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Girls Breaking Boys by Pat Sampson part 1

I had no idea what was going on. That thought kept rolling through my mind as I closed my eyes and tried to wish the intensely humiliating feelings away. But the sounds and sensations around me kept reminding me that there was something going on that was affecting me in a way I had never experienced. It was my twenty-first birthday, and I was finally looking for my own place. I wanted a small apartment in the city but money was very tight, for my job as a supermarket stock boy paid very little and my savings was scarce. So as I began to look I became discouraged and soon started looking for just a room to rent. The ad in the paper said 'Room For Rent' and had the right price and at the time that’s all I needed to see.

So I called the number and a female answered and it threw me off as it hadn’t occurred to me how it would be living with a female. I had always felt shy around women, enjoying them and admiring them but not the bad boy type that seemed popular. She asked me if I had ever lived with all females before and that really threw me and I told her I had not even lived alone yet. She said to come by but soon as someone was there now looking at the room. Off I went just over the bridge to Queens where I found the apartment building easily. When I got there a very beautiful Woman of about 25 answered the door, Teresa, and showed me in. We sat and talked for a few minutes and she seemed quite comfortable with herself.

I felt a little nervous as she had on high heels and kept dangling one off of her beautifully pedicured foot. She showed me the room which was a small bedroom in the back and then the rest of the apartment. It had two bathrooms and three bedrooms and I asked why so much space. She told me she had another roommate who was younger than her, and the three of us would live together if I moved in. When I left without saying yes she seemed annoyed, not as much with me but as with not having the room rented. The train home had me thinking and I soon realized this situation would work out as I work a lot and could easily live there with my own bathroom. So I called her to accept and she happily accepted me as her roommate. The next day we met and exchanged money, and the following Saturday I moved in.

During the move I finally met the other roommate, Fiona. A very stunning tall leggy Woman with her hair falling around her shoulders and a confident smile. I moved my things in and sat in my new room and felt so free.

Weeks went by without any difficulties and we got along well. We had different schedules so we weren’t really there together much but on this particular night we all were and the girls had come from the nail salon and were admiring their new French nails as we talked at the kitchen table. They opened a bottle of white wine and I had two sips before feeling myself a little relaxed.

We talked a lot about fashion for some reason, and they were surprised at the quality of my taste. I got up to wash the dishes in the sink as we continued. Soon the conversation turned to men and they both told me how they thought men were stupid and I told them I actually agreed.

When they asked why I didn’t have a girl friend I told them I wasn’t sure.

"Cause you’re a sissy!" yelled out Fiona and they both laughed hysterically. It made me feel such shame for some reason and I wasn’t sure what she even meant.

Teresa responded with "You ARE a sissy I bet." I tried to tell them no, that I liked girls, I just was shy.

"Right" said Fiona laughing. "You're 5'6, you do housework, you know about clothes, trust me you don’t know it yet but you’re a sissy. It’s just going to take an incident and you will find out and then that’s it, boom, like that you will feel totally different. I’ve seen it before, trust me."

I was now shaken as the girls seemed to take on an aggressive tone. Teresa left the room to go to the bathroom and Fiona sat there smiling at me as I finished the dishes.

"Would you wanna cut a deal on the rent?"

"What deal," I asked.

"You do the housework, help us both out and we cut your rent in half."

Being so broke I thought well I was doing a lot of it anyway why not try it? "Teresa!" Fiona yelled out. "Bring me some things for our new house servant....he said he will do it..."

Now it felt fun and teasing but I had no idea that what was happening would change me deeply.

Teresa yelled out "AWESOME!" and Fiona laughed. When Teresa returned she had in her hands some clothing which I thought I would be washing.

"OK so this is the deal. You massage our feet. You do the laundry. You help me with my business plan for my clothing store. You do what things we ask of you and you get half off the rent."

"Uhh OK," by now I was nervous.

"BUT...and this is important, " Teresa looked me in the eyes,

"You are to dress exactly as we wish at ALL times no matter what. And to start we need you to try on these..."

She handed me a bunch of very feminine clothing. A small skirt, a tight dress, some blouses, a garter belt some undies very 4" high heels and other assorted items as well as sheer seamed stockings. I went to speak out and upon feeling the stockings in my hands I suddenly could not speak.

"We KNEW you were a sissy!...Look, awww he likes stockings!" Fiona shrieked. "Put them on sweetie" Teresa encouraged."


"Hush now, come on try these, I think you’re going to look so cute."

"I ...can’t."

"You CAN and you WILL. OR you can pack up and move the hell out, how’s that hun?"

Fiona seemed very serious. I felt myself crying inside and felt intimidated and without thinking took the items with me and started to walk towards the bathroom.

"Where you going hun?, no, change right here. How else will we see how things fit?"

"Here?" Fiona nodded. Teresa said "Come on hurry, we wanna see you."

I set the things on the table and what happened next I cannot explain why or how. But as I reached for my clothing I felt this weird feeling like something was being TAKEN from me.

I stripped off my shirt and reached for my belt buckle and suddenly felt this wave of embarrassment come over me causing my fingers to stumble on my belt buckle. The girls stared intensely with short smiles on their bright faces and I would not be able to tell them just how humiliated I felt. I had not had sex with a woman in nearly a year, and had never been sexually confident, even wondering if my penis was a bit small but of course terrified to ask anyone. I undid my pants and stepped out of them taking my shoes and sneakers off as well.

"Wait!" Fiona cried out. "Let me!"...and she steps up out of her chair and walks to me keeping eye contact. For a moment, even a split second I felt like she admired me but I was too inexperienced to tell. That feeling quickly broke away in an instant as I felt her thumbs reach inside the waistband of my underwear and slowly and deliberately she pulled them down to my ankles and held my hand as I stepped out of them.

"Awww you look cute darling" Teresa’s voice was patronizing but kind.

"Let’s see what you got, come on, hands by your side and turn slowly." Fiona looked at Teresa as they examined me and in that moment I felt completely different from I had ever before.