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The Catfish Sissy by Ed Cantor

Calvin had realized, long ago, that the last way to get involved in a sexy online scene was to admit that he was a man. Even the women online seemed to prefer to chat with other women, so every chat room always had a group of sad, neglected men clamouring for attention.

He decided it would be much simpler to make up a female persona for chats. He gathered up photos and measurements from the porn stars and kinky models he liked and made up “Candy.”

Candy was 23 years old, 5’-5” tall, weighed 120 lbs and was a curvy, busty girl at 34DD-25-35. She had shoulder length auburn hair, fair skin, was of Italian-Columbian descent and was, of course, a girl who loved sex of nearly all kinds.

Calvin wrote her as a bi-curious girl, but her adventures online were exclusively girl-girl. She also got to experiment with all the kinks and fetishes that Calvin admired and jerked off to. She tended to be submissive, playing up her “newness” to being with another woman. She loved to be tied up, she loved to wear latex and spandex and leather. She loved to accentuate her already large breasts with corsets and push-up bras. She was a girl, quite literally, made for sex.

There were times, of course, that Candy ended up interacting with a man, but Calvin managed to convince himself there was nothing gay about that. In those cases, he was simply describing a hot girl doing something like sucking cock or giving a hand job - while he was typing out the girl’s part, he could just imagine he was the one on the receiving end instead.

This Friday, Calvin, or more accurately Candy, was just finishing up an online scene with a rather popular online Dominant who went by the name of Mistress Tanna. In their shared fantasy that had transpired over the last couple of hours, Candy had come to the Mistress to submit, had been stripped and dressed in a tiny outfit more wanton that complete nudity and had been helplessly tied up and restrained, had pleased the Mistress over and over with her mouth and hands, had been tormented and teased by vibrators and clamps and other various sex toys.

“I want to play with you again, Candy,” Mistress Tanna typed. “And I want you to email me a real photo of yourself right away - no nudity is needed in the photo. Just your smiling face and I want you to hold a card with my name on it.”

Calvin had been through this before, of course, and he knew he could stall for a while, but in the end he’d have to move on.

“I don’t really have a webcam or digital camera right now, Mistress,” he tried. This excuse might have worked five years ago, but now every single phone seemed to have its own camera.

“Oh dear, you’re one of those, are you?” she said. Her next typed response was just the strange word, “...PEELS.”

His thoughts kind of blurred, and he seemed in a bit of a daze. It seemed to last just a second, until he read the word, “EKAWA.”

He had his chat window of all typing, including his own, but he was still online with her.

“Okay,” she typed. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

Without further explanation, she signed off.

Calvin was confused, wondering what had just happened. Had he gotten away with his excuse? Well, even if it meant one more online scene with her, he was happy. She had been perfectly controlling, wonderfully demanding and so erotically sensual in the way she describe what she’d wanted. He was still rock hard just thinking about it.

It was late and he felt a strong desire to go to sleep for the night and start fresh in the morning. He stripped off all of his clothing and fell into bed, not even bothering to rub out the lingering arousal.

He slept in the next morning, which was an unusual occurrence for him. There was some buzzing going off, stirring him. It was Saturday, so sleeping late didn’t matter, but it left him a bit dazed and it took him a few more moments before he identified the sound as his door buzzer.

He pulled on a robe and opened the door to a uniformed UPS driver.

“Delivery,” was all he said, so Calvin confirmed it was his address on the label and signed for the box.

He closed the door and had a closer look. The label had his address, but not even his name. He wasn’t expecting anything, so had no idea what to expect as he ripped it open. Inside was another box, slightly smaller, with a handwritten note taped to the top.

“Candy, I know you’ll enjoy these gifts. You should be ready about an hour after you open the box. Wait for my call. Love, Mistress Tanna.”

He just about dropped the box. His eyes glazed and his heart was pounding. How had she gotten his home address? His phone number? Ready for WHAT in an hour?

His fingers were shaking as he carried the box into his living room and opened it. Inside, carefully wrapped in layers of pink tissue paper, were all the components of a humiliatingly sexy outfit right out of Calvin’s fantasies of Candy. He collapsed down onto his sofa and took them out one at a time, laying them out on the coffee table.

A pair of stilettos with heels that had to be six inches tall. Fishnet stockings complete with garters and belt. A bright red thong. A matching red satin and lace demi cup push-up bra and from the size of the bra, it was built to push up a substantial pair of breasts. There was a dress, or barely a dress. It was very short, very tiny, made of some kind of glistening lycra with tank top style straps. There was a leather lacing waist cincher, presumably to be worn over the dress, since nothing but these bits of lingerie could really be worn under it. There was even a small package of makeup and accessories - lipstick, large hoop earrings, perfume and a leather choker.

The thing was, the clothes were tiny. Even if this woman wanted him to dress in drag, he’d never be able to get most of these things on.

He rifled through the last of the tissue paper, trying to see if there was anything more in the box, or another note. All he found was dust flying from the paper as he pulled the last of it out. It almost sparkled, as though everything had been given a dusting of glitter. He sneezed, realizing he’d breathed in a good dose of it.

Too much perhaps, as he started to feel a bit light headed. He slumped back, feeling a bit afraid as the tingling in his head started to spread to the rest of his body. His chest seemed like it was on fire, so he pulled open the robe, trying to understand. His eyes widened as he looked down to see his chest swelling... he was growing breasts... they were inflating like a pair of balloons right before his eyes. He lifted his hands to them, feeling them... they were all too real, and soon they were topped off with light brown, stiff and very sensitive nipples.

The tinging and changing didn’t stop there. His waist was narrowing and his hips were spreading. The hair dissolved from his legs and they became more shapely and lithe. His frame seemed to contract.

“Oh fuck no,” he gasped, looking down between his legs. His cock began to shrink, slowly at first but then more quickly. His balls were pulled into his body, and he watched in silent horror as his cock head shrunk to a tiny nub of flesh between the folds of his new pussy.

His face was tingling too. He lifted his hands up, noticing that they too were transformed. His fingers were thin and his fingernails were long and perfectly manicured, right down to the french tips.

He stood to move to the bathroom to find a mirror, but he nearly toppled right over. His breasts were throwing off his centre of balance, and there was a screaming pain in his calves if he tried to walk in any other way that tiptoeing.

When he finally made it to the mirror, he didn’t even recognize himself. His face had been completely reformed with delicate features, rosy cheeks, arched eyebrows, a little round nose and a pair of swollen lips that seemed to rest naturally in a puffy O. His hair flowed over his shoulders and down his back in glistening waves of auburn.

He had no idea how this had happened, but he’d been transformed into Candy, from head to tits to ass to toe.

The phone rang, startling him into a near scream. He answered, too afraid and shocked to even speak.

“Hi Candy. It’s Mistress Tanna. I hope you like your new body - the one you’ve been claiming to have for some time. Get dressed and get downstairs. I’ll be there in twenty minutes to pick you up. We’re going to have a lot of fun together, Candy.”

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