties, but I think you love them so much, and you’re so embarrassed about it, that you just can’t bring yourself to go into a shop and buy me some. Isn’t that it? Are you afraid that the girls in the shop will know?

Do you think they’ll take one look at you, red, and sweaty, trembling and nervous, and they’ll just know. They’ll look at you with their big doe eyes, and their perfect made-up faces and they’ll just immediately be able to tell. Is that it?

Able to tell what? Able to tell that you really want to wear the lingerie yourself, silly. I think you’re getting a hard-on aren’t you? Would you like to slip into my panties right now? Well, would you? Would you like to pull my soft, silky underwear up and up and up your legs and up and over your cock?

Look at these, the black ones. You like the lacy waistband? And the little lacy hem at the legs? The soft, silky front panel?

Well, why don’t you? Come on honey, I know you’ve been trying them on when I’m not home. Why don’t you try them on now, with me here? Come on. Lets open up my drawers and see which of my satin panties suit you best. I think I’d like to play with you in my lingerie.

Oh don’t be silly, we’re just playing. Here, try these soft ones on.

Yes, I do mean now. Get out of bed and try them on for me. That’s it honey.

Oh don’t be stupid now. Why would I laugh? I promise I won’t. That’s it baby! Mmmmm. They’re nice aren’t they?

Oh my. You were getting hard before, and now you’re rock hard at just the thought of putting them on. Ha ha ha. Yes. I knew I was right.

Oh come on honey. Don’t be so embarrassed that you refuse to wear them. It’s just us here. I love you. Enjoy yourself with me for a change. I know you want to put them on, and I’m letting you. I’d much rather you do it with me here than on your own. That seems kind of sad and pervy. Don’t you want to?

You shouldn’t let it bother you that you like to wear my panties. It can be our little secret. I love that you want to wear my panties. Would you like me to buy some pairs of your own for you? Hmm? How about some pantyhose honey? I know you love looking at my legs when I’m wearing pantyhose with a short skirt.

Would you like to try some on? Oh don’t blush. I think you already know how good they feel on your legs. Oh yes. I know a lot more than you think. But don’t worry. It’s okay. Here, try these black ones on. Now come on. I can see you’re enjoying this, and I said I wouldn’t laugh and I’m not. Come on, you put the panties on, you might as well try on the pantyhose.

Oh god, you really love this don’t you honey? I can tell by the way your breaths are getting shorter. Well, come on. Now you have my panties on and my pantyhose on, don’t you want to come?

Well, come on, get your hand in there and stroke yourself. I’m not laughing. Honestly. I’m just surprised that you can get so excited over my clothes. You don’t get this worked up even when I suck you off in my mouth. You really like this don’t you?

That’s it, slow, long strokes. Mmmm. Lovely panties, pull them down a little more. Careful, don’t stretch the waistband. Here, let me pull your pantyhose down a little for you. That’s it. Keep wanking for me honey.

I’ve never really watched you wanking you know. It’s sort of a turn-on for me seeing how excited you get. Mmmm. It’s the feel of the soft panties on your skin isn’t it? They’re very tight aren’t they?

They ride up between my ass when I wear them. Are they riding up yours? Mmmm. Feels nice though doesn’t it. How often do you do this when you’re here on your own? All the time isn’t it, you naughty boy.

Sneaking into your wife’s panty drawer! Honestly, it’s the sort of thing a little boy would do. A very naughty boy. Is Mommy’s panty drawer just too tempting for you? Are the silky undies just too yummy to resist? You’ve just got to sneak in there every time I’m out and have a sneaky wank in Mommy’s panties.

I kind of like you like this. You’re so helpless now that your secret is out in the open. I don’t think I’ll ever look at you in quite the same way again. Jesus, honey, you look like you’re having so much fun. Your face is an absolute picture. We really must do this more often. Just for now, though, let me finish you off.

No, I want to. I don’t want you to get used to coming without me, now do I? Mmm. Now, how do you want it. My hand? or in my mouth, or in my pussy? That’s right, you choose, whatever you like.

My hand? Really? That is a surprise. I think. Kind of, but not really. Because I know why. Yes I do. It’s because you want me to keep on talking, isn’t it? Yes it is. You’re dying to know where I’m going this evening aren’t you? That’s right. You love these evenings don’t you.

Most men would insist on knowing where there wives go out to in the evening. But not you. Oh no.

I know, I know, I say I’m going out ‘with friends’ or something like that. But I’m always so vague aren’t I? The first few times I wondered when you were going to ask where I was going? Why I always got dressed up in my most glamorous clothes. Why I stay out so very late. Who could I be with? What could I be doing that I always come back so very late and so tired.

Oh dear. You look so scared. Are you scared of what I might say? That I might admit something? Or are you maybe scared that what you suspect isn’t true? That maybe I really am out with the girls? Is your imagination better than what the reality might be? Is that it? Will I maybe spoil it all by telling you what I do on Sunday nights?

What do you imagine, little hubby? Do you picture me with another man? With other men?

I suspected you did. I see the way you look at me. Ever since I took that assertiveness training course with work, I’ve noticed the way you defer to me, the way you cringe when I speak sharply to you. You don’t know what to think. Sometimes it seems I treat you with amused contempt, other times I’m so loving and sexy you think you’re going to faint. The more confident I am, the weaker and more feminine you are, almost more of a girl than a man.

But it’s okay, honey. It’s okay. I still love you. Would I be here, stroking your silly little cock for you if I didn’t? Oh! You’re getting close. My hand is so slow, isn’t it? Slow and cruel. My glossy, red-tipped fingernails, wrapped around your cock. If you were doing yourself you’d be pumping so fast wouldn’t you? Ha Ha! Like a little monkey. I know.

Better with Mommy though, isn’t it? Mommy’s so slow, and sexy. Slow and sexy. You want to come for Mommy now don’t you. Oh yes, you need to come for Mommy. But I’m in control. You’ll come for Mommy when I’m ready. Oh! So close. It’s almost like I’m deliberately bringing you to the brink and then backing off.

Is this what you really like? Is it? I knew it would be. You prefer this to trying to make love to me like a real man don’t you? Yes. You do. You can’t believe your luck can you? All this time sneaking around, waiting for opportunities to wear your wife’s panties, and now, here you are, dressed up like a little slut and getting a lovely slow hand-job from her.

You don’t want it to end do you? No? Well, you really are in luck. Because I’ve decided to move our marriage onto another level. Yes. I’m going to take it to the next stage. Mmmmm. Yes. Oh so close. But not yet. Now I have you like this, I’m going to tell you how it will be from now on.

Yes. Lot’s of lovely panties. And lots of lovely pantyhose. And skirts. And dresses. And blouses and shoes and oh, everything. I have just the things in mind for my sissy hubby. Little satin shorts. Mmmm. And lovely skintight tops. And lots of girly jewelry.

Oh we’ll have such fun picking things out for you and dressing you up like the little slutty doll you are. Oh ha ha ha. Yes. Just me and you lots of ladies clothes. Mmm Hmmm. Just for you.

You want that don’t you? Yes. Yes of course you do. You’ve always wanted it. You’ll always want it. And soon you’ll need it as well as want it. Yes you will. All for you, my lovely little sissy.

And what about me? What about your gorgeous wife? Well, don’t you worry. I’ll be happy too. But I won’t be going out so much in future. No. That’s what I mean about ‘the next level’. I’m tired of having to go out whenever I want some fun. Its a pain, all those hotel rooms and having to hurry home before morning. I’m just tired of it. And why should I have to?

Yes, that’s right. I’m going to start bringing my boyfriends home in the evening. Yes. My boyfriends. Oh don’t try to look surprised. Not now. Not looking like you do now.

You always knew. You’ve always known. A woman like me can’t be satisfied with a sissy husband. No. Ha ha ha. Of course not. Right from the start, I’ve had lovers. And right from the start you’ve never said anything. Never asked. Just let your silly submissive imagination fill in the gaps. But don’t worry. Nothing has to change. It’ll be wonderful.

Some nights I’ll stay in with you, and we can play dress up together. Some nights I’ll go out just as before, and you can play in my lingerie drawer on your own. Yes. You can. Oh, it’s okay. But I think you’d like to suck the come out of my pussy when I get home. Would you like that? Hmmm?

To go down between my legs and suck and lick me clean when I come home to you. What do they call it? A cream pie? Mmm? Such a funny name. But I think you’d like that really, wouldn’t you? You would? That’s great! Maybe you might get a chance to do that tonight. Ha ha ha. But other night’s you’ll have to sleep in the other room. Yes, in the little bed. Don’t worry, we’ll get new sheets. Maybe pink satin ones, just for you.

Maybe it’d be best if you moved in there anyway. I don’t want your stuff lying around in my bedroom for my boyfriend to find. Yes. Some nights, me and my boyfriend will be sleeping in here. Yes. And he’ll fuck me. Fuck me, Fuck me. Right here, in our bed.

It’s a good thing the spare room is just next door. That way you can listen to the bedhead banging against the wall as he fucks me from behind. Maybe you might hear me swear and scream as I get fucked good and proper by his massive cock. Maybe you might even be able to hear him spank my ass as he fucks from behind. Oh, that’s good. Oh yes.

You like that. Don’t you. No more need to imagine. It’ll be happening right here in our own bedroom. And you can press your ear up against the wall to hear. Oh, oh fuck, You’re nearly there. Does it sound good honey? Does the future look bright? Are you looking forward to it. Oh fuck yes. You are. You are. I am too. Oh honey, now come for me. Come for me now.

Come now in the pretty panties. Come for me, come for me now. Oh. Uuuh, yes. Now. Oh yes, spurting, coming. Fuck yes, so much creamy white come, all over the pretty lacy panties. Oh fuck yes. All over my hand and the panties and fuck yes, so much come. Mmm. Mmmm. Such a good boy. Such a good boy. Here, let me give you a kiss, and I’ll finish getting dressed. You clean yourself up and snuggle back to sleep. I’ll ring later and you can move into the spare room to wait for us to come home. Don’t worry. You’ll get your cream pie as soon as he’s asleep in our bed.

I love you too honey.

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