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Dinner Fantasy by Mistress Alora

It is late in the evening on a cold winter night. My sissy servant kneels by my feet on the cold hardwood floor awaiting my instructions. She is dressed in her maid uniform, because tonight I require her to serve me dinner. I have placed her pathetic little cock into a chastity device, from which there will be no release tonight unless her service is perfect. I laugh wickedly because I don't believe perfection is possible in an imperfect world, therefore it will be quite impossible for her to gain her release, but I will enjoy seeing her try hard to please me!

I give her instructions on how I wish the table to be set, which linens to use, what music to play, which candles to light, and which wine to pour for me. I send her off to do my bidding with a stroke of my crop across her bare ass. She hurries off to prepare the table, while I continue to read the magazine I have been looking through.

It is not long before I hear music playing, and smell candles burning. I can hear the sound of flatware clinking against a dinner plate. I hear her footsteps as she hurries to lay the table exactly as I have required. Turning the page I smile as I hear her opening the bottle of wine, and heating my dinner on the stove. The coffee maker comes to life with its warm burbling sound, and my stomach growls in anticipation of dinner.

When all is in readiness she comes to kneel at my feet. I continue to peruse the magazine, pointedly ignoring her. She waits on the cold, hard floor for the moment when I will turn my eyes upon her and allow her to speak to me. I make her wait until I have finished with my magazine. Tossing the magazine aside I look down at her.

“Is the table ready?” I ask.

She responds with, “Yes Ma'am, everything is ready.”

Entering the dining room I inspect the table for correctness. She knows that everything must be to my satisfaction or she will get a spanking. Of course, nothing is right. The napkin is lying too far from the plate, the wine glass has a smudge on it, and the flatware is placed incorrectly. She immediately rearranges the table to my satisfaction, and I sit down, informing her of the spanking she will get after I have eaten. I enjoy letting her think about how harsh that spanking might be, and perhaps she will make no more mistakes. I grin like the evil witch that I am because I know that she will make more mistakes; many more!

Satisfied with the table I sit down and bid her bring me my plate of food. I taste the wine and it is crisp and cold. She brings a warm plate of shrimp fettuccini alfredo and places it in front of me. It smells divine, and I command her to her knees beside me. I begin to eat, and direct her to kiss and lick my shoes. She attacks my shoes with the true passion of a submissive, and I sigh as I sip my wine. Soft jazz music fills the room as the candles flicker, seemingly in time with the music.

Halfway through the meal I allow my sissy servant to slip my shoes off and kiss and lick my feet. She knows that I'm allowing this because her service thus far has pleased me. She covers my feet first in kisses, and finally in her own saliva. I wickedly lift her skirt and use one of my feet to caress my little slut's cock, still locked in its chastity device. Her intake of breath is enough to satisfy my cruel desire to tease her. I know that her pathetic little cock is straining against the device. I chuckle knowing that she will not get any release from my hand on this night! I order her to lie on her back while I place my feet on her face. Her little sissy face is the perfect foot rest for me. She continues to attend to my feet as I finish the last of my wine leisurely.

When I am finished with my wine, I direct her to put my shoes back on, and she does so reluctantly. I know that she has not yet had her fill of pampering my feet, but she will have to earn the privilege. I have her clear away the dishes, and bring me coffee and dessert. She quickly jumps to do my bidding, and this pleases me. Once she has delivered my coffee and dessert, I direct her to scrape the leftovers from my plate into her own humble stoneware bowl. She is allowed to eat the leftovers with her fingers, while sitting at my feet. She drinks cold water from her earthenware cup.

The coffee is deliciously warm and the cheesecake decidedly cold. The contrast between the two is as lovely as the contrast between me and my sissy maid. Once my little sissy has finished with her leftovers, I reach down and using my own napkin, I wipe her face and fingers clean. I then feed her the last bit of cheesecake from my plate with my fingers. She licks and sucks every last bit from my fingers, relishing the intimacy of this simple pleasure.

With dinner being concluded I tell her that she must clear away and wash up all the dishes. I remind her that doing a poor job will only add to her spanking, which will be delivered as soon as she is finished. Knowing that she will dally to postpone the inevitable spanking, I set a timer for 15 minutes, which I conclude is a reasonable time to clean up the kitchen. She hurriedly clears away the dishes from the table and begins immediately to prepare the dish water.

I return to the living room to relax on the sofa with a novel while my little sissy slut cleans up the kitchen. I contemplate the spanking that is to come, as no doubt does she! The minutes tick away, and finally the timer sounds. I casually mark my place in the book, and go to the kitchen to inspect my sissy's work.

My little sissy has been quite industrious, having finished washing the dishes and wiping down the counter tops and stove, she knelt nervously in the middle of the floor awaiting my inspection. I inspect the dishes for cleanliness, and finding everything in order; I gently caress her lovely face and praise her for her good work. She practically purrs with happiness, until I remind her that she still must have a spanking for failing to set the table properly. She hangs her head in shame nervously anticipating the spanking that I will give her.

I order her to follow me into the living room, and I sit on the middle cushion of the sofa. She must now stretch out over my lap, and bare her lovely white ass to me. I encircle her waist with my left arm, as I lift her skirt even more, completely exposing her ass. She is trembling now from both anticipation and fear of what I will do to her. I caress her smooth ass with my hand lovingly, knowing that shortly I will turn her white ass into a nice hot pink. Using both hands, I spread her ass cheeks, and fondle her lovely rosebud anus gently with my finger, and listen at her sudden intake of breath. I reach between the cushions and retrieve the carefully hidden finger cot and lube that I had placed there earlier in the day. I roll the finger cot onto my middle finger, and after applying lube, slowly insert my finger into my sissy's tight little ass hole. She gasps, and then sighs as my finger slowly penetrates, and then caresses her anal opening. Once again I can feel her pathetic little cock straining against the chastity device.

After a few minutes I remove my finger, only to insert it again, and again. My little sissy is both enjoying the sensations, and frustrated by them as she is restrained by the chastity device. What a deliciously wicked thing to do to her!

When I have had my fill of teasing her anus, I remove the finger cot, and begin again to caress her smooth white ass. Once again, I wrap my left arm lovingly around her waist. The first slap of my hand against her right butt cheek causes her to jump and cry out, and the second lands quickly after the first. Methodically, I begin to warm her ass with slaps of my hand. I take my time, and space the slaps out so that I am spanking neither too fast nor too slowly. I frequently pause to caress the pain away only to inflict more intense pain afterwards.

Within ten minutes my little sissy's ass is glowing a bright hot pink, and her gasps, moans, and grunts tell me that she is enjoying her spanking. I finish off her spanking by tightening my grip with my left arm, and spanking her very hard and quickly, until she is squirming under my arm, and her cries and moans sound pathetic.

Now finished with punishing her, I smooth away the pain from her ass with soft caresses of her now bright hot flesh. She whimpers, and I tell her to roll over. She rolls to her back with her head still in my lap, and I tell her what a good little sissy maid she was as I caress her hair and face. There are tears in her eyes, but I do not know whether they are there from the pain of the spanking, or the praise of her good service, or both. It does not matter as I once again command her to her knees at my feet. I pick up my novel once more and finding my place in the book, I tell her that she may redeem herself by worshipping my feet again. She loses no time removing my shoes and pampering my feet with her tongue.

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