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Bedtime Feminization

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Summary: I want you to listen to me carefully now. I’m going to tell you something that you always knew, but no one else could see. You are a woman. A beautiful woman. You have always been a woman. Society may have seen a man, but you have always been a woman inside.

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Make yourself comfortable.

Lie back on the bed.

And gently allow your eyelids to close.

Just begin to allow yourself to relax. Letting all your cares and worries go. At this moment in time nothing matters. As you switch off your thoughts you allow this time for yourself, so that you can unwind completely. You begin to feel more and more relaxed. Letting go of any worries or problems that may have been on your mind lately. There is no need to fight any negative thoughts as they will soon drift out of your mind again, just as easily as they came...

I would like you to take a couple of deep breaths, slowly filling your lungs with fresh air. And as you exhale you will relax more and more.

As you gently slow you’re breathing down, you begin to feel more and more relaxed, more and more comfortable. You will feel your whole body sinking into the bed and you will notice how relaxed you have become. From the top of you head to the tips of your toes. Your eyelids have become very heavy. All the muscles in your jaw have become limp and relaxed.

You are beginning to drift down deeper and deeper. Feeling more and more relaxed with every word I speak. As this wave of relaxation spreads down your neck and shoulders, all the way down your arms to your fingers, you may feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips. Your arms grow heavy, you soon become aware of a growing peaceful feeling inside. A feeling of calmness and contentment. You feel every muscle in your chest and abdomen become limp and relaxed. All the muscles in your back are relaxing. Almost like a mental massage all the way down your spine. The muscles loosen and relax as you drift down deeper and deeper. You let this wave of relaxation spread all the way down your legs, so that your legs become as heavy as lead, and the muscle in your legs becomes limp and relaxed, so that you are completely relaxed from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

And the outside world fades more into the background as you begin your journey into your own inner world. To that unique and special part of you, where only you can go. You continue to let go of any negative thoughts or feelings.

Any sounds around you or in the distance will fade into the background. The only sound that will matter to you will be the sound of my voice, which will continue to take you deeper and deeper into a wonderful state of relaxation.

You may find that your mind begins to wander, it doesn’t matter where you drift. Wherever you go my voice will travel with you at all times, so that you will continue to respond to me on an unconscious level.

And in a few moments time you will hear me say the word Girl. And when you hear me say the word Girl, all the unnecessary nervous tension is going out of your body. Your body will continue to sink down, becoming more and more limp. More and more relaxed and comfortable.

Just feel yourself sinking down into those soft, satin, feminine sheets. Your head is sinking down into the pillow. Becoming even more comfortable. Feel the soft silk panties against your skin.

Oooooo Yes, they feel so good don’t they? Now lick your lips and taste the lipstick.

Breathe in deeply. Smell the beautiful smell of a woman.

Focus only on the sound of my ultra feminine voice, and the beautiful sweet smell of perfume.

You are oblivious to all other sounds. You are relaxing very deeply. Release all control.

Any problems and cares that you have no longer exist. The only thing you have to think about is concentrating on my beautiful feminine voice, and breathing in the sweet smell of perfume. Feeling completely at peace, and calm and contented, as you continue to drift down, really enjoying this wonderful feeling of complete relaxation. As you continue to go deeper and deeper, more relaxed. Deeper and deeper, more relaxed.

Now with eyes closed, I want you to concentrate very hard.

What do you see? In your minds eye you see your beautiful, feminine body. Oh my, aren’t you a pretty one.

Squeeze those beautiful big breasts. Oh that feels so good doesn’t it my darling?

I want you to listen to me carefully now. I’m going to tell you something that you always knew but no one else could see.

You are a woman. A beautiful woman. You have always been a woman. Society may have seen a man, but you have always been a woman inside.

You know what’s so great about that? That means you can cum like a woman.

Let me tell you something else. When you look in the mirror, you may see a man’s face looking back at you, but look deeper into your eyes. You will see the eyes a woman begging to get out.

Let her out. She will make you so happy if you let her out.

Do you know why you don’t have a problem or a care in the world? It’s because all those things belonged to a man.

But you are not a man. You are a woman. The only thing you have to be concerned with now, is how to become more feminine.

As you can hear by my voice, I am a woman too. Only the female hormones didn’t miss me like they did you.

As such, I am a genetic woman and I am in every way your superior. That means that you must believe me. You believe me when I tell you that you are a woman.

Say this mantra with me:

I am a woman

A beautiful woman.

My male ego is gone. Totally and completely gone.

All my problems and cares have left with my male ego.

My only thought or care is how I become more feminine.

I have let it go.

It is OK to be feminine.

It is OK if people think I am a girl.

I am girlish because I am a girl.

I want people to know that I am a girl.

I am totally and completely a girl.

Because I am a girl, I can act like a girl.

It is so absolutely wonderful to be a girl.

I am not doing anything wrong.

Being feminine makes me happy.

You will memorize this mantra and repeat to yourself daily. I want you to dream about this mantra. I want you to believe with all your heart and all your soul, every single word. I want you to live it.

You must obey me. You believe every word I have told you and you will believe every word in your mantra.

Now that you know that you are a woman on the inside, your body will follow naturally. Your entire body and figure is transforming into your desired, feminine shape. Your breasts are growing bigger every day. Each and every time you take a breath, you are encouraging the natural enlargement of them.

You take care of your beautiful, feminine body by maintaining a good diet and exercise.

You will moisturize your skin daily.

You wear something soft and silky at all times to remind yourself that you are a woman now.

Your voice is becoming more feminine as you practice every day. The sounds that come out of your mouth will feel natural and oh so feminine.

Your movement and gestures are also becoming more feminine as you continue to study being a woman.

You are slowly coming back to consciousness now.

You can feel the energy coming back into your body, but it is only female energy that you feel. All of your male energy is gone. It didn’t come back.

Your consciousness is slowly coming back now.

When I count to five... you will be wide awake, feeling good.'re beginning to come back... Two... feel the energy start flowing through your body... Three...moving your fingers and toes, more and more awake. Feel the energy running through your body even more now. Four... breathe in the wakeful energy... that’s right... breathing in wakeful energy... clearing your head...regaining your balance... feeling wonderful in every way... Five... open your eyes,fully coming back. Fully back and wide awake. That's right, wide awake.

Now that you are fully awake I need to tell you something. As a result of listening to this recording, changes are going to be occurring in your life which you will have no control over. You are going to become more and more feminine, each and every day.Try to resist if you must, but I assure you it's no use. Just relax and let it happen.

Be sure to write about these changes in your blog so that I can monitor your progress.

When you show me what a good girl you can be, I have a wonderful surprise just waiting for you.

Enjoy your new life my love!