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Hypnotized by Claudia Tyler-Mae

Feminization Hypnosis

Laura peered in through the half open door. It had opened almost as soon as she had knocked, but no one was visible in the dark entrance to the flat.

“Mike?” she called, standing on the threshold. “I came as soon as I got your message. What’s happened? You sounded strange? Are you hiding behind the door?”

There was a little unhappy sound from behind the door and a face appeared shyly from behind it.

“Mike?” Laura exclaimed.

The face nodded, and looking more embarrassed than ever, ushered her quickly into the flat.

Once she was in the hallway Laura turned to see what had happened to Mike.

He stood there, a bleached blonde cascade of hair surrounding his prettily made up and very feminine face. The hair curled casually over a tiny pink and white crop top that barely contained an enormous pair of breasts heaving with his nervous, quick breaths. A few tendrils of blonde reached as far as the tight and very short denim skirt he was wearing. Below it, smoothly hairless legs ended in pink heeled shoes.

Mike’s hands fluttered in embarrassment - hands that Laura couldn’t help notice had long pink nails. He looked panic stricken and confused, trying to hide himself and at the same time show her the dramatic transformation. He even had a large pair of hoop earrings swinging from his ears.

Laura stood there in shock, finally just repeating herself, “Mike!”

After a moment she shook herself, apparently realizing they were still standing in the hall. She ushered Mike into the front room to be able to find out what had happened. He walked ahead of her taking little, feminine steps, his bottom swinging provocatively and his hands still fluttering around him. From behind, there was not a single sign that this was actually a male.

“What happened? Did you do this? Is it.. permanent? I mean, who, what..” Laura trailed off.

For the first time, Mike opened his mouth. A high, girlish voice started and hesitated as he seemed to become aware of how he sounded, “A girl on net.. she made me.. trance.. hyp.. hyp..” he couldn't say the next word, stumbling over it in a little feminine squeak.

“Hypnosis?” Laura asked incredulously.

“Yeah, made me dress and be dumb girl.”

“Really? Someone on the internet did this? You’re kidding.”

Mike shook his head, sending spirals of blonde hair curling over his breasts.

“No, you’re not kidding, are you? How did they...? Are those real” Laura gestured at his chest.

“She.. We chat on net.. she said she could hyp...hyp...”

“Hypnotize you? Really? Well I’ll be...”

“We chatted a few times...friends..”

Mike looked almost tearful, unconsciously flicking back some hair in a feminine gesture, “then she say she change me.. I try to stop, but she say “too late.”

“But I saw you only a couple of days ago”

“She said I was cond...cond...” the little girls voice trembled as she tried to say the word.

“Cond?” Laura tried to guess, “Conditioned?”

“Yes, when she sent box with clothes. I had to wear them, can’t stop...act like dumb bimbo.”

Amazed, all Laura could say was, “bimbo?”

As soon as the word left her lips Mike leapt to his feel and struck a sexy pose, playing with his hair with one hand whilst the other lovingly followed the curve of his large breasts.

“I love to be a pretty bimbo, I’m pretty stupid but that’s OK, cos all I need is my sexy breasts and hair and to act like the slutty little tart I am.” he announced in a confident, playful and still feminine voice.

“What!” Laura goggled at him.

With some difficulty it seemed, Mike stopped stroking his curves and sat down again, “some words make me do things..” his high and helpless voice explained.

“Some words?” Laura stifled a shocked giggle, “You mean when I said bimbo?”

“I love to be a pretty bimbo, I’m pretty stupid but that’s OK, cos all I need is my sexy breasts and hair and to act like the slutty little tart I am.” it seemed to take longer for Mike to stop pouting prettily the second time.

“Please, don’t say that,” he begged once he could sit down again.

“” Laura stared at him, “and those breasts?” she asked.

His hands involuntarily started to stroke his breasts, “They came in box...not real, but I feel...”

A little moan escaped his lips as one hand found a pert nipple.

“They look really real don’t they?”

Laura stared at the girl before her. The hand gently stroked around the curve of the breast and as the long, pink tipped fingers found the nipple again, her shiny pink mouth parted into a little “O” of arousal.

“Can’t stop..” the girl gasped, squirming and stroking herself, pouting and tossing her hair, “ said...”

“Breasts? Oh.. sorry...didn't mean to” Laura trailed off as the girl needed her breasts and moaned in ecstasy.

As Laura stared at her, the girl writhed and moaned little noises of arousal. As though putting on a show, she stroked her breasts, and flicked her hair.

“MMmmm...I feel so slutty” she announced in a feminine sigh, staring sexily into Laura’s wide eyes.

Suddenly, as her hand once more found her nipple, the girl’s eyes widened as well, “oh...! I'm going to...” and her breasts bounced in the tight top as she noisily came. The orgasm shook through her body and she squeaked a few last girlish moans before falling back into the chair.

From under the pile of long blonde curls that had fallen over the girl’s face, Mike’s voice emerged, “Oh, shit!”

“Mike?”, Laura asked quietly, eyes still wide from the display she had seen.

“Yes, it stops once I’ve had an orgasm. I can...” shakily he sat up again, “that was so embarrassing. I hoped you could help me stop before I did anything.” Mike trailed off again, his face glowing red under his perfectly applied makeup.

“It was embarrassing, yes.” Laura replied, “Is it over?”

“I think so.” his knees that had been pertly held together sagged apart a little into a more masculine pose, “There are a few trigger phrases, but I think I’m OK. I’ll not go near the net for a while I think.”

“Trigger phrases? You mean like “slutty girls just love to shop?” Laura asked.

Instantly, Mike’s sagging frame snapped back into pert feminine grace. He stood up and tugged his hair expertly back into pretty cascades. Jumping up and down in girlish excitement, he squealed, “ooohh.. I want some sexy dresses! Please can I buy tarty clothes to wear!”

Laura smiled wickedly at him, “Of course darling, of course you can.”

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