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Give Me An A-chapter 1
by Ellen Stephanie Davis

Steve had often arrived early for his Psychology 101 class; it allowed him time to review his notes from the previous lecture. There were a few other girls that also seemed to get to the hall around the same time as he did, and there appeared to be a problem, as he overheard them discussing that one of the members of their Pom Pom squad had broke an ankle. Although he had tried to concentrate on his work, it was a little distracting to hear the girls loudly express how upset they were, and how their fellow team member was crucial to their weekend competition..

He never noticed how the girls seemed to glance at him, as if sizing him up, smiling as if his small frame and soft features could be used to their advantage.

How on earth Stacy and Gloria both seemed to have the same naughty idea, to use this unsuspecting lad as a tool for their needs. They saw the potential and liked the thought of what they were about to do. Walking up to him the two ran their fingers over his shoulders in a flirty way which broke his concentration from the work at hand.

“Hi Honey! What are you working on?” The brunette girl named Stacy asked.

Gloria smiled and brushed her fiery red bangs back from her eyes as she studied his physique and was pleased even more so.

Steve stopped writing and felt his body tingle from there touch, and the attention created instant arousal. “I’m just reviewing my notes.” He commented.

“I see you having trouble in this class too? Oh you know Gloria and I have a little study group going, perhaps you would like studying with us sometime?” She smiled as her hand ran across his chest.

“Really?” He said with a smile, imagining all sorts of possibilities getting to study with two very beautiful college girls.

“Yes really,?” Gloria said in a breathy tone. “What’s your name sweetheart?”

His pulse quickened, “Steve, my name is Steve.”

Gloria flipped his notebook closed and nodded, “Pleased to meet you Stevie.”

As other students began to fill the room, the two girls sat on either side of him, the perfumed scent lofted into his nostrils.

Stacy then suggested, “Perhaps after the lecture, we can discuss meeting tonight.”

His interest was piqued as well as his cock in his pants. Whatever he did to deserve this attention, he was now thanking the good lord for what he was about to receive. There were long looks from him now as the eyes drank in the very shapely bodies of the women who took a sudden interest in him. The two had amazing figures from their breasts, to the curves of their waist and hips, all of it pleasing. During the class he tried with all his might to concentrate and get his notes down, but somehow the two girls kept up the subtle flirtations. Fingers touching his legs, little gentle strokes, it was enough to drive him wild with desire.

After class the two watched him pack up his stuff as he stood up from the desk, Steve was about the same height as the girls, his body build was not much bigger, a little broader in the shoulders, and his chest more masculine, but the girls knew they could work with what they had to pull this deception off.

Stacy and Gloria told Steve about an office they could meet at in the Student Center, totally private, and close to the resident hall he resided and the Sorority house, where the two girls were living.

The two met him by the front doors and looked stunning, the way they were dressed, he was never going to concentrate on studying, in the back of his mind he was hoping that the flirting, and the touches was going to lead to the time of his life. The girls led Steve into the office and closed the door.

He looked around and saw the various collegiate logos and photos of the squad. In one of the team photos Steve saw both Stacy and Gloria holding there shakers. How on earth was he going to be able to concentrate on studying?

“So Steve you working on your Mid Term paper, what is your topic?” Stacy asked.

Gloria went over to a cabinet and opened the doors, there were several uniforms which were still in plastic. As well as supplies of the athletic briefs, socks, practice uniforms, and even shoes.

Steve tried not be to curious, he assumed Gloria was just getting something to help them study. His mind snapped back to Stacy’s question. “Oh my topic is on ADHD.”

“Oh Attention Deficit Disorder very interesting. Gloria and I are working on papers which are on human sexuality, I’m doing a paper on fetishes.” Stacy placed her hands on his shoulders.

He was very calm about her touch, “Interesting tell me more.”

“You want to know more? Okay. We are studying various aspects of fetishes, how does a person develop a fixation on an object or action.”

Gloria turned and smiled, “Yes we are doing an experiment, you interested in participating?”

He gentle rubbing of his shoulders feels so good, just being with the two, had made him game for anything. “Yes it all sounds fascinating, I would love to help.”

“Well then let’s waste no time Steve.” Stacy and Gloria went to work stripping off his clothes, taking advantage of his libido.

Steve was asking no questions, which was perfect, because once they had him naked all his clothes were now scooped up and bagged. His dick was so hard, as Stacy ran her fingers over his bare chest. Gloria slipped his personal belongings into a cabinet and pulled out a uniform, locking the cabinet shut behind her.

“Oh Stevie, you’re so excited aren't you?” Stacy smiled.

“Yes, I'm nervous.” He stammered, “This is my first time.”

The two girls snickered, and Gloria came up behind him feeling up his firm ass. “Don't worry you do as we say, and you'll have the time of your life.”

The two girls circled him, “We want to dress you up and see how you look in one of our uniforms.”

Steve smile ceased for a moment, “You want me to what?”

Their hands continued to move over his skin. Stacy took a pair of athletic briefs; that was commonly worn under the skirts of the cheerleader uniforms, and held them in front of the boy. “Come on Stevie, it will be fun.”

Gloria wrapped her finger in his hair, “Yes it will be a good time!”

He smiled again, and figured how can he refuse, after all these two girls were totally into him, and if dressing up in some girls clothes was going to lead to his having sex for the first time...well so be it.

Stacy kneeled down holding out the red panties for him to step into, and Steve obliged as he enjoyed how she pulled them up into place. Her hands playfully touching and caressing his skin steves’ hard on was now pressed tightly between his legs, straining against the tight material of the uniform.

“Careful Stevie, we wouldn't want you to have an accident in your uniform.” Stacy added as her hand brushed along his trapped prick.

Gloria patted his pantied bottom, “Oh they look marvelous on you, let’s get you into the rest of the uniform.”

He stood there and allowed the two girls to dress him in each article of clothing. They were so attentive and made every moment such a thrill; never had he imagined that dressing up would be so fun.

The two dress him in a red with white stripe shell top, with the word rebels on the front. The red mini skirt, is lined with white and red stripes along the hem. Finally a pair of white socks with a megaphone emblem isdisplayed on the side.

“He looks really good.” Gloria says as she circles him.

Stacy plays with the front of the shell top, “I think there would be room for B cup inserts.”

Gloria nods her head in agreement, “B is playing it safe, so we would need a bra, and to get him shoes.”

As the two discuss what appears to be what is missing, he realizes the touching has ended. “What is going on? What do you two mean a bra, and shoes?”

Gloria and Stacy stand next to him taking his hand, “Try out is over Stevie, the uniform fits, and you've just been recruited to fill in for our hurt squad member.”

Steve stepped back until he was against the wall, a stunned look on his face, “You’re kidding, right?”

The girls followed him draping themselves over him, “No sweetie we are not, you’re going to be one of us.”

Shaking his head in disbelief, “The hell I am!”

“Unless you’re willing to strip off those clothes and walk naked through the campus, your left with little choice, after all dear, you have no clothes accept for the uniform you have on.” Gloria points out.

Steve looks around the office and realizes all his stuff is gone, “Where's my clothes?”

Stacy laughs, “You’re wearing them silly!”

He realizes the predicament, how can he leave the office dressed like he was, everyone would see, and if he were to march out there without them, now that would be even worse.

“Think hard, Stevie.” Stacy places her hand underneath his skirt, and presses hard, rubbing in a circular motion.

Steve freezes and closes his eyes as his cock jumps to life. A slight gasp escapes his mouth.

Stacy caresses the bulge beneath the cheerleading bloomers, “Yes you seem to be very excited about this opportunity.”

Gloria reached into her purse and takes out her cell phone, begins taking video of his situation. She gets shots of the boy in his uniform and also the bulge being stroked.

Another moan escapes his lips, as his eyes squeeze tighter, the feeling just so good. He feels his body tense up.

Stacy whispers, “You like this don't you?”

“Yes.” he answers.

The girl strokes his hard-on that is encased in the female uniform, and the pleasure is intense, everything about the moment is arousing.

“You want to be a member of our squad right Stevie?” Gloria asks.

“Yes!” He stutters, from the attention.

Stacy presses harder on his crotch, “You want to be a Pom Pom Girl; don’t you Stevie?”

“Yes!” He pleads, thinking he would do anything they wanted as long as they continued to make him feel this good.

Gloria shouts, “Say it then! Tell us you want to be a Pom Pom Girl!”

“I want to be a Pom Pom Girl!” He then feels his muscles clench as releases several waves of intense orgasm.

Gloria gets a close up shot of his panties getting wet, and white cum leaking from the front. “Beautiful shot!”

Stacy fingers are coated with his juices, she stands and places themto his lips, “lick them clean Stevie!”

He tries to shake his head in defiance, when he realizes Gloria cell phone camera is trained on him.

“I would open wide and lick, because I will send this video to all my friends, and your life is over around this University.”

Steve knows he has no choice now...all of it captured on video, he opens and licks, until Stacy is satisfied.

“That’s a good girl Stevie, who knows, you might actually enjoy giving a blow job sometime.”

Feeling defeated and humiliated, “Now what?”

“Well now you can change back into your clothes.” She opens the cabinet up, “Although I think you should wear your panties home, to remind you that your ass belongs to us now.”

He hangs his head down on shame.

“Beginning tomorrow in the afternoon you will meet again to continue our experiment. Your training will require a couple of days to perfect your look and teach you all the fun stuff about being one of us Pom Pom Girls.”

He nods, “Please promise you will never show that video to anyone.”

“Don't worry Stevie, your video is for our eyes only, unless you disobey us, and if you screw up in anyway...well you know what happens.”

Blackmail was the last thing on his mind today, all he wanted was to work on his project, and the two girls played him well, turning his arousal against him. There was no choice. He had to be what they needed. He was trapped with no escape.

The girls collected everything but the cheerleader panties, true to their word they made him wear them home underneath his clothes, they told him he must have them washed and back by tomorrow.

As he walked toward dorm room, he played the moment over and over in his head, how he screamed yes to wanting to be a member on their squad, how he soaked himself, and all of it captured on video. He could never let that get out. Just how was he going to be able to pass as a girl? Just what did the two have planned? Bra's and B cups were just some of the things they said.