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Dressing for Pleasure by Michelle Collant

Dressing For Pleasure

Summary: Listen carefully as I walk you through all the steps needed to look, feel and orgasm like a beautiful, sexy woman. Have plenty of tissues ready.

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Hi, there. Today we're going to try a new kind of hypnosis, a kind where you are in a waking trance as I instruct you on how to prepare yourself for an evening of feminine fabrics and textures, beauty and sensual ecstasy. Listen carefully as I walk you through all the steps needed to look, feel and orgasm like a beautiful, sexy woman.

We're going to start by having you remove all your clothing. Then I want you to slip into a pair of pink nylon panties and a satin robe. Now, if your nails aren't painted, go and paint them with a pretty coral pink polish, and make sure you do your toes, too. Maybe you can look through your favorite fashion magazines or at your favorite websites while you're waiting for them to dry. Because girls love to paint their nails and think about being beautiful.

I like to create the proper mood for an evening of pleasure, so after your nails are dry, I want you to light two candles. Place them in different parts of the room to create a soft, warm, romantic feel. Put on some music that you like, too, if you wish to do so. Because girls love romance.

Then I want you to go to your secret, special drawer, or chest, or suitcase and open it. You know the one I'm talking about. I want you to take out the following items: a white lace corset, white panties with a lace front and sheer back, sheer white opera-length full-fashioned nylon stockings with seams, white patent leather pumps that have an ankle strap around the top with 4 inch heels, and a full-length sheer white peignoir that has a clasp in front. This could be a bridal negligee set, but tonight it's a romantic, ultra-feminine ensemble just for your pleasure. Because girls love pretty lingerie and high-heel shoes.

As you take out the feminine items, I want you to take your time touching them. Glide your fingers over the lace and garters of the corset. Rub the slippery sheer nylon stockings and peignoir between your fingertips. Feel the elastic leg openings of the lacy panties. Touch the cool, glossy finish on the high-heel pumps. Because girls love to feel and touch sexy, sensual things.

Lay each item out on the bed carefully, and pause to look at how pretty the lingerie is just lying there on the bed, waiting for you to return and slip each item on. Because girls love anticipating pleasure.

I want you to go and run a nice, hot bath. Make sure you put lots of sudsy bubble bath in. While the bath is filling, do any touch-ups necessary on your face and eyebrows. Take your makeup out and arrange it neatly on the counter, so it's ready to use after your bath.

Take one of the candles into the bathroom with you and put it on a corner of the tub. Turn the water off and climb into the hot, steamy suds. You feel your body shiver, then melt, as you immerse it and feel waves of warmth lull you into a blissful, dreamy peace. Notice your cute little painted toes hiding in the white foamy suds. You lazily massage the warm soapy water into your arms, shoulders and breasts and legs, admiring your long girly fingernails and slim, smooth feminine hands as they move about.

After relaxing for a while, take your shave cream and apply it to one leg, then carefully shave it. Then you do the other, and carefully shave any other spots you need to until your skin is smooth and silky all over. Drain the water, then rinse off under the shower, then give yourself a quick scrub with moisturizing body wash and a wonderfully perfumed shampoo. After thoroughly rinsing and drying yourself, you emerge fresh, feminine and smooth all over.

You apply some foam mousse to your hair and massage it in, then dry your hair until it's fluffy and stylish. You slip on your satin robe, then return to begin your makeup. First, you apply concealer to the spots that need it, then rub it in. Then you shake and open the foundation, which feels creamy and cool as you gently rub in on your face until it has a smooth, flawless finish. Dab some loose powder on a clean cotton pad and gently pat your face with it to help the makeup set.

Then it's time for eyeliner and mascara, which dramatically darken and extend your beautiful, long lashes. Then you take some subtly smoky eye shadow and apply it to your eyelids and a lighter shade to the area under your brows. Next it's lip liner, in a pretty deep coral pink that's almost more red than pink. Then it's lipstick in the same shade, which you glide on over and over, savoring the feel of the little pink-red phallus on your soft, sensitive lips, until they're coated with color. You pause to admire the shade, holding the erect lipstick case in your painted fingers, checking to make sure it's perfect. You then take a tissue and blot it once, leaving a cute lipstick print in the middle. You decide to leave it on the counter as a girlish souvenir. Next, you take a fluffy makeup brush and swirl it gently across the blush, then sweep it over your cheeks until a soft, pink feminine glow starts to emerge.

When I say the word, * Blush * you're going to fall ten times deeper under my spell. Every time you hear the word * Blush * you're going to feel my power ten times more intensely than before.

* Blush *

You step back to admire the pretty woman staring back at you in the mirror, and smile. You decide some accessories are needed, so you take out your jewelry box and put on your favorite necklace, earrings and bracelet. You sway your head from side to side to feel the dangling earrings bob gently against your ears and neck. Your fingers feel bare, so you put a pretty, delicate ring on each hand, making your long, feminine fingers tipped with long, pretty, painted nails look even more graceful and beautiful.

* Blush *

You reach for your favorite bottle of perfume and remove the cap, inhaling the intensely feminine scent. You spritz a little on your wrist, then rub them together. Then you give a tiny spritz over each breast, on your belly just above your vulva, and behind each knee. You smell and feel wonderfully girly as you replace the cap on the perfume and step into the bedroom.

Now it's time to get dressed. You walk slowly over to the bed and survey the lingerie, stockings and shoes arranged on the bed. Your perfume lingers in the air, and you pause a moment, eyes closed, to savor the scent. You pick up the white panties and slip one foot through the lacy opening, then the other, pulling them up until they are snug between your legs. You run your pink nails over lacy front and feel a subtle throb start inside your clit. You turn and look in the mirror, admiring your smooth, naked bottom encased in the sheer nylon panties, and you gently grasp your cheeks and massage them. You tug on the panties and trace your pink fingers around and under the elastic leg openings and waistband, and shiver with anticipation.

When I say the words, * Panties * you're going to fall ten times deeper under my spell. Every time you hear the word * Panties * you're going to feel my power throbbing in your clit ten times more intensely than before.

Taking the satin robe off, you lay it gently over a nearby chair, then step back over to the bed. You pick up the lacy white corset and wrap it around your waist, holding it in place with your wrists so you can begin fastening the dozen hook-eye clasps that run up the back. Since you don't have anyone to help you, you must fasten them all yourself, the corset now backwards, until all are hooked. Now you must tug and slide the corset until the hooks are in the back and the lacy under wire bust is in the front. There. You can feel the spandex, nylon and boning hugging your torso tightly.

* Panties *

You slide your arms through the shoulder straps, then push the under wire boning up under your breasts. The inside of the breast cups are lined with sheer nylon tulle, which is then covered by the lacy fabric on the outside. You look up in the mirror and cup your breasts in your hands, massaging them gently. Your nipples are now erect and aching. They push against the nylon tulle when you rub them, and the two fabrics slide against each other over the nipples, creating the most delicious sensations that ripple through you body.

* Blush *

You flick your long pink fingernails across your lace-covered nipples over and over and over, which sends waves of pleasure cascading down to your clit.

* Panties *

You pinch them gently, rub the lace, then flick them a dozen more times, over and over again, until you're quivering with pleasure.

You look at your long, bare legs and realize you haven't finished dressing yet, so you take one of the white, opera-length seamed stockings and carefully roll it up. Then, making sure the seam is right, you slowly slide the stocking gently but firmly up your soft, smooth leg, checking to make sure the seam is straight. You then attach the garters to the stocking welt, which is at the very top of your thighs next to your panties. You pull the garters tight so the stocking is nice and snug. Then you take the other sheer stocking, roll it up, and pull it up the other leg. After you attach the garters to it, you stand and step over to the large mirror covering the closet door by your bed. You turn and check your seams, and find that both need a bit of adjusting. You reach down and clasp your hands around each stocking to straighten it, then sit on the bed to smooth and pull them up a little more, which also requires the garters to be adjusted and pulled just a bit tighter. There.

You stand and pad around the room, admiring this alluring woman with her pretty makeup, jewelry, stockings, corset and panties. You run your hands over the sides and tummy of your lacy corset, over the tops of your stockings, and it feels delicious. You sit on the side of the bed and cross your legs, feeling the sheer stockings slip and slide against one another, and you swoon with pleasure. You continue rubbing your stockinged legs together, rubbing one stocking foot over the leg of the other, which makes subtle whispering sounds.

When I say the word * Stockings * you're going to go one hundred times deeper into a waking trance and feel each sensation one hundred times more intensely than before.

You massage your legs some more, noticing your cute pink toenails through the white shadow toes of the stockings. You reach down and run your fingers over the nylon-covered toes, which look simply adorable as the candlelight glistens on your legs.

* Stockings *

Reaching for the white patent-leather high-heel pumps, you unclasp the delicate ankle strap on your right shoe and then slip your foot inside, which makes a delicious soft sound as the nylon slides against the leather shoe. You slip the thin strap back through the buckle and fasten it, then do the same with the other foot. You stand, wobbly for just a moment, then begin gracefully pacing around the room, your back straight, your breasts pushed up nice and full in the corset, your legs long and sexy. You savor the feeling of walking in high heels, your steps confident, your stride elegant and graceful.

* Panties *

You go to the bed for the final piece, the floor-length peignoir, which sits on the bed like a fluffy white cloud. You slip your arms into the half-sleeves and hook the tiny clasp in the front. There. Your body is now enveloped in the beautiful gown, which softly reveals your corset, stockings and panties through the sheer white nylon. You walk around the room again, feeling the peignoir billow around you when you walk, revealing your pretty, long legs in their white seamed stockings and high heels as you go.

* Stockings *

You do a slow, sensual dance to the music and enjoy the peignoir swishing and sliding over your lace-covered body and sheer nylons.

You slowly step over to the large mirror and take a long, affectionate gaze at the beautiful woman standing before you: sexy shoes; long, elegant stockings on smooth, bare legs; cute panties; a lacy corset; a fluffy sheer peignoir; pretty jewelry and earrings; feminine makeup and beautiful, shiny, sexy deep pink lips that are longing to be kissed...You reach your hand out to the mirror, touching fingers with the beauty standing before you, and looking in her gorgeous, seductive eyes you lean forward, your lips inches from hers, and you close your eyes until they're barely open, and you see your soft, pink, girlish mouth against hers, holding it for a long time, your chest heaving from your heavy breathing, until you leave a lipstick print on the mirror.

Yes, that's right. Embrace her. Touch her. Kiss her. You lean forward and gently place another soft, sensuous kiss on her, then step away to stare at her in the candlelight. “I love you,” you whisper out loud.

Your clit is now positively throbbing in your damp panties, so you reach down and run your pretty fingernails over the lacy front, sending ripples of joy through your body. You walk back over to the bathroom and touch up your lipstick, rubbing it over and over your soft lips until they're coated perfectly with color.

You walk back over to the bed and lie down across it, staring at yourself in the mirror. Reaching down, you slowly -- very slowly -- run your fingers across your high heels, the front and back of your stockings, including the seams, the panties and lace corset, and each piece of jewelry, lingering over each item as if sacred.

The burning between your legs is intensifying, however, and will soon need attention. You reach down and run your fingertips around the leg openings of your panties, then slide your fingers under the elastic, snapping it gently a few times against your thighs. You roll over on your belly and massage your beautiful smooth bottom, feeling the sheer back of the panties caress your skin. You take the fluffy white nylon peignoir and then rub it against the sheer panty bottoms, then rub it against your stocking seams before turning over on the bed, where you rub the fabric over your legs, corset and arms, drunk with pleasure. You then unclasp the peignoir and slip your arms out, leaving it underneath you, a sheer cloud for you to lie on.

You reach down and unbuckle the straps on the sexy, white patent leather pumps with the four-inch heels, then slip them off your feet. You place them over on one side of the bed, where the candlelight glistens on the shiny patent leather. You wiggle your toes as your feet enjoy being freed from their high-heel bondage. You reach into your bedside drawer and take out a small tube of lube, which you place on the bed next to the shoes.

You run your fingers over your pretty feet and legs, smoothing and caressing the nylons as you go. Your fingers linger over your corset-covered belly, then your hands reach under your breasts, cupping them. You slowly start to knead them with your palms, over and over, until you feel your nipples become erect again. You then take your thumbnails and begin flicking them against the lace covered nipples over and over and over, dozens of times, until your panties are dripping. You caress your breasts with your pink-tipped fingers, feeling the lace slide against the tulle as it rubs against the soft skin of your breasts and the sensitive, erect nipples. You linger on your breasts a long time, savoring each sensation as each caress and flick sends cascades of pleasure through your body, making it hotter and hotter. Your breathing has increased, and your entire body has become ultra-sensitive.

You reach over and slip one strap of the corset off your shoulder, then do the same for the other side. Your breasts are now uncovered and bare. You then reach between your legs and take hold of your clit, and squeeze it until it is dripping clear cum, then rub a fingertip over it. You rub that finger against another, then slowly dab them on each erect nipple. You lick your fingertips, then rub them firmly around the base of each nipple, trying not to touch the tips. You repeat adding cum and tiny dabs of saliva until the nipples are fully coated and slippery.

Now it's time to play with them. You begin by tugging on them gently, which makes them even more erect than before. You alternate between rubbing circles around the nipples, flicking them with your fingernails and thumbnails, and pinching them. These sensations shoot jolts of pleasure through your body and into your clit, making you quiver with anticipation. You look over in the mirror to see that your face is flushed with pink.

You lie back and close your eyes for a moment, savoring the erotic sensations washing over your body. You then open your eyes and look at your legs. You reach down and begin gently caressing your thighs with your fingertips. You extend one leg, pointing your foot toward the ceiling, then do the same with the other leg. You smile to yourself as you look at your long legs covered in the beautiful, sheer white stockings, and you graze your fingernails over the inside of your thighs, which causes an audible moan to escape from your pink lips. Your toes curl at the incredible pleasure this gives you, and you continue to do it until your legs start subtly shaking.

You reach your hands down to cup your bare breasts, which you then start to massage again, until they are swollen and full. The nipples now erect, you pinch, massage, and flick them until you are on the verge of passing out. You again coat them with clear cum and a bit of saliva, which makes them slippery, raw, and ultra-sensitive at the same time.

You slip your thumbs under the waistband of the panties and slide them down to the top of your thighs, where they sit trapped between the smooth, soft skin of your thighs and the tops of your stockings, which are held taught by the garters.

You reach over and pick up the tube of lube, which you use to coat your palm. You add a little saliva to it, then rub your palms together until both are super-slippery. Reaching down between your legs, there, you take your clit in your hands, one hand holding the shaft firmly, almost tightly. You pause to look at your pretty clit, throbbing and purplish-pink in the candlelight. Then, leaning back and closing your eyes, you begin swirling the other hand slowly, and I mean very, very slowly, around the head of your clit, the slick, slippery palm grazing against the ultra-sensitive head. You begin by going around ten times counterclockwise, then ten times clockwise. After that it's nine times counterclockwise, nine times clockwise. Mmmmm. That's it. Take your time. Savor each turn. Lick your palm if you need more lubrication. Eight times counterclockwise, eight times clockwise. You're a girl.

* Blush *

Seven times...

* Panties *

Six're a woman...five times...

*Stockings *

Waves of pleasure building in your belly...four times...your nipples are erect and aching...* blush * pinching your nipples harder...three times...heat building...two times...your body is starting to quiver... one time...your body drops suddenly and is overcome with sudden jolts of pleasure as waves after wave of orgasm begin to cascade through your body from your toes, up your legs, up into your belly and breasts to your mouth, which opens and starts gasping as your body suddenly falls further down...And then you start cumming and cumming and cumming...Cum for me now. Cum. Cum. Cum like a girl. Mmmmmm, yes...Feel the pleasure...savor the hot, melting glow of your orgasm...Oh, yes...That's a good girl...cum for me like a girl....oh, yes...Such a beautiful, sexy, orgasmic girl for her Mistress.

Now lay back and close your eyes. There. You came just like a girl. The waves of orgasm are still causing you to subtly quiver on the bed as you take slow, deep breaths. Relax and let soft waves of pleasure wash over you.

When I count to three, you're going to come out of this waking trance and back into regular consciousness. One. Two. Three. Until next time...