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The Costume Party-part 1 by Teresa Bowers

The Costume Party

Summary: A sissy has betrayed my trust by posting my private information on Facebook and gets the feminization of his life for a costume party. Plus a little surprise after the doors to the beauty salon are locked for the evening. OK, actually its a very big, very hard surprise.

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Hi honey, are you ready for your big day? You’ve been looking forward to this all year haven’t you? Today you get to become the girl you’ve always wanted to be, and its OK, because we're going to say its for a costume party.

That’s right.

I’ve already told the girls at the salon, and they think its so cute that you want to do everything it takes to become a pretty little girl.

By the way, I was on Facebook last night and guess what I saw?

You know don’t you?

I saw my picture posted there with my phone number. That’s the picture I gave you isn’t it?


Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ve caused me?

I trusted you and you Fucked up big time.

Did you think I wouldn’t find out?

Do you know how many calls I got-Oh I COULD JUST KILL YOU!

Maybe you’d like me to post some pictures of YOU on there? Would you like that? Maybe the one of you in your maids outfit, sucking on my strap-on.

And I could mention that you’re always looking for new friends, how would that be? We could send that picture to your boss too, that would be fun wouldn’t it?

You’re sorry? Well, sorry doesn’t help much now does it? Its too Fucking late for that isn’t it?


I’ve changed my phone number and hopefully no one will find out where I live. But I want you to understand how it feels to have your privacy violated like that. If you’re a good little girl, and do everything I say, I’ll try to forget this ever happened.

We’re still going to dress you up and make you over just like we planned, only I may not be as discreet as I originally promised.


Now lets get started my little sissy.

Are you excited? This is what you’ve been begging me for isn’t it?

You’re scared?

Oh come on, only you and I will know that there’s not really a party, and that you’ve wanted to be a girl all your life. Its OK sissy, really. Its our little secret, trust me. Now take off those clothes.


Just put all your things in this bag. Go ahead.

Come-on, we don’t have all day.

Now, just wait until you see this! I got this especially for you. Its a 3 piece set in fuchsia that will match your dress perfectly! Look, there's a satin padded underwire bra, a garter belt with lace and ribbon, and a pretty matching g-string.

Isn’t it great? The girls will love you in this! Now put it on carefully while I get your inserts...

Don’t get shy on me now sissy, we have a long way to go today.


First the bra, its nice isn’t it, all that pretty lace? Now let me see how it looks. It looks so nice on your smooth chest doesn’t it? Let me help you adjust the straps. Just relax.


Its a demi cup bra, it will give you a nice round look. Doesn’t it feel great? Oh yes, you look so pretty already.

There-it fits you perfectly.

Now take these silicone inserts, these will help you fill out your dress. Let me show you.

See-we just put them in towards the bottom, outer sides, adjust the bra again, and viola! You have breasts now.

Just a second, just a second, there you go.

Now let me look at you. Not bad-not bad at all.

Smile honey-this is fun.

Alright, now put on the garter belt. Go ahead, you know you love this. Just pull it up, I’ll help you with the stockings in a minute.

You want it right under your belly button. Very, very good!

Here are your stockings honey, are you ready?

These are Cuban heel, seamed stockings, from Stocking Girl! Aren’t they pretty?

They’ll look so great with your dress. I want you to put these on and I’ll show you how to attach them.

Go ahead, you’re doing just fine.

Gently slide them over your toes, feet, and legs.

They feel nice on your legs don't they? Pull them all the way up, slowly, there you go.

Now, one strap hooks in the front and one in the back. You attach the garter belt fasteners to your stockings. Start with the strap in the back, watch me.

Give the stocking a little tug to make sure its attached, good. Now you do the other back one, go ahead.

Very good! I think you’ve done this before. Now, attach the front ones and center them on each thigh. Take your time.

That’s a good girl, wasn’t that easy?

Now for the g-string. Its small isn’t it? But so are you. Put it on and let me look at you.

There, such a pretty girl. Do you feel like a girl honey? Do you?


Yes? Well that’s good, because I have so much planned for you today. This is only the beginning.

There you go. Pretty lingerie for my pretty girl. Go look in the mirror, go ahead.

You’re gorgeous aren’t you? Yes you are. Just wait until your hair and makeup are done-this is fun isn’t it sweetheart?

Now, I think you should walk into the salon in your jeans. Won’t that be easier, less embarrassing? We’ll bring your dress and heels in a shopping bag, and you can change there, OK?

Let me show you what you’re going to wear, you’re gonna love this.

Here it is-its a jersey dress! Isn’t it great? Such a sexy, bright red. It has a scooped neckline, full length sleeves, a fitted shape, and the length is just right for you. Let me hold it up.

Oh yes! You’re going to blow them away at the salon later aren’t you?

And look at these heels. The perfect pumps. Oh yes-these are you. And I made sure to get just your size.

You have been practicing with heels this high like you promised right? Because these are serious stilettos. The girls are going to be so impressed with your dedication, don't ya think?

Now we’re almost ready. Put your jeans and shoes on. No socks. I’ll get you a shirt and a jacket.

Lets see, oh here’s something nice. Its a simple pink blouse. I think with your jacket on your breasts will hardly show. Go ahead, put it on.

Very nice honey, very nice. You really make a very pretty girl you know? How does it feel wearing that silky lingerie under your clothes? It feels great doesn’t it?

Ah, you’re blushing. We’re having fun now aren’t we? I know I am.

Now lets pack your bag. I'll fold your dress for you.

Put those heels in the box and we’ll be all set. Oh wait, you need a purse too don’t you? Well I have one that will be perfect.

Here you go, isn’t this one nice? Its a Jessica Simpson red clutch, brand new and you can borrow it.

Do you like her? You do? Well that’s great because you’ll be wearing a long blond wig and you can pretend to be her.

Now put on this pretty jacket and we’ll go. Wow it fits you perfectly too. It will look fantastic with your dress, you’ll see.

I think you should take an extra pair of panties in your purse too, along with your wallet. A girl should always be prepared.

Ok sissy, we’re off to get ready for “the party.” Just remember, if you get scared, that all the girls think you’re just doing this for a costume party. Its really no big deal.

Sure, you’re going further than a lot of people might, but its all in fun. No one will know your secret, because secrets are very important aren’t they? And you know you can trust me, just like I trusted you.

Ready or not-here we go.

This is fun isn’t it? The two of us going to the salon together for your makeover? I know you’re excited about this.

You’re nervous aren't you? Well, don’t you worry about a thing, I’m going to be right here with you the whole time.

Am I still mad at you? Well, I think I’m starting to get over it. You just relax and enjoy your special day, OK?

Here we are. Wow, its crowded isn’t it?

Now remember what we discussed, its all in fun and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, OK?

Now lets go inside. You take your shopping bag and follow me.

Hi everyone, this is the girl I was telling you about. This is my friend sissy. She’s a little shy, but very excited to be here.

Say hello sissy! Oh isn’t she adorable?

She has her dress and heels right here. Is there somewhere private where she can change?

Not really? That’s OK, she already has on the cutest lingerie. Go ahead sweetie, put on your dress.

Yes in front of everyone, its OK, its just for the party right?

Oh, come with me and I’ll help you. Come on. Put the bag down on that chair and take off your shoes and pants.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Am I going to have to take them off for you, because I will if I have to?

There, that’s a good girl. Now the blouse-take it off. See honey, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Oh ladies, look at my little sissy! Isn’t she cute?

Just a second, show them your pretty bra and garter belt. That’s right, she shaved her legs and everything! She’s wanted too be a girl for a long, long time.

The party? Oh that, well, let me get her into her dress and I’ll tell you all about it.

Alright now young lady, come over here. I’m glad you’re in such good shape because this dress will show everything. Here you go-take your time putting it on.

Easy now, the fabric is very thin.

Its a beautiful dress isn’t it? You’re going to look so great in this. Now, let me help you straighten it out. There you go.

Its tight isn’t it? Oh my, and its short too. But with those pretty legs of yours, and that chest you'll be stunning.

Come over here. Just pull it down a tiny bit more, that’s good. Now stand up straight.

Ok, now put on your heels and lets get started. Easy now, we don’t want you to fall...

Will you relax? You look great and we’ve only just begun. Let me take a good look.


Well ladies, what do you think-can you help her complete her look? I told her how nice you are to new girls here.

You can? Fantastic.

Here you go sweetheart, Ann is going to make you beautiful.

Oh look honey, you get to sit in the first chair so everyone can watch your transformation. Thanks so much for helping us out today Ann. I love your blouse by the way, you always get so dressed up for work don’t you?

Now let me tell you all about my friend here.

What does she want? Well, she wants to be completely transformed into a girl today. Whatever it takes. Eyebrows thinned to a pretty, feminine shape, false eyelashes, liner, mascara, shadow, blush, lipstick, pierced ears, the works.

Oh yes I’m serious. You see Ann, there really is no party, there never was.

Easy sissy, its OK. I think its time to be honest. We don’t have any secrets anymore do we?

Go ahead Ann, you can get started with her makeup, and I’ll explain it as you work. Its really quite a story.

You see, sissy has been dressing up as a girl for a long time, haven’t you sweetie?

Are you OK, you look a little flushed?

I said I wouldn’t tell? But that was before you posted my picture and phone number wasn’t it? I want you to see what it feels like to be betrayed by someone you trusted. Just sit tight honey and enjoy this.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, sissy has been dressing up ever since she was very young. She started to wear her sisters things at first. They were the same size so everything fit her just right. Panties, nighties, blouses, skirts, even her shoes! She used to get all dressed up when no one else was home, and pretend she was a beautiful, little girl. Isn’t that right, isn’t that what you told me sissy?

Well, say it. Tell Ann that you’ve always wanted to be a girl. Go ahead, say it.

Yes, I know what we said, but I think its better if you tell the truth. You can’t pretend your whole life now can you?

You thought you could? Well you thought wrong, didn’t you?

Can I have everyone’s attention please? My friend here has something she wants to tell us. Come on, it will just take a second.

Now tell them that you want to be a girl, that you’ve always wanted to be a girl. And that you’re just a little sissy.


No, not like that! You’re dressed like a girl, and you’re in a beauty salon getting a makeover. I want you to sound like a girl.


There, that wasn’t so hard was it? Yes they’re laughing, but don’t let it bother you. I’m right here with you and you're going to get everything you’ve always wanted today.

Ann is puzzled

Are you OK? You’re not going to cry are you? Oh come now precious, you know this is what you want.

Can you give us a second Ann, I think sissy just needs to gather her thoughts, and then we can continue.

No, everything’s alright, this has been a long time coming, that’s all. She just needs some girl time.

Shhh, now just relax and enjoy it sweetie, you’re going to remember this for a long, long time.

Everything’s going to be alright, you’ll see. Now I want you to be a brave little girl for me and stop resisting. This is your dream, and its time for your dream to finally come true. OK?

She’s ready now Ann.