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The Red Swimsuit By Sissy Jenn

That’s right, sweetie, I was watching the while time.

From the moment you walked into the boathouse today, thinking you were just going to have a quiet little lunch break alone, until I surprised you a few minutes ago.

Yes, you thought you were alone, which is what gave you the courage to...well you know.

You really should have checked this place better before you did anything naughty.

Sure, Jess and Sam were still at the lifeguard stand, but you know I take my breaks in here too. And on these long, hot, wet days during rainy season, nobody cares if the break stretches a little.

You walked in, all soggy and frustrated from staring at that empty lake for hours on end, and let out the cutest little sigh.

I almost said something then to let you know I was in here too, but something stopped me. A little women’s intuition I guess, it goes a long way.

Because when you went into the loft to grab your lunch, you saw it. Sitting on top of my gym bag, looking sooo irresistible, was my red one-piece.

You stopped and stared for a minute, your little hands opening and closing, your breathing getting quick and shallow. And in my dark little corner, I could see you make “The Decision.”

How long have you wanted to try one on? It must have been all summer long because you didn’t waste much time at all!

Off went your guard shorts, your shirt, and that big, funny hat you wear. Then you snatched up my sexy red swimsuit in your naughty little hands.

Even from all the way across the boathouse, I could see you tremble with excitement as you felt it for the first time. And the show had just begun.

It was funny watching you put your leg through the arm hole the first time. And then when you stamped your little foot in frustration, it was everything I could do not to laugh and give myself away!

But you got it right eventually, and pulled it on.

Did it feel good? Of course it did, a sissy always loves their first time in a sexy swimsuit.

You just stood there for a moment, and then your hands started to roam. I thought you’d go right for your clitty like a naughty little sissy, but you didn’t!

Instead your hands went right for your flat chest, tracing around where your titties would be if you were a real girl.

Did it make you sad that there was nothing there? Because there are ways we can fix that, sweetie. Oh, listen to me getting ahead of myself.

And that’s when the best thing that could happen, did.

Right as you were sliding your hands over your body, dreaming your little sissy dreams, Samantha walked in.

What’s that nasty name you and Jess tease her with? “Mongo,” right?

Oh she puts on a good face, but it stings. And it doesn’t fit her at all, she’s ripped, and all those muscles look great on her.

Plenty of real men find girls like her very sexy.

Of course, plenty of real men find “girls” like you sexy too!

She saw you, and you saw her. Then, while you stammered and your face turned as red as your new suit, she took action.

I watched her walk right up to you, grab you by the hair, and pull your ear right up to her mouth.

What did she say I wonder?

Was it dirty and demeaning?

Did she tell you what she was going to do next?

You can tell me later, when your mouth isn’t full.

I know it must have been good, though, because from 20 feet away I could see your little clitty twitch.

I, of course, stayed quiet. Why spoil the show before it started?

From my little private spot in the shadows, I could see everything.

I watched as she threw you down on the beach cot, as she climbed on top of you, pinned your arms down, straddled your head, and positioned her tankini bottom right over your mouth.

She’s so strong; she only needed one hand to hold your arms down! That made it really easy for her to pull the crotch of her suit to the side, then grab your hair and grind your face into her hot pussy.

I guess you’re a fast learner; just a couple minutes went by before she was able to let you work on your own.

Soon she was humping your face, one hand running through her cute Mohawk, the other underneath her top.

I’ve seen her do that with Jess down there, so I’d say you were doing a pretty good job.

That’s right, Sam and Jess together, you’ve pictured that before haven’t you?

Did you ever picture yourself with them? Or as one of them?

Mmmm, that’s a good girl, keep working that dildo in and out of your mouth. It needs to be very well lubed before it takes your virginity.

Such a good girl already, and we’re just getting started!

Tonight when you get home, you’re going to shave off all that naughty body hair. We’ll work on something more permanent later, but I want you to do this as soon as possible, before your silly sissy head fills up with too many doubts.

Tomorrow, you’ll come in without any of your old male clothes.

Just your sexy new swimsuit, your whistle, and that silly hat you wear when it rains.

In fact, you’ll dress like that every rainy day until the camp closes in a couple of months.

Oh, I can see what you’re thinking, sissy, even with that double-ender pumping in and out of your mouth.

You’re worried what you’ll do in the off season.

Well I have good news!

That indoor pool I lifeguard for at the women’s college doesn’t hire male lifeguards. But I know a certain sissy girl who will fit right in!

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