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Her Model by submissive man - part 1

My wife and I are in our early 40s and have been living a femdom lifestyle for over 10 years. It started when she found my secret collection of pornography nearly all of which dealt with women dominating men. The images ranged from the mild to the quite extreme and her first reaction was one of shock. We talked about things for a while and as she is of a curious and understanding nature she slowly wanted to learn more about my previously secret "kink". One thing led to another and we began experimenting with things in our sex life. Within a year I was completely passive in the bedroom and she was clearly enjoying the new role and the relationship outside the bedroom also changed until she was clearly the dominant partner. Eventually we talked things through and formalised things by establishing a set of rules. One day she presented me with the rules formally drawn up and I happily signed. For the record here is a copy of those rules:

1. When together I must always use her full given name (Jocelyn) not the contractions most other people use.

2. If I am addressed as "slave" I must always call her Ma'am.

3. I must always and without exception obey her instructions.

4. I must treat all women with a special respect at all times.

5. I must be clean and fresh at all times. This includes shaving or waxing all bodily hair and using any scents and perfumes she designates.

6. I must wear an item of female clothing or jewellery of her choice at all times.

7. I must allow her to select all my clothes and allow her to choose how my hair is styled.

8. Only she may initiate sex and on no account am I allowed to climax without her permission.

9. If I am travelling without her, I must ask permission by phone to masturbate.

10. If I need to be punished for anything, I will accept my punishment and thank her afterwards.

These events happened about 5 years ago, so by then we were very well established in our roles. I very rarely needed punishing as I was so natural in my subservient role but when I did she had learned public humiliation was the best way. Of course there were times when I was physically punished: usually a spanking but these were only for very minor things like wearing the wrong tie to work. These events I am about to describe were for a major transgression. It was soon after we were connected to the Internet and one day she caught me surfing and looking at porn sites, what was worse I was masturbating without her permission. I was spanked at once but she made it clear there was to be more punishment for such bad transgression of one of our basic rules.

The next day she did not mention it at all and we got on with our lives as normal. The only thing she did differently was to give me 3 items of female attire to wear instead of the usual one. There was a pair of frilly French knickers as was usual for a work day, but she also had laid out what looked like a white shirt for me, but when I put it on I found it was made of silk and buttoned on the "wrong" side - it was one of her blouses. Luckily she is quite large, especially around the bust so it fitted me reasonably well although it was strange to button it up on the other side. Finally she had left out a pair of her earrings. I had had my ears pierced soon after she took control and often she would select a stud earring for me to wear to work, that day though she had chosen two very feminine looking ones where a pearl dangled from the ear. Luckily she had me wear my hair quite long, so when they were on and I was in my business suit they were not really visible. All day at the office I was very conscious of both the blouse and the earrings and hoped no one would notice. I got away with it all day but as we were leaving in the car park the wind caught my hair and right in front of me was my secretary Susan. She clear saw them and made a comment about liking them. All I could do was blush and mumbled a response before escaping in my car.

When I got home I told my wife all about it and she laughed. "It was only what you deserved" was her only comment. During the evening she said little and we retired to bed early – she was clearly in a very horny mood and the sex was spectacular. As always I had to service her orally until she was satisfied, but in addition she also had me chained to the bed for a long time as she teased my cock with various vibrators and I was soon begging for release, which she withheld. Eventually when I thought I could stand it no more and would just cum anyway she disappeared and returned wearing her favourite strap-on. It was one she had found when we visited a sex shop in Berlin on holiday and was not so much a strap-on as a tight fitting panty with a cock on the outside and a smaller dildo on the inside. She said the combination of the tight Lycra panties and the dildo made it very easy to control and passed just the right sensations back to her as she used it. I was made to remain on my back and to open my legs wide as she fucked me really quite hard. I am not sure I actually like being fucked but it does always make me feel especially submissive and close to her. She finally finished she held me close and kissed me as I felt her softly wiggling the "cock" inside me. She withdrew, kissed me sweetly on the lips then left the bedroom. She did not return all night and I was left to sleep alone chained to the bed sexually frustrated from lack of a climax.

In the morning she returned. She was completely naked and without speaking she proceeded to play with my cock until it was hard then climbed on top of me guiding me into her. I had learned by now to control myself but it was extremely hard not to cum after the unfulfilled session the night before. Eventually I felt her muscles contracting as she came. It was too much for me and I heard myself begging for release.

"Alright then, cum inside me right now!" she said.

I needed no more encouragement and felt my balls empty as I felt the wonderful feelings of contentment wash over me. I loved her so much, for allowing me this pleasure and for the privilege of coming inside her.

When I had finished coming she quickly moved off me and positioned herself over my mouth and I greedy swallowed my cum juices as they ran from her. I love to do that and I was further rewarded by her staying there for me clean up and pleasure with my tongue until she came again.

Finally when she was satisfied I was released from the cuffs and chains and was allowed to shower. When I returned she had laid out my clothes. There was only one female item: a very small lacy thong. It was very tight and uncomfortable but at least there was nothing else that would be visible outside. I assumed she must have finished punishing me for the other day.

Almost as I had that thought she spoke: "I've not forgotten about your transgression, and you are not even close to being punished enough. Last night was about ME, and my needs, so don't think you are let off yet. In fact yesterday I made some arrangements for your real punishment. In here you will find details. Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter slave!"

"Yes Ma'am" I automatically replied as she gestured at a bulky looking envelope.

With that she kissed me on the cheek and left for her work.

I looked at the envelope. On the outside there were some instructions:

"Inside you will find a number of envelopes, each labelled with a number. You should open this main envelope and then immediately open the one marked 1. Follow the instructions in that but do not open the next envelope until the time specified in the first message".

Trembling I opened the big envelope and three other smaller ones fell out, each labelled with a large number. I quickly opened number one. It read:

"At 16:00 today an appointment has been made at a beauty salon for you. I am fed up with the stubble left when you shave your body: the salon will completely wax all your bodily hair. While you are there, they will also varnish your nails. You should open Envelope 2, at 09:00 tomorrow (Saturday)". Inside the envelope was an appointment card that gave the address and further confirmed the time.

I was slightly nervous to say the least, both at the thought of the waxing, which sounded painful, and also from the expected embarrassment of having it done. It would take a little juggling of my diary to leave work early but I knew I had to do it.

The drive to work was made very comfortable by the very small tight thong I was wearing and my mind kept running over the appointment later in the day. Just the thought of being naked and helpless as I was waxed made me blush. I was still dwelling on this as I walked into the office and almost missed as Susan started talking to me

"Joss has called me about your appointment and I've cleared your diary. Your wife is so thoughtful isn't she? I think I ought to treat my husband to something like that."

There seemed to be a smirk in her voice but before I could really register what she had said she was gone. How much had Jocelyn told her? I blushed at the idea that my secretary might know what was going to happen to me.