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Kiss Me by Sweat Shop Sissy

You need to follow my instructions exactly. You will only touch me with and where and when and how I tell you. A kiss will be just that; a kiss. Not a lick, not a bite. You will be permitted to orgasm during my orgasm only. If I am unable to come or you are unable to synchronize your orgasm with mine, tough shit. Do you understand?

Good. Let’s begin.

Kiss the arch of my left foot.

Kiss my right shin.

Kiss my right hip.

Kiss my left calf.

Kiss the outside of my right thigh.

Kiss my navel.

Kiss it again, but this time use your tongue.

Kiss the underside of my left breast.

Kiss my right nipple. Now gently suck it into your mouth. No teeth.

Kiss the left side of my neck.

Kiss the very centre of my right arm-pit.

Kiss the side of that breast.

Kiss the lower-most rib on my right side.

Kiss my right hip.

Kiss my right thigh.

Kiss behind my right knee. Now lick there.

Kiss my right ankle.

Kiss the big toe on my right foot. Again. Lick it from the base to the tip. Suck it like a short thick cock.

Kiss behind my left knee.

Kiss the inner thigh of my left leg. Higher. Higher. Can you smell my sex?

Kiss my belly.

Kiss in between my breasts. Lick me there.

Kiss the scar on my left breast.

Kiss my left nipple. Suck it gently. No teeth.

Kiss the centre of my forehead.

Kiss the tip of my nose.

Kiss my chin.

Kiss the centre of my collar bone.

Kiss in a straight line down to the top of my pussy lips. Slowly. Slower. Keep the kisses close together. Closer.

Kiss along one side of my outer lips down to the bottom and back up the other side.

Spread me apart and kiss the left side of my clit. Now the right side of my clit.

Slowly trace three circles around my clit with your tongue. Slower.

Suck it into your mouth. Now hum…Hum… The Alphabet Song

French kiss my cunt. Neck with it. Give it lots of tongue.

Kiss my perineum.

Kiss my asshole. Again. Slip it the tongue. More. Push your tongue into my ass as deep as you can get it.

Kneel in front of me and rub the shaft of your cock against my clit.

Hand me the bullet and the glass dildo.

Place the tip of your cock at the entrance to my pussy. Now very, very slowly push into me. No back and forth action. Just a slow steady push forward. Slower. Watch my cunt swallow you.

Stay like that. Fully engulfed. Don’t move while I put the bullet beside my clit. Can you feel the vibrations on your cock?

I can feel you getting thicker. Pull out slowly. Slower. Does your cock ache? Remember, you’re not allowed to come yet.

Put a pillow under my hips and lick the glass dildo.

Watch as I fuck myself with it? Does it make you excited to see me gets fucked with a different cock?

Put some lube on your finger and put it in my ass. Now a second finger.

Stroke his cock through the lining with your fingers. Can you feel his hardness? The ridges along his shaft?

Lube up your cock. I want to watch you fuck your hand.

Do you want to slide your cock against his?

Enter my ass the same way you entered my cunt; slow and steady. Slower.

Do you like  feeling him rub against you? Do you like seeing me like this; cunt and ass stuffed full of cock?

Start fucking my ass now. Pull almost all the way out, then slam it hard deep inside.

Do you like me being a slut? I need two cocks at the same time. Call me your dirty fucking slut! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!

Oh Baby, I’m right there. Oh Jeezusfuckingchrist I can feel you getting bigger! That’s it Baby,  he’s coming in my cunt. Fill my ass with your cum! OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS.

Kiss me…right here…on the lips

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