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The Birthday Present Chapter 1
©Donna Allure

“What would you like for your birthday?” my wife asked.

“An unforgettable sex session” I answered, jesting.

“Is that right? Well, we'll see” came the reply.

I forgot all about the exchange and nothing else was said about my birthday. The day arrived and I got home from work expecting a good meal and new shirt as that was somewhat the custom. As I came in I noticed the shades drawn and candles lit around the place. My wife came up to me and snuggled against me, breathing in my ear and running her hand across my dick.

“Why don't you take a shower” she said, and went to the door and locked it.

I went to the bedroom to strip and saw the white negligee that I had bought her laid out on the bed. She has several, but that is the one I like her to wear the most. My dick got a little harder. I took my clothes off and got in the shower. As I turned on and adjusted the water I heard the door slide open and my wife got into the shower with me.

“I thought I'd help you get ready” she said, and started washing me all over. After soaping me up she reached up to the holder and got her razor.

“I like my lover as smooth as silk” she said, and started shaving my chest hair.

My dick got harder and started throbbing as she removed my chest and stomach hair. She then had me raise my arms and shaved my armpits. She turned me around and shaved what little hair I had on my back and then went down to my butt and shaved it. Then she shaved the back of my legs and turned me around and shaved the front. She then looked up, smiling, and gently shaved my crotch and balls. Except for the hair on my head, I was completely smooth. It didn't occur to me at the time how long it was going to take to grow back. I was completely in a sexual euphoria. After rinsing me, she picked up the clog of hair that had collected at the drain and threw it in the waste can. Handing me one of the two towels that she had picked up we dried off, me having to do it around my hard on, which had not receded a bit.

“You need to smell good, too” she said and sprayed some of her perfume on my chest and crotch area, getting some on my dick, which began to burn with the feel of the alcohol, drawing my attention even more to my hard on. She sprayed some between her breasts and some more below her waist. Then, turning out the bathroom light she led me into the bedroom where I couldn't wait for her to put on the white negligee.

She picked up the tiny pair of see through panties and knelt in front of me. She had rubbed them on my dick before, when teasing me, so I knew what she was about to do. Instead, she reached down and had me to step into the panties, which she proceeded to draw slowly up my shaved legs, sending shivers up and down my spine. The feeling was so sensual that I almost collapsed onto the bed. She snugged them around my hips and ran her hands over my buttocks and around to my front, sliding them over my turgid dick and pushing firmly down towards my balls, forcing my dick to strain outward against the transparent panties. I was so hot that I almost came into her panties right then. I think that this was the most turned on I had ever been. I almost felt like I would pass out.

“Don't fall out on me” she grinned, as she felt me tremble, “We're not done yet” and reached for the sheer white nylons I had bought her to go with the outfit. “Lift up your leg and point your toes toward the floor” she said as she gathered one of the nylons and slowly slid it up my leg, tugging and smoothing it as she went, until it was halfway up my thigh. The feeling of the nylon sliding up my smooth leg was indescribable.

“Now the other” and slid it into place, letting her hand come on up my thigh and stroke my dick through the panties. She then took the white satin garter belt, trimmed in lace, and hooked it around my waist, sliding it around until the hook was in the center of my back, the four straps riding on my hips and thighs. Then, gently pulling out the tops of the nylons, she pushed the little rubber tabs against the fabric of the nylons and pushed the metal clips into place on the rubber tabs and then pulled the clips up, which locked the nylons into place.

With the pressure from the nylons pulling up and gently squeezing my legs and the white, lacy, garter belt pulling down on my hips and the nylon panties stroking my hips and balls and dick, I was in such a euphoria that I felt like I was stoned. The blood was pulsing through my face, my chest was tight and I could hardly breath for the feeling of sensuality. Never had I felt this much intensity during our love making and she had barely even stroked me. It was as though I was entering into my wife's body and feeling the things that she feels instead of what I normally feel.

She picked up the little, transparent bra and had me put my arms through the straps, stepping around to fasten it behind me and reaching around me to push up my chest into the cups. The feel of the satin material on my nipples made them strain outward. She pinched my nipples with both hands through the sheer fabric, sending a deliciously hot feeling straight to my brain. As she snuggled against my panty covered rear, she released one of my nipples and slid her hand down my stomach and stroked my satin encased hard on. She then picked up the top to the baby doll negligee and had me put my arms up in the air and pulled it down over my shoulders and across my nipples, which had become extremely sensitive and were sticking straight out. As she smoothed it into place, it suddenly dawned on me that my wife's clothes did not feel tight on me and seemed to fit me everywhere. As she slid the filmy outer cover over my arms and let it fall down across the baby doll top the truth of the matter started dawning on me. And when she reached under the bed and pulled out a pair of thin strapped, 4 inch high, spiked heels and slid one onto my right foot and it fit, I fully realized what she had done. Putting the other shoe on my left foot and fastening both she asked

“How do you like the first part of your birthday present?”