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The Mistress

The Mistress

Summary: A long, slow, detailed, feminization followed by a guided masturbation as I play with myself along with you. Not recommended for those with weak hearts.

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So, you want to have a Mistress?

Not just any Mistress, but one who has a unique understanding of little boys who want to dress up and be a little sissy girl. A Mistress that knows how to give you just what you need.

What, you’re not a sissy? Then what are you, a lingerie whore or perhaps a slut?

I know all about you, your needs and exactly what excites you. How you love to dress in sexy, silky lingerie and tease your cock for an evening of pleasure.

You need a Mistress to guide you step by step, directing your dressing, teaching you how to apply your make up, and helping you learn to walk and talk like a beautiful woman.

You need a Mistress who controls what you think and feel. A Mistress who loves making you a sweet little sissy. Who will submit to anything I ask of you, as long as you’re allowed to wear your pretty, silky, satin and lace lingerie.

What a pleasure it must give you to surrender total control to me. I am your Mistress. I will control you and allow you pleasure if and only if you please me. Do you understand?


Good. It is time to become the pretty sissy you long to be. Go take a long, relaxing bubble bath and shave your face, legs, arms, and chest and yes your pelvic area. Your Mistress demands your cock be good and sensitive. As you bathe think about how wonderful you’ll feel in your pretty, soft lingerie. When you’re finished, towel dry and lotion yourself with a moisturizer, and lightly pamper your smooth skin with scented dusting powder so you feel alive and refreshed.

Have you decided if you’re a lingerie whore or a slut? Tell me. Either way, you will become my pretty sissy my entertainment, my play toy for me to transform into a beautiful woman. A very beautiful and horny woman. Tell me whore or slut? Did I hear you say you’re a slut? Then a slut you will be.

I see you’re becoming excited already. Hmmmm...I’ll bet you’d like Mistress to stroke your cock wouldn’t you? Maybe, Mistress will let you stroke your own cock for her and put on a show. Show your Mistress how much you need her direction and guidance as I turn you into a woman. Do exactly as I command, and only what I command for you to do you UNDERSTAND?

You will dress how I tell you to front of me. You will touch yourself when and how I tell you to touch yourself. You will cum with me and not before.

Does the thought of cumming with your Mistress turn you on? It’s a privilege which must be earned, and you must cum with me when I cum...not before and not after. I want my pretty lingerie slut to pay very close attention to me...your Mistress.

I want you to listen very closely to my voice, its tone, my breath, and my moans. I want your full attention...UNDERSTAND?

Now go to your special drawer and take out the following items and place them on the bed. As you lay out each item, run your fingers through the delicate fabric. Let the items slide slowly through your fingers and think about how wonderful they’ll feel against your skin. Think about how each piece of lingerie will make you look more and more feminine, like a real woman.

Now take out your red, open cup bra. Are you thinking about how your lovely breasts will be exposed? Now, take the pair of red, crotch-less, satin panties. Feel how silky they are and how they’ll frame your beautiful clit and pussy. Next, those beige Cuban heel, seamed stockings, which will accent your long legs and make them look so much longer and sexier. Feel how silky they are and think about how they will caress your freshly shaven legs.

Now take out the red satin and lace garter belt that really hugs your waist, yes, you know the one. Do you like the satin ribbon which covers each fastener? It’s so delicate and feminine isn’t it?

Next, a pair of black high heeled shoes with the pretty ankle strap. High heels will make you feel soooo sexy, and change how you’ll walk.

Are you having fun? I know I am.

Finally, you’ll need the black satin, waist cincher. Go ahead, put that on too.

Now, select a long, blonde wig that will frame your lovely face, and allow the curls to cascade over your neck and down your back. As your golden locks fall across your chest, they will also frame your breasts and make you look so sexy.

Let’s not forget your soft, attachable breast forms. I know from the ones you have, that you must have looked a long time to find a pair which feel and look so real and soft. Are you thinking of how they’ll become a part of you once attached to your smooth skin? How they’ll bounce and jiggle as you walk? Just like a real woman.

Now, stand back and look at your items... Place your make up bag on the little dresser. Take out your foundation, concealer, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, false eyelashes, lip liner and a bright red lipstick. slowly, very slowly, put on your red, crotch-less panties.

I noticed as you were getting out your lingerie, a red pair of satin panties in your drawer that have a real fur lining. Get them out and gently slide them over your crotch-less panties. Feel your swelling cock being teased by the fur. Feels so wonderful doesn't it? You know it does, and I know that you must have told your secret to someone else to have had these special panties made for you...just for you. I'll bet they feel so wonderful that I could almost make you cum just by talking to you. That sounds interesting. Would my little sissy love for me to talk seductively to you maybe a bit trashy? You will feel my words and become more excited with each direction I give you, is that understood?

As I direct you to apply your make-up, and dress in each item of lingerie, your cock will become more and more sensitive. You will give me total control of what you feel, the intensity of what you feel, and how you will feel, is that Understood? You need to give me control and I want that control. You need want give into your Mistress and your desire to feel encased in soft, silky, satin lingerie. You know it pleases your Mistress to give her control and you do it without hesitation.

You want to be filled with lust...don't you? You want to become my slut...don't you? You want this don't you? You need to be a slut...all evening...don't you?

Every time I say the word “Slut” you will give more power to me and your cock will become 10 times more sensitive. You will feel more like a Slut. Think about being a slut, acting slutty and being dressed as a slut.

I want you to attach your breast forms but before you do, you are to prepare your nipples, making them sensitive. Take each nipple between your thumb and forefinger and pinch and roll them as you pull them outward, stretching your natural breast taught, until your nipples slip from your grasp. Do this again and again as I tell you what kind of slut and whore you will become for your Mistress’s pleasure. You will become a completely, feminine, sissy slut, to be used in any and every way I desire. You will act like a woman in every way, you will become a woman.

You will cum like a woman. And when the time comes you will be FUCKED like a woman, is that understood?

Do your nipples feel sensitive? Do they feel tingly almost burning with warmth?


Then attach your breasts and sense how real they feel, how much they have become a part of you. See how lovely they look, and feel their softness.

Good, now very slowly put on your open cup, red bra. Do it slowly, very slowly, savor the feeling of the material as you lovingly adjust the straps and each cup, surrounding your beautiful breasts.

Feel the softness. Yessss that’s it. That’s my good little sissy.

I see you’re beginning to tremble with excitement, your cock pushed against your fur lined panties. The tip slipping through the fur as you become more excited, stimulating you, making it difficult to give your Mistress your full attention. I’m so sorry my little sissy, but you’ll just have to wait. I am going to make you such a pretty whore.

Sit down at the little dresser and turn on the make-up mirror. Take out your concealer and touch up any area that may stand out. Dab it on, and then smooth it out with your finger tips. Now, add your foundation. Feel how smooth and creamy it is as it glides over your skin. You will do this until you achieve a smooth natural look.

Do you see yourself turning into a beautiful woman? I do.

Now add eye liner to your eyes so they stand out and are well defined. Next, apply your eye shadow: darker color to your eye lid and lighter color to the upper part above your eye and beneath your brow. There, now apply your false eyelashes and touch them up with your deep black mascara. See how the mascara blends your natural lashes together with the false ones, and makes your lashes long and lush? Touch up your brows with a highlight pencil.

Now let’s outline your lips and apply the deep red lipstick. Feel how soft and creamy it is as the lipstick glides over each lip. Let it glide over each lip several times, press your lips together and then blot them on a tissue.

Very Good.

Now add blush until a soft, light glow begins to emerge on each cheek. That's lovely. You’ve done a very good much so that I think you’ve done this before. In fact...I know you have. It gives you the excitement that you need, and you do need it.

Now put on the wig and toss your new hair lightly with your fingers. When you’re satisfied with how your hair falls, put on your earrings.

You’re really starting to look like a beautiful woman to me, but I want you to be a slut so we need to finish with your dressing.

Do you feel the need to masturbate? Do you want to masturbate for your Mistress?

I know you do, but we’re not finished, and my sissy slut must wait on his Mistress. Every time I say masturbate, your cock will become 20 times more sensitive, and you will 20 times more excited. Harder and harder, more and more sensitive. You will long to masturbate for your Mistress. You will feel the caress of fur exciting the tip of your penis. It will be as if you can feel each and every fiber stroking your cock. You are not allowed to touch yourself in any way unless I direct you to do so.

Now, slip into your garter belt. Fasten the hooks in front of you, and then slide it around until it’s in position. Slide the garters between your two panties so that at some point you may remove your fur lined satin panties with out removing or unhooking your stockings. Feel how sensitive your cock has become? Do you want to masturbate for your Mistress? You do want to masturbate for your Mistress don’t you? In time my little sissy, in time.

Now, gather one of your stockings and roll it down towards the foot. Slip inside and gently work it up your leg. Do this ever so slowly, and enjoy the feeling of the nylon sliding against your skin. Enjoy the fur exciting your cock as it strokes you gently, teasingly with each movement you make. Very, very good.

Now, attach the garter, and adjust the seam so it’s straight up the back of your leg. Adjust them so the garter holds it snugly in place. Now do the same with your other stocking. Remember to go slowly and enjoy the feeling and pay attention to the feelings of your cock.

Now, let’s get you into your high heels. Unlatch the clasp and slowly slip your foot into your heels. Once your foot is comfortable, wiggle your toes so they adjust properly into the shoes, then fasten the clasp so the ankle strap is snug but not too tight. Now do the same as you put on your other high heel, and remember to always be aware of how hard your cock has sensitive it is, and how much you wish you could at least touch yourself through your panties.

Put on your satin waist cincher. Feel how the silky fabric tightly hugs your body and the boning holds your shape. Now I want you to walk for me...put on a little show...and feel how sexy you look. How do you feel? How does it feel to be in such lovely lingerie...caressing your skin...all made up...your breasts exposed? And we aren't even finished yet my little slut.

You need to paint your nails, so sit back down and choose a deep coral red polish for your fingernails Be very careful not to smudge your lovely nails while they dry.

Come over here and sit down on the edge of the bed. Enjoy how your body feels in the satin, nylon and silky fabrics. Enjoy the pretty woman you have become. Feel how sexy and provocative you look. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? To fully appreciate the beautiful woman you’ve become, you need to walk around in your pretty lingerie a bit. You need to feel your breasts move with your body. Feel them jiggle and bounce as you walk. Feel the lovely lingerie move gently with your body’s movements, letting the soft, silky textures fill your senses as they caress your skin. Take several minutes to enjoy yourself feel it and the excitement it gives you

Enjoy it. You need it. You want it.

Let the silkiness tease you. Is your cock getting hard? I’ll bet it is, tease it. Tease it through your pretty panties. Feel it the building of desire between your legs as you become more and more excited You wish you were a woman all the time don’t you? Love the feeling you now have and tease your cock until you can no longer wait for your Mistress, my command, my control.

Are you ready now?

Come over and sit down on the bed in front of me. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax as I whisper to you what I have in mind for you my little slut. Do you want to be a cum slut for your Mistress?


Tell your Mistress you want to be a cum slut. Beg your Mistress to allow you pleasure and become her pretty cum slut, a lingerie whore. Keep your eyes closed and listen to my voice intensely. Your thoughts are to be focused on my words, listen. Since you look like a beautiful woman, I am going to teach you how to cum like a woman. You’re going to masturbate for me. Does my lingerie whore want to masturbate for me? Does my little slut want to put on a show for Mistress?


I know this is what you like. To wear sexy, naughty lingerie. To have your make up perfectly done until you look like a woman. To enjoy the feeling of your long hair brushing over your shoulders and across your face. To feel the desire between your thighs needing release. Yessss, you need this!

You will always need Mistress to teach you and do as she tells you. Open your eyes and watch me. See how I lightly and lovingly touch my pussy through my panties? Do the same to yourself. Do it. Do it now.

That’s it...lightly touch the tip of your cock through your panties just like I’m doing to the tip of my clit.

Yes....little circles... Slowly...lightly. Watch me. It’s as if you’re looking into a mirror.....a mirror of yourself. Make little circles in one direction and then the opposite direction. Once the tip of my clit is sensitive, I touch either side of its little shaft and then back to the tip. Stroke your cock like I’m doing to my clit...

Do It.

You love the way it tingles...don’t you desire...making you want to fuck. You wish you had a clit...don’t you? Keep touching yourself through your pretty panties my little slut. You’re going to masturbate for Mistress...aren’t you? You want to masturbate for Mistress. Don’t you?

Mistress wants to play more intensely now, so slowly, very slowly, take off my panties. Your eyes are to only follow my panties as they slide down my thigh, over my calf and finally slipping off my foot. it.... Now...look at my pussy as I spread my legs. It's beautiful isn’t pussy? You wish you could fuck this pussy don’t you...yes...oh, yes. You little whore... Just watch and do as I command. I bet you want to smell my delicate, lacy panties don’t you? To smell my sex and feel my wetness as I teach you how you are to masturbate for me...

Your Mistress.

Leave your panties on a bit longer...Mistress Needs a little attention. Kneel before me and let your fingers lightly trace my inner thigh towards my pussy....that’s it... You’re such a slut... Sorry, this pussy isn’t for a sissy, Mistress needs attention but you’re just going to watch and do as I say. Pick up my panties, place them on the bed and sit down. I know you can’t wait to cum now.

When I say the word CUM...You will become 100 times more excited. Your cock will become 100 times more sensitive and you will want to please me 100 times more than anything in the world. Your cock is becoming harder as you anticipate my command.

Doesn’t it feel wonderful...straining against your panties while you long to touch my pussy? Does my little sissy slut what to be my Bitch tonight? I know you do.

Your cock is much harder now......Yesss....You’ll do anything for your Mistress Yessss. I know you will. I have total control over you and it this way...don't you? Tease your cock as you run your fingers over those lovely panties.

You love panties, stockings, soft, sexy lingerie. Yes you love it. You’ve always loved it. How they look and feel, seducing you. Inviting you to wear them and feel the silky material against your skin. That's it my little your appreciation to your Mistress, enjoy the feeling.

Are you ready for me to teach you how to be a nasty little bitch of a whore?

You are?

Ask me in your feminine voice...ask me to teach you how to masturbate....come on sweetheart....ask me. Not yet sissy time.

Your cock is throbbing now isn't it? You need to learn much, much more.

Look at my pink I spread my lips and finger myself. Look at these swollen lips they’re almost erect. You want to kiss them don’t you? You want to lovingly kiss up one side of my slit and down the other don’t you?


You want to suck my clit like a juicy peach, letting it rest against your tongue inside your mouth...don’t you? You want to fuck this pussy with your tongue. Yes, I know you do. You want to taste me. Wouldn’t that delight my little sissy slut? Your cock is about to burst, but you know you must wait on me... You want to wait on your Mistress...yessss.... The longer you wait...the more of a slut you will become.... The more you will long to masturbate as your Mistress tells you.... You want to do this...don't you? You need to do this don't you.... You’ve always wanted to do this. Yes....oh’ve wanted this for such a very long time....

Well my little Sissy, this is your time. Watch me as I continue to tease myself. Now slip your fingers just under the waist band of your special panties. Look at me, and slowly work them down your legs just a little at a time. First in front and then slide your fingers towards the back. Move them ever so slowly down over your thigh. Down a bit more slowly. Over your calf, that’s it, now step out of them. Run your hands back up your legs. Feel your stockings and touch your inner thigh as your hands move closer to your waiting cock

Don’t touch it yet. Look at it, how hard you’ve become. Mmmmm my fingers feel so good as I play with my pussy, but it feels best when I’m all wet and slippery. Take the lube and pour some on my finger tips. See how my wet pussy glistens. Mmmmmm that feels so nice. Mmmmm very nice. Pour some lube into your hand and make your cock glisten like my pussy. You’ve waited for this moment.

Touch it! Yes it feels wonderful doesn’t it my little sissy?

That’s it. Touch it!

Touch it with long strokes.

Slowly, slower, slower, very slowly. Add a bit more lube. Mistress wants your cock really wet like her pussy. I see your excitement I can feel your excitement. Stroke it slowly, go on. Play with your cock for Mistress. I like watching you, yes I do. Build your excitement slowly and with anticipation. Go on, slowly.

Do it!

Now my sissy slut, touch just under the tip of your cock where the shaft meets the head. I want you to make a little ring with your thumb and forefinger, and just lightly rub the ridge of your cock. That’s it my sissy. Be sure to rub the tip where the head meets the shaft. Mmmmm, it feels so good doesn’t it? You love it don’t you?

Touch yourself this way as I show you how it feels to a woman. See just below my clit, through my slit and just toward the opening of my pussy. I make sure I use lots of lube and run my fingers through like this.

Keep stroking yourself, yes, just like that. I want you to alternate long slow strokes, and then little ones around the tip. I want you to do 10 of each, and then 9 of each, 8 of each, down to 5, and then back to 10. Keep touching yourself like this as I tell you what to do. See how worked up you’ve become, you just want to explode don’t you? In time my sissy, in time. You can wait...

Mmmmmm. Self pleasure feels so delicious, absolutely wonderful doesn’t it sissy? Watch yourself, see those womanly polished fingers caressing you. Come on sweetie, keep touching yourself. Be a good sissy and show Mistress how much fun you’re having. You are having fun aren’t you sissy? Dressed in your pretty lingerie, getting excited. I see your little slit is leaking cum just like a woman.

Yes, you feel like a woman because you are a woman. Masturbating!

Spread your wetness around the tip of your cock. Yes, it’s so pleasurable isn’t it? You love to masturbate while being dressed as a sissy slut, I know you do. You’ve always loved this and now you have your Mistress telling you how to masturbate. Its very exciting for you to masturbate for your Mistress under her direction isn’t it? Don’t be shy. I like watching you stroke your cock looking sexy and oh so pretty. Maybe you should watch yourself in the full length mirror, see what I see. Yes, I think you should. Look at you. Look at what Mistress has done to you. I have turned you into a beautiful, provocative woman who will do anything I ask. You’ve given me control haven’t you? Do you want more? You do don’t you? I know you do.

Play with that hard cock, play with it while I play with my pussy. That’s it, be my bitch, my entertainment. This is what you want isn’t it? To masturbate while wearing such lovely, soft, sexy panties. Stockings..garter belts..bras, anything feminine. To feel the silky lingerie subtlety caresses your body with every movement.

To be strapped in silk!

To hear sounds of pleasure escape your Mistress’s lips as she pleasures herself. To completely share the pleasures of masturbation with your Mistress as she makes you wait on her. I enjoy watching you while I finger my pussy, telling you what to do.

It excites me.

Do you hear my excitement in my breath? My voice? Enjoying myself and my control over you. Come on my little sissy, be my slut. Watch yourself in the mirror, don’t look away, do it! You see a beautiful woman playing with your stiff, hard, cock giving you pleasure


She’s dressed like a whore. You want her. You watch her stroking you, playing with your cock. I’m watching you as I please myself, touching my clit, my pussy, my swollen lips fingering it.

Watch her. She is such a slut. Playing with your dick, getting you off. Exciting you just like your Mistress as she watches you. You like Mistress to watch, yes you do. You love being obedient to your Mistress don’t you?

Now, pick up my panties and smell my sex, my little sissy is such a slut. Smell my panties as she plays with you. For me, your Mistress.

You love my musky smell don’t you? That’s it, intoxicate yourself with the smell of my pussy.

Masturbate for me!

Love the pleasure I am allowing you to have. Yes, think only pleasure. Oh yes. What pleasure, how wonderful you feel!

Feel it!

Want it!

Need it!

Give into your desires.

Be a naughty little sissy!


Such sweet ecstasy. Mmmmmmm, masturbate with me.

Enjoy yourself.

Bring yourself closer to orgasm. Mistress is!

Feel your climax build.

Feel your swollen cock becoming harder and harder, swelling more as you near orgasm.

That’s it my little sissy, watch her bring you to the edge of climax. Keeping you on the edge, ready to cum. She holds you there the way she touches you. Wait on Mistress, that’s it my sissy, wait just a bit more. You want this soft, wet, pretty pussy don’t you? You long to feel this pussy against your cock, feel its wetness swallowing every inch of you. You long to feel its pleasures, you do don’t you?

Watch her touch you. You feel this pussy tighten around your cock like its doing now to my vibrator. Oh yes, I know you do. You desire to fuck this pussy, feel it!

So soft. So very, very wet. So hot and creamy You worship this pussy don’t you?

Watch her Masturbate. Masturbate with me my sweet sissy. Mistress knows how to tease her sissy.


I know how much you want this pussy, yes I do. Sissy girl want pussy? Yes, yes, you do don’t you?

Want this pussy!

Want it, need it, feel it! Sissy girl wants to cum yes? Watch her make you cum pretty sissy girl! Watch her!

Almost, almost there sissy girl. Yes, almost..listen closely.

Ooohhhh YES. Yes, Cum with Mistress!

Cum. Keep touching yourself as you cum with me.

That’s it baby, spread your cum over your cock.

Cum. Cum. Fuck yes, Fuck. I’m CUMMING! Cum now my obedient sissy.

That’s it baby. CUM!

Lick her fingers clean.

Yes baby, taste her, enjoy all of her.

Such a good sissy.