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John’s Tale by Claudia Tyler-Mae


The dark haired woman stared intently at John as he sat at the bar. He’d accepted the drink she’d had sent over to him. He had even blushed a little as the waiter pointed her out. She liked that, and the way he had not known what to do after mouthing his thanks to her. He’d returned to the staring into space after that, clearly rather tired after the long conference. Before long he was looking a little confused, shaking his head and trying not to fall asleep where he sat. Of course, the drugs in his drink would make that impossible. Noting the time, she stood up and smiling slightly. Just as John slumped over the bar she reached him and as he made one last feeble attempt to move she whispered into his ear.

“Night night darling.”

John’s Tale

It felt like waking up with the worst ever hangover. My mouth was dry and my head was pounding. The lights were way too bright even through my closed eyelids, and I felt thoroughly disoriented. I seemed to be sort of half lying down, half sitting, like being in one of those dentist chairs. Someone else was in the room with me - they had said something as I was coming to. I tried to lift my arms but felt too weak. With great effort I managed to blink my eyes open and looked straight into the eyes of the woman who'd bought me that drink last night.

“Hello sleepyhead”, she smiled, “how are you feeling?”

My throat was too dry and all I could do was make a sort of strangled squeak.

“Don’t say anything, you’ll probably be rather uncomfortable for a while”, she suggested, “and you might find things have changed a little. I would have liked to have kept you awake, but the surgery needs a general anasthetic and...”

She trailed off as I reacted to her strange comment, struggling to sit up and see what had happened. Had I been in an accident? What surgery? Was I ok?

She seemed to expect my response. “Sit still and drink this,” a drink was suddenly at my dry lips and I fell still and gratefully sipped at it, “and I’ll explain. But first,” she paused and looked down over my prone body with a slight smile, “let's see how well things have gone. Get hard for me Candy.”

As the words left her lips, something seemed to surge through me and despite the pain in my head and my aching limbs I could feel the rush of arousal in my crotch. The intense impact of desire shocked me from the sip of drink I was taking and I found myself gasping at the sensations filling my body. My mouth hung open and I could feel the liquid dribbling down my chin. In my weakened state I could barely lift my head to see, but without doing so I could feel the rock hard erection between my legs.

“Very good!,” she exclaimed, “That’s right you can’t move a muscle. You feel so weak and yet,” her hand rested casually on my erection, “parts of you jump to command. Strange isn’t it?”

“Now, don’t you worry darling, I’ll explain it all. You’ve been out cold for some time now - nearly a month. I know, that’s shocking isn’t it? But don’t worry, you haven’t been wasting your time. For a start, you’ve been listening to some very interesting little recordings. They have changed your outlook a tiny bit - just enough to make what happens next so much more exciting.”

The woman slowly ran her hand up and down my cock, sending spasms though my helpless body, “I’m afraid you’ll find that you are really rather obedient now, at least to me and other women. You’ll find out the rest in good time, but I think it’s time you should find out what else has been going on while you’ve been sleeping.”

“Sit up now Candy, and let’s see if you can work out what’s wrong with this picture?”

Unable to resist, I found my body regain its strength and start to move completely of its own accord. Like a train on rails I obediently sat up and swung my legs round, seeing the bed that I was lying in for the first time. And then...

“Gosh you do catch on quickly!,” the woman laughed as I mutely sat there in total shock, “Perhaps you understand now why I keep referring to you as Candy. It seems such a perfect name for someone with such big breasts!”

“In case you’re wondering, they’re E-cup - for now at least. We also took the opportunity of removing a couple of ribs and fixing a couple of other minor cosmetic details. You’ll find out about them in good time, but I’m sure you can see now why the general anasthetic was necessary? You can speak now, but please, no shouting.”

At her words, my throat seemed to warm, and I could move my lips again, “Why...” I got no further, shocked back into silence by the sound of my voice. The squeaky, little girl lost sound of my voice.

“Oh, yes,” the woman smiled broadly, “that’s one of the other changes. Do you like your new voice? It’ll settle down a little I’m sure, but you get the idea. As to why I’m doing this? Well, darling, because you were there. No real reason other than the desire to take someone and reduce them to...”

She trailed off, a far away look in her eyes. After a moment, she shook herself out of her reverie, “But you don’t want to bother yourself with all that. Let’s get you up and about and see what happens next shall we?”

“Now get off the bed and step into these shoes. I’m afraid we have re-set your tendons so you’ll find walking in anything less than five inch heels is rather uncomfortable. Apart from that you can wear whatever you choose, so why don’t you get out of that gown and get into some proper clothes. There are jeans and shirts in the cupboard there. I’ll be back in a moment.”

I stood teetering on the skyscraper mules, my breasts jutting out in front of me, my cock still pointing skywards and in a total daze of humiliation as the woman turned away and left the room. Once she had gone, my mind seemed to clear a little and control returned to my body. Bending down, aware of the discomfort in my heavy chest as I did so, I began to take one of the ridiculous shoes off. As I did I realised that I no longer had any sign of body hair.

I had to escape this madness! But as I rested my foot on the floor the tension in the back of my calves seemed enormous, as though I was leaning up a steep slope. I couldn’t even bring my heel down flat. She really had done something with my feet! The discomfort was too much so it seemed the easiest option to slip my foot back into the shoe. I’d do something about that when I got out of there.

For a moment, I dreaded taking my first step in this impossible footwear. But I had to move, to force myself onwards, and to escape as soon as I could. Suprisingly the step I took was easy, my feet naturally pointing into the high arch of the shoe. In fact it seemed natural to walk to the wardrobe in five inch heels. More frightening, it seemed natural to swing my hips as I walked. What had they done to me? I had to find a way out!

In the wardrobe there were indeed a pair of jeans and a shirt hanging up. But it was hard to ignore the other items placed next to them. Alongside the shirt hung a short, shiny pink dress in some strange material. Next to that was another ultra feminine black dress in satin with lace frills. On a little shelf there were my underwear, neatly folded and laid out ready to take. But sitting right beside the pile was a soft, lacey mound of delicate fabric - clearly lingerie every bit as feminine as the dresses hanging up. I knew they’d make me wear that at the first opportunity. I just had to make sure I wasn’t there when the woman came back.

Spurred on by the discovery, I reached for my underwear. Or at least I meant to. But my disobedient hands went to the lacey pile next to it and expertly pulled out a pair of hold up stockings. Without hesitating, I lifted one foot out of its shoe, and pulled the white stocking into place. I wanted to scream as I did so, but just as before I seemed to be on rails and unable to stop myself. The other stocking went on just as quickly.

The lingerie also included a delicate white lace thong which I pulled into place over my still hard erection. Briefly I found myself examining the dresses, before returning to the pile of lingerie. It turned out to include a short, almost transparent baby doll nightie, trimmed with outrageously feminine pink feathers. The bust included a lacey bra and pink ribbons hung from the sides. Without hesitating, I pulled the humiliating girlish nightie on and reached behind to do up the bra clasp. My fingers could hardly reach the clasp though and despite every attempt to stop, I found myself dumbly scrabbling at my back.

“Here, let me.” I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of the woman’s voice. I hadn’t noticed her re-enter the room. She gently pushed my hands down and did up the bra clasp for me. As soon as it was in place, I automatically found myself adjusting the bra so my breasts were held in place showing a deep, womanly cleavage framed by the pink feather trim.

“Of course, I should also have mentioned that you might have a bit of a problem making choices like that. If you’re ever given the opportunity to make yourself look more of a bimbo, you’ll take that choice. For instance, would you like to leave now, or put on this bright pink lipstick?”

I looked at the door, then at the lipstick case she held before me.

“Please may I put on the bright pink lipstick?” I could hardly seem to get the words out fast enough before taking the case from her and using the mirror it contained to apply the wildly coloured lipstick.

“So let me see, have we covered the basics?” the woman smiled at me as I carefully pouted and applied another coat. “You’re standing there in five inch heels, a rather slutty baby doll nightie, thong and stockings. I see you’ve just noticed the hoop earrings, your breasts must be distracting you.” I stared dumbly in the lipstick mirror at the reflection of the large shiny hoop of metal pierced through my ear.

“Yes, those earrings are welded in place, and are just as much a part of you as your beautiful enormous boobs. You’re also deeply obedient, and will take every chance you can to humiliate yourself. Candy, you are going to have a really wild ride.”

“Now that you’ve got as dressed as you can, and are very much awake, we can do all the other things that will complete your transformation. You are going to be deeply aware of every embarassing thing we do to turn you into a cheap, slutty little bimbo. In fact, by the end of it you will be begging for each delicious little humiliation. Won’t you Candy?”

Without hesitation, I found myself squeaking in my girlish voice, “Yes Mistress”.

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