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Lost Bet-Part 2 By Pippa

“This can't be happening” Cried Pippa. “I really look like a woman. What will I do about work tomorrow? My eyebrows, my hair. Good God, even my toenails!”

Lisa slapped her bum hard, a sharp crack sounding as she did. “Ouch!” Cried out Pippa, as she struggled to keep balance on those heels.

“You will only speak if you are spoken to, do you understand that Pippa?” Ordered Lisa dominantly.

“Yes, and you will obey our commands without hesitation, or face the consequences!” I barked at him loudly, only inches from his face.

“Yes, yes, anything you say.”

I slapped his face, hard on his left cheek, marking my palm print there and leaving it burning.

“Yes Mistress. You will address us both in that manner unless and until we say otherwise.” I continued, almost at a yell. “Do you understand? Moreover, stand up straight, chest out in front of you. Be proud of your new titties. Oh, and make your hips sway when you walk!”

Phil started to protest but wearing the corset made moving quickly impossible and soon he/she was bent over Lisa's lap. I went and fetched my leather belt and, with no mercy, I strapped 'Pippa's' Bum until she was crying like a baby.

“Stop, please, stop” Cried Pippa. “I'll do as you say. Please just stop hurting me! Please, I beg of you…” She continued, sobbing.

“Very well, but you must realise that this was your own doing! You WILL obey us to the letter. Do you understand?” I replied sternly.

“Yes Mistress, as you wish, so shall it be done.” She replied meekly.

I couldn't believe it; in just a few short hours, we'd broken Phil and, created Pippa. I was stunned and yet, very excited and getting more aroused every minute. A feeling of power began to surge through me and, I liked it! Lisa saw the state I was getting into and came over to hug me. Pippa was told to top up our drinks. While she was in the kitchen, Lisa began to rub my nipples gently through my bra. It felt like a million volts and I responded by kissing her full on the lips.

“Let’s make it uncomfortable for our new home-help, shall we?” Lisa whispered in my ear. “Pippa, stand very still right in the middle of the room and, watch as I bring your wife off on my face!”

Lisa went and opened all the curtains and the windows, leaving Pippa clearly visible from the road, should anyone look in as they passed. Then she turned her attentions to me, stripping me naked and laying me on the couch, which hid us from the windows.

She was an expert with her tongue and, soon had me writhing in ecstasy. I was moaning loudly, which would attract stares from the street. Pippa looked nervous and fidgety but remained rooted to the spot, transfixed by what was happening to me. At that moment, a parcel delivery van pulled up and the driver smiled as he saw Pippa standing there. He came to the door and rang the bell.

“Answer that Pippa!” I moaned, Lisa's tongue still deep inside my pussy.

“I can't go like this,” Pippa exclaimed in fear, “He'll know I'm a man in drag!”

Lisa jumped up and smacked the other cheek, reddening it visibly.

“Go.” Was all she said: broking no argument?

Not wanting a repetition of her punishment, Pippa obeyed and went to answer the door. The courier looked surprised at the sight that greeted him and, smiled at Pippa in a knowing way.

“Parcel for Helen.” Was all the guy said.

“Invite the gentleman in.” Lisa shouted from the lounge. “Helen will have to sign and, I have some other questions for him!”

Pippa blushed as she showed him in.

“The courier Ma'am.” Was all she said, as they entered the room.

He was a fine specimen of the adult male specimen, about 20 years old and a well toned muscular body. Lisa and I both smiled at him. I signed for the parcel then said…

“What do you think of our maid, Pippa?”

He grinned broadly and said that he thought she was very sexy.

“Good,” I replied, “She is very subservient, you know? How would you like it if I instructed her to do something for you? …As a tip, you understand?”

He was a little nervous, but agreed readily.

“Pippa, get on your knees in front of the young man. Do it now!” I was surprised that Pippa didn't object, immediately obeying my orders. “Undo his fly and get his lovely manhood out. You are to suck it until he comes in your mouth and, then you must swallow it all. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss” She replied already holding his growing dick in his hands.

Pippa had tears in her eyes as she began to lick the young stud's rapidly hardening pole. I watched fascinated as she began to swallow his now rampant member; her head bobbing up and down, like a piston head. Lisa and I began kissing, deeply turned on by the turn of events, our hands roaming freely over each other's bodies. The lad looked as if he was nearing his limit as he grabbed Pippa's head in both hands and, started pumping his rod deep into her throat. Nearly gagging, Pippa redoubled her efforts as he gushed wads of cum into her mouth. She tried valiantly to drink it all down but, try as she might trickles of it gushed out over her lips and onto her stockings below. As soon as he'd finished, the lad got nervous and muttering something about his job, he quickly dressed and flew out of the house.

“You didn't drink it all Pippa! Look at those stains on your legs. You know that we have to punish you now, don't you?” I said coldly.

Lisa looked at me and winked wickedly.

“Tidy yourself up Pippa. We're going to drive to a friend's house near here. They're a nice couple, they enjoy little surprises and, they're swingers, very open-minded people. This'll tickle them pink!” She looked at me for approval and, I just was carried away with it all.

Pippa was horrified and started to protest when; Lisa grabbed her and put her over her lap in one swift motion.

“Spank her Helen and, make sure she remembers it. Do it hard and fast.”

I complied without thinking, slapping her arse with all my might. I gave her twelve before stopping and, by then she was crying openly.

“Make sure you redo your make-up Pippa. I want you looking your best for my friends. I'm going to lend you to them for a couple of hours, while your lovely wife and I make love to each other and watch what happens.” Lisa slapped my bottom playfully and kissed my full on the lips.

I smiled broadly, as Pippa tottered off to redo her make-up and tidy her clothing. Lisa and I dressed in only our short dresses, leaving off all of underwear but, keeping the heels and called a cab to come and pick us up. We made Pippa sit next to the driver and, as we drove away, we began stroking each other openly. The driver kept staring at Pippa's legs and her exposed stocking tops. We decided to play a little so, I said: “Driver, if Lisa and I put on a little show for you and, Pippa sucks you lovingly, do we get the fare for free?”

“You betcha girls! Just let me pull over for a while, eh?” He said excitedly.

Lisa and I pulled off our dresses and went at each other like hammer and tongs, licking each other all over and, kissing each other's sensitive bits. Pippa was obviously nervous of being asked to strip too so, her head went straight to the drivers lap for the second blowjob in less than an hour! I felt a real bitch, using him like this but I was also beginning to enjoy the feeling of power that we both had over him like this. I didn't doubt for a second that he'd comply fully with whatever we said, you see it was a matter of honour with him and, he always paid up, without fail. Not to do so would be too much for him to bear, his honour was sacrosanct to him, which meant that tonight, I could push it as far as I liked!

The driver leant over his seat to watch, while holding the back of Pippa's head, as he rhythmically pumped his huge dick into her mouth. Lisa and I spun around as we 69'ed each other’s sopping pussy lips, stopping occasionally to nibble each other's throbbing little love buds. We couldn't see Pippa's head anymore as our faces were full of each other's sticky gashes but, we could hear the slurping and slopping of her working away at his cock and, the occasional gagging sound as the driver rammed it home into her throat. Before either of us could cum, the driver let out a deep moan and jerked his lower body, pumping his seed deep into Pippa's semi-willing mouth. Try as she might, she still couldn't swallow it in its entirety, letting little trickles fall out of the side of her mouth, slipping over her glossy red lips and finally dripping off her chin and onto the apron of her maid's outfit, leaving little tell tale marks there and, making it obvious what she'd been up to.

“Thanks girls,” the driver said, obviously chuffed with what had happened, “it's only another couple of minutes till we get to your destination now so, you better get yourselves together.” He laughed quietly to himself as he drove us away, watching as we scrambled back into our clothes.

As we pulled up in front of Lisa's friend's house, he leant over and kissed Pippa full on the mouth, slapping her thigh as she rushed to get out of the cab.

“I finish at 10 PM tonight, my call sign is 64, ask for me if you like and we'll do the same on the way back!” He grinned as he pulled away and gave us all a little wave.

It was time to go to stage two of this lovely situation that we'd unknowingly pulled off over 'Phil/Pippa'.

“Now Pippa, you must be on your best behaviour for us while we are here. I don't want you to do anything to embarrass us while we're visiting Lisa's friends. If you do, we will have no option but to embarrass you too so, beware that if you don't do exactly as you are told, you will be made to walk home!” I said gleaming.

My now feminised husband looked shocked at what I'd just told him. The only way home from here took him straight through the centre of town and, the only way around it would take him through the roughest estate in the county!

“Yes Mistress, I will obey your every command… I am your servant Miss, I am your slave.” Pippa looked abashed by what had just come out of her mouth, almost unbelieving of how things had turned out and, of how cruel I was being.

“Not only will you obey Lisa and I Pippa but you will do exactly as you are told by anyone within the walls of this building. Do you understand that?”

I winked at Lisa who nodded back at me, pleased that I was getting so involved in the whole scenario. Looking straight into my eyes, she said:

“Helen, I've seen a different you today, one that I like very much and one that I'd like to see more often. Do you think that we might do this again from time to time?”

Pippa's face looked ashen as I replied:

“I must admit that this has really excited me, turning the tables on Phil's arrogant male ego and, having total control over him/her is something that I'm loathe to give up easily. We'll talk later, after we get home. Let's see how Pippa gets on with your friends, okay?”

We hugged lovingly, brushing our lips together sensually and ordered Pippa to straighten her dress and her stockings before making her ring the doorbell.