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The Price Of Fame by Jessica Storm

Growing up I was just like any other kid, I had big dreams. Only my dreams were not of being a great ball player or basketball star. Mine was to write hit songs and be adored by fans, a rock star if you will. I felt alive when I was playing music, almost like a natural high. After years of working one bad job to another, I soon realized that I had to do something soon in music or I Was going to lose it. I couldn't stand the though of working some sell out job just to pay the bills, I wanted it all or nothing. So after having one door after another slammed in my face in the business, I knew it was time to make a change. Armed with a handful of songs, I had finally got a small label to agree to a meeting with me. I was basically looking at it as my last opportunity to make something happen for me.

The label was called Vixen records and was owned by a woman Keri Anderson. Upon arriving at Vixen records I was greeted by the secretary. A very sexy blonde girl, who told me to have a seat on the couch. She wasa blonde woman, very well dressed and very attractive. The office at Vixen had an aura of strong feminine flair and sophistication. I felt very comfortable, like I was in a furniture show room or something. After a few minutes the secretary said; “Miss Anderson will see you now sir.”

So I walked into her office and there on the phone was this strikingly sexy brunette lady. If I had to guess she was in her mid thirty's, and very confident and sexy. She was talking on the phone and motioned me to sit down. Then she finished her call and stood up to greet me by extending her hand. I shook her hand and remember staring into her eyes and felt a very sensual vibe. She smiled and said; “So lets have a listen to your songs.”

I gave her my CD and she listen to each track for about 30 seconds each. Then suddenly she stopped the CD player and said;

“Well I can see you have some great talent here, but unfortunately the market is flooded with guys like you. You see in toady's music you need to separate yourself from your competition.You always have to be thinking one step ahead of the game. What is popular now is gone tomorrow, and trends come and go.The real ground breaking artist are taking chances and shaking things up. People need to remember who you are and not just your music. You want to burn an image that will stay in their brains.

You know looking at you I would say you have a very pretty boy image? Now we have been through this all in the 80's with pretty boys wearing make up and combining it with rock n roll. That era came and went but it was huge in its day. Then there were artists trying to do the shock rock thing like Marilyn Manson. This again made him a huge star. Not so much for his music, but the image he had created.Male singers have always crossed the gender lines like David Bowie, and created great success for themselves. But no one has really done it convincingly in rock n roll. By convincingly I mean really going all out and portraying a sexy woman on stage. Sure its been done in the drag world for years, but the only one who ever crossed over with it was Ru Paul. She/He did it very well, with style and grace, but it was on the dance techno circuit. I believe if you were to cross a Ru Paul character with a rock n roll diva attitude, you would have a break out artist.

Lets face people are fascinated with gender bending. Women seem to find it fascinating when a man can put on a dress and high heels and look attractive. Men don't like to admit it, but they are just as fascinated with it as the ladies. I have to be honest with you my label only represents women but when I saw your head shot I thought you had some very feminine features, and that's when it hit me. To combine your look with a feminine make over, and take rock n roll to where it has never gone before. Don't get me wrong now it's definitely not open for everyone. I am only extending it to you because i believe you have the potential to do it. Also there are no guarantees that you will become famous, but I have some very skilled wardrobe and marketing PR team that are the best in the business.”

So after Keri laid her cross dressing pitch on me I was floored, definitely not the route I had in mind. But at the same time she was offering me a record deal. No one had ever offered me a record deal up to this point. Part of me thought she was crazy, and wanted to get up and walk the hell out of there. But the other half was like: Maybe I could try it out for a while ya know? And then if I become famous I can ditch the image, sort of like Kiss did. Besides there is no way I was going back to that miserable job on Monday.

I looked at her and said; “Okay, if you think we got a shot at something I'll do it.”

“Perfect! We should get started right away!”

She kept smiling and sizing me up.

“Hmmm, I would say you're about a size 10. Yes we have some major work to do. We need to make you as convincing as possible if you are going to fool people in to thinking you are a woman.”

“What? I just thought it was going to be known like Ru Paul?”

“No No dear, relax and leave your image to the professionals. Now tomorrow i want you to meet With Kim. She is going to be your fitness instructor and when she's done with you your own mother won't recognize you. Oh yes and don't eat anything because you are starting a whole new diet lol!”

So I signed the contract still not knowing if I did the right thing, but feeling as if I just entered the twilight zone.

As I walk out I noticed several women in the office smiling and grinning as I went down the steps. Almost like everyone was in on some big secret.