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Summary: A repairman is left alone, and is soon discovered prancing around in my lingerie. The punishment must fit the crime. A very tight fit. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Write that down.

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Time to get dressed, hmmm, what should I wear today? Let’s start out with a pair of red silk panties, my red silk bra, and a pair of sheer black stockings along with my black silk garter belt. And to top it off I’ll wear my black stilettos.

Mmmmm, I love the way my lingerie feels against my smooth skin. To finish it off, I think I’ll slip into my little black silk dress. Oh, theres the door bell.

Hello, you must be the furnace repair man, am I glad to see you. I'll show you to the furnace room.

Well, here it is. I have to leave for work, if you don’t mind just let yourself out when you’re finished and lock the door behind you, OK?

Great, you have a great day as well.

(Phone call)

Hello, oh, hey Jen. No, I don’t, they’re at home, do we need them for our meeting? OK, I’ll head back to the house and grab them. I might be a little late, I was half way to the office already. OK, I’ll see you then.


Hmmm, I didn’t think I locked the door behind me when I left. While I’m here, I’ll check to see how the repair man is making out.

What the Hell?

Stand up!

I don’t want to hear it. I said I don’t want to hear it!

That’s it. I’ll use these black silk panties to shut you up. Don’t you dare spit them out.

Now turn around. I’m gonna tie your wrist together behind your back with these silky stockings. There, now turn and face me. If you know what’s good for you, you will do as I say.

Look at you, all dressed up in my best lingerie. You little slut! Hmmmmm, don’t squirm. Stand still. I will tell you now, do not fight me. If you do as I say, I might just let you out of here and not press any charges. Ok?

Very good. Now, let’s see what you’ve been up to. You’re wearing my stiletto heels, stockings, silk panties, half silk slip and my silk cami. And what the hell is this sticking straight out? Oh-You’re such a little whore!

I’m gonna take another stocking and tie up your cock and balls-there. Now I have a little leash to guide you around, come. Let me lead you to another room.........

OK, stand right here, in front of my bed. I better make sure you don’t try to escape. Spread your legs. I’m gonna tie each ankle to each leg of my bed with yet some more stockings, there.

Try to move your legs. Very good. Hmmmm, I’m thinking I should blindfold you as well. You know, to keep you guessing. Let's use my full length silk nightgown. This will encase your entire head.

Perfect. Feeling a little vulnerable my little sissy slut? Oh, you have no idea-this party is only getting started. I have a little present for you my little slut. Let’s tape it to that little cock of yours.

There, perfect. Now, the way I look at it, you've probably wasted over an hour. No, let’s say two hours of my time. Actually, let’s break it down into minutes. That would come out to 120 minutes. That’s right.

How does the vibrator feel against that cock? Ooooh, yes, I can tell your gonna cum soon closer.....closer......Oooooops, I turned it off, and you were just about to cum.

Well get use to it, we’re going to do this, let’s see-119 more times. One orgasm denial for every minute of my time wasted. Oooops, there’s the phone-don’t go anywhere slut.

Hello, oh, hey Jen. I know, sorry, I got a little preoccupied. Well, instead of me explaining it to you, do you think you could take a sick day and come over, so I can show you? Perfect. I’ll see you soon. Oh, and one more thing. Do you think you could stop by your place and pick up our toys? No, they’re not for us, you’ll see why I want them when you get here. Ok? Hurry, bye.

Guess what my little slut? Oh, where are my manners. Let’s start with minute wasted number two. No squirming. Stand still. Mmmmmm, yes, closer, closer, Oooops, it stopped again. And this is only the beginning.

Anyhow, that was my best friend Jen. She’s on her way here to help teach you a lesson in what it feels like to be a real slut. Let’s go for minute wasted number three. Ready? You want to cum so bad? Well guess what?

Closer, closer, not for many, many more minutes. Mmmmmm that cock is so hard, and feels so good through those silk panties. Oh my, you’re still throbbing. I think it’s time to put you in another position. I’m gonna untie you. Now, I want you up on the bed on your hands and knees. Quickly. Let’s go. Ahhhh, perfect. Now how vulnerable do you feel my little sissy slut?

Tied up in a doggy style position with your arms hoisted above you and your legs spread far apart.


I simply love this bed. Oh, how do the satin sheets feel against your nylon clad legs? Let’s begin with wasted minute number four. Mmmmmm, yeah, that’s it. Uh huh.

Closer, closer, Ohhhhh, so close-but yet so far away. Hey. There’s the door bell.

Come on in Jen, I’m in the bedroom. So, what do you think? I found this slut wearing my lingerie when I came back for the documents, and, here we are. I know, he has no idea what he's in store for. Did you bring all the toys? And the camcorder? Perfect. I’ll tell you what, you start setting things up in his ass,and I’ll start on his mouth. Yes, set it up so it starts out positioned as far up his ass as possible. Ooops, I mean his pussy.

Ok slut, I need to remove the panties from your mouth-no biting. I’m still going to keep you blindfolded however. Open up whore. There, perfect. Let me explain to you what we have done to you.

These are called fucking machines. One positioned in your “Pussy” and the other in your mouth. Let me explain how this will work. Well, how about Jen and I just show you. Let’s start on wasted minute number four, or is it five? Let’s say four.

Mmmmmm, yeah, that’s it slut. Mmmmmm, that feels so good. Closer, closer, closer, and stop. Jen, hit it. That’s right whore.

Every time you have to cum, and I shut off the vibrator, Jen will turn on the fucking machines. How does that feel whore? Being fucked in your ass and mouth simultaneously? Take it whore. Take it like the slut you are. Seeming on how everything works with remotes, how about us getting more comfortable Jen? Of course, you can undress me first.

Mmmm, I love the way you undress me with those soft hands of yours. Yes, let’s leave our lingerie on, just remove my dress. My turn. Hey slut, having fun over there? It’s a shame you can’t see. I just removed Jens dress. Wanna know what she’s wearing? Oh, sorry, I see you’re a little busy. Well, I’ll tell you anyhow. Actually, I’ll describe it to you while we do wasted minute number six.

Jen, please shut off the machines. Ahhhh, yes, back to the vibrator. Don’t cum whore. Not until I tell you what Jen is wearing.

She’s wearing a cherry red satin corset with matching panties. And attached to her garters are the silkiest, nude color stockings you would ever want to feel. Mmmmmmm, they feel so-so good. Uh oh, our whore is about to burst.


That was close. Ok Jen, flip that remote to on. Kiss me Jen, mmmmmm. Hang on Jen, before we go any further, let's take off our little whores blindfold so he can watch. There you go slut, now you can see us.

Why the startled look whore? Oh silly me. Your mouth is a little full. What’s that Jen? You know why he looks this way? An old boyfriend of yours? Talk about a small world. Who broke it off, you or him?

Slut. Is this true? Did you take advantage of my best friend Jen while she was drunk and passed out?

He did what? He fucked you in the ass while you were passed out? Well this changes things. Back on with the blindfold slut. Actually, let’s let it off. Just keep your eyes closed whore.

Time for some sweet revenge!

Jen, re lube the machine used to fuck our little whores ass. That’s it, now place it back in.

Ok slut. I want you to give us the show of a lifetime. I want to hear you moan and groan like never before! I want you to thrust your body into it like never before. Jen, hit the switch. Come on slut, suck and fuck like your life depends on it.

Jen, I set up the video recorder so it sends a live steaming feed to all the computers in this slut’s workplace. It will also be able to be viewed on you tube.

Sweet revenge is what you always wanted. Well you're about to have it. Watch this. Come on slut. Suck it! Fuck it! I want you to make yourself cum. I want to see the cum flowing through your silk panties. Cum slut!

Jen, I just turned on the vibrator, this is gonna be so great. This is gonna look so real. Cum slut. I want that pussy to cum.

Yes! You’re so close!

Yes! Yes!

Ahhhhhhhhh, Yes!

Look at all that cum dripping from our whores silk panties. Ok Jen, shut them down.

Hmmmmm, as much fun as that was, something’s still missing. Here, let me blindfold you again. Don’t go anywhere. Jen and I will be right back.

That little bitch still hasn’t had enough. Why don’t we give him some “personal” attention. I take it you brought the strap-on? Ooooh, you brought both. I love the way you think.

Shall we?

Hey. You Didn’t fall asleep did you? Your day as a little slut is just beginning. Why don’t you release our little whore. Jen, Let’s get you in a different position. On the floor slut! Hands and knees. Let's attach this spreader bar to your wrists. And this one for your ankles.


Well whore, I think it’s time, Jen and I give you the “personal” attention you deserve. First, let’s get you primed. Jen, where’s my paddle?

Thank You. Let’s start with this silken clad ass of yours.

Whack! Mmmmmmmm, how’s that feel whore?

Whack! Whack! Whack!

Jen, Why don’t you fuck this whores ass, and I’ll fuck his face. Ahhhh, yes. That’s right. Take it bitch! Take it deep! Wrap those whore lips around this big cock and suck. Suck it hard! Deeper whore! Fuck him good Jen! That’s it! Slam it in there! Make this slut cum! Ooooh, yeah, that's it! Ready to cum through those panties again slut!

Let's turn this vibrator on. This time on high speed. Fuck him Jen! Deeper slut! Suck it whore! You ready to cum again? Let’s do it whore. Cum! I want you to cum! That's it, Yeah, that’s it.

Look at all that cum dripping through your panties. You really are a little slut.

High five Jen. Let’s set you free little whore.

I think you’re ready for the real world now. Or should I say, the real world is ready for you?

What do I mean? Oh, you’ll know soon enough what I mean. Here, let me lead you to the bathroom whore. You need to clean up that pussy of yours. Once the door shuts behind you, you may then remove your blindfold. Oh, and one thing you should know slut. We made you a movie star today.

Don’t be surprised if all your co workers want your autograph. You’ll see. Good luck slut.


Look at the look on his face, priceless.

Look at him running to his van. Well Jen, I can honestly say. Not one minute was wasted here today.