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Oblivious by Claudia Tyler-Mae

John woke up with a slight headache as he usually did after Nina had been trying her hypnosis on him. It never seemed to do much (she said she was building up her skills), but she seemed to enjoy doing it, and it had been a good way to diffuse the argument they’d had. He frowned at the thought of her being so pissed off with him. Usually she’d find some way to get her own back - he just hoped she wouldn’t do anything too embarrassing.

He slipped out of bed and started to run the bath, putting in some scented oils. For some reason he seemed to have woken ridiculously early for work, so it seemed a nice idea to take his time getting ready. Nina would be there when he got to the office and she’d appreciate him smelling clean. As the bath ran, he stood in front of the mirror and idly plucked his eyebrows until they were thin, high arches.

Getting in the bath he hoped Nina would be in a better mood today. He’d not done anything wrong last night, but she had been so irritable. He knew that if she remained tense like that she tended to snap and take it out on someone - usually him. Thankfully she’d seemed to have calmed down by the time she’d left, so the chances her doing something cruel were slim. As he lay in the bath he carefully shaved his body until only his pubic hair remained below his neck. Finally, he trimmed that hair into a neat heart shape before getting out of the bath.

Once dry, he applied a tube of neon pink hair dye to his now heart shaped public hair. Whilst he waited for the dye to take he carefully shaved his face, moisturized and then applied the long false nails Nina had left him to his finger tips. Painting each nail candy pink, he considered that though she had a rather wicked streak, she was a wonderful person and of course very sexy. Maybe even a little kinky. Perhaps he should tell her about wearing her panties the other day - she’d probably be cool about it. After all she’d suggested far stranger things, though usually whilst drunk.

He washed off the remains of the dye from his public hair, pleased that it matched his nails so well. Once he had toweled himself dry, he applied moisturizer over his body, then a little of her deodorant. Padding back into the bedroom, he searched through the drawers until he found a nice silk thong with pretty ribbon ties and carefully put it on before finding the matching bra. The creamy white silk and delicate lace edging looked perfect - he should go out to the shops during his lunch break and buy some more lingerie like this. He vaguely wondered if he had time to try on some of Nina’s panties again, but decided that today he was just going to get dressed for work. Maybe Nina would be into him trying on some girls things if he asked her?

Back in the bathroom he laid out the makeup set that he found in the cabinet. Foundation, a little bit of concealer, blush, lots of eye shadow, smokey dark colors around his eyes. Carefully brushing on mascara he thought that maybe he shouldn’t tell Nina about that kink until she was in a good mood - he grinned at the thought of her reaction otherwise, she’d probably throw a fit. Finally he pouted delicately and smoothed on glossy, candy pink lipstick until his lips were shiny wet and immaculately colored.

He padded back to the bedroom, deciding that he would dress as smartly as he could so that Nina couldn’t pick fault when he saw her. Something businesslike for the office, he thought as he picked out a tight white crop top with “Slut” emblazoned across the front. Pulling it on, he stared absently into the mirror thinking that something was wrong.

Then it came to him and he opened one of Nina’s drawers. In it were placed two large, soft breast forms - he couldn’t remember why Nina had bought them, but it seemed to make sense that they were there. Carefully he squeezed them under his top and into the bra, adjusting them until his cleavage looked full and natural. To go with the top, he found a tiny pleated pink tartan skirt. He admired the outfit in the mirror, noting with some satisfaction that the skirt flashed little glimpses of his panty-clad ass from behind.

Worried that he might not make the right impression, he pulled on a pair of above the knee white socks. Finally happy that he looked every bit the professional businessman, he arched his toes into the hot pink stripper shoes that Nina had so kindly left out.

Maybe, he thought, if he could impress Nina at work in the morning, and perhaps take her for a quiet lunch, she would relax a little. She seemed to have something on her mind recently, and it had made it a little difficult to chat about things. He had really wanted to mention trying on her panties - it was normally the sort of thing she'd find hilarious and might lead to some fun later.

Still, a good day at work should put her in a better mood. Maybe if he let her have another go at that hypnosis thing as well - though it never seemed to really do much. He carefully bent over so his skirt rode up and, tongue poking out with concentration, wrote SLUT across his ass cheeks with his lipstick, taking care to write backwards in the mirror so it would read correctly to anyone who saw it.

The neon pink wig sitting on the wig stand by the bed seemed strangely unfamiliar until he took it and shook it out, then flipped expertly it over his head. The girlishly square bangs and two big pink pigtails framed his face neatly. It was hard not to smile - he looked so much the executive in charge, he thought as he compulsively touched up his makeup. At last he finished the look off with a necklace, ankle chain and set of big chunky plastic bangles.

He fished out his phone from the tiny pink handbag in the hallway and took a cheeky self-portrait, being careful to show off his perfect makeup and tiny top straining to hold his fabulous boobs. He sent the picture with the message “Hope you approve, Mistress” to Nina’s phone. It seemed odd to use such business talk with her, but he felt sure she'd like the effort he’d gone to.

One last check in the hall mirror (and another few minutes of touching up that makeup) and he stepped out on his way to work. He had almost got to the end of the drive before he remembered to teeter back in his clicking heels and posted his keys through the front door. There, he wouldn’t be able to get back in without the spare set that Nina had.

He’d just got to the end of the drive (again) when his phone rang.

“Hi there,” he sang, surprised at how high his voice sounded.

“Hi honey,” Nina responded, laughter in her voice, “I got your picture, where are you?”

“Just walking into work”

“Good. Now John, when I say “Wake up” you’ll realize exactly how you’re dressed.”

“What do you mean, of course I know how I’m..,” he started

“Wake up, John,” Nina interrupted.

“...oh fuck.”

“See you in work, darling, enjoy the walk!”

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