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The Gown by Ellen part 1

The first time I saw it in the window, I thought I was dreaming, never before had I seen such a lovely dress. Pink in its splendor, a gown that one would see a princess wearing. Standing there on a sunny day on the sidewalk in front of the store front, I was hopelessly in love with it and all I could think of was wanting to try it on. Imagining how it might feel, thinking of the circumstances I would find myself getting to wear such a dress.

I must have been in front of that store for several minutes, I become aware that I better get a move on, after all how many men do you see camped out in front of a dress shop.

I turn my eyes to look down the street, and I take a deep breath, realizing I am aroused, and I hope nothing is showing. I'm not even to the corner and I can't help but look forward to the chance to pass by the store again.
I am late for school, and I must get moving.

In class I could think of nothing else, that gown had me hostage. What was I going to do?

I closed my eyes and pictured it in my head.

I saw myself made up like a girl, getting to wear such a pretty fabric with all its lace and ruffles.

Wishing that I had a fairy god-mother whom would come along and make my feminine dreams come true.

I awoke towards the end of class with a discomfort in my jeans and a chill over me from the thoughts that still dominate my head. I knew that I had to go back; I knew I had to see that dress again.

I decided to skip my next class, and I walked quickly back to the store front, my heart racing, only to be settled down by the pink fabric. Upon seeing it, I felt the overwhelming need to want to get to wear it. I wish I could just walk right in the store like any girl could to try it on.

I can't!!! I hate this!! Why was I cursed with this love of wanting to wear women's clothes?

I kept walking and went to the next corner and crossed the street, I was soon back in front of the store, staring from the opposite side. Yearning to want to get as close as I possibly could. Wishing I was a girl.

I must have spent an hour at least hovering around.

I was about to cross the street when a figure appeared in the window of the doorway, she was an elderly woman, and she seemed to stare right at me.

I stopped for a moment, and thought how busted I was, when I realized how ridiculous I was being, busted for what. So I continued to cross the street, and made as little eye contact as possible. When I decided it was best to put this dress behind me and make my way home. After all there was always Wednesday, when I had to come back for school. Perhaps I can come a little earlier to admire the window display.

I caught a glimpse of the woman as she seemed to stare at me, I want to say she was smiling, but as I turned back toward the way home, that smile became a frown.

Yeah right I thought, as if she were expected me of all people to be a customer.

So I went home and tried to put the afternoon behind me...As if...

The night might as well have been completely occupied with thoughts and desires of that pink princess ball gown. I couldn't shake the image from my mind for the life of me. The more I thought about it the more I knew I had to see it again.

There was excitement in my step today as I headed off to class, knowing I was just steps away from the window so that I may catch a glimpse of the gown of my dreams. Once again I felt an arousal from the idea I wanted to wear something so pretty. If only I had been born a girl so that I would get to wear such lovely clothes, this would make me so happy. All my dreams would come true. I of course slowed down and took a long drink of the dress with my eyes. When I looked behind the mannequin to see that the woman from the other day was adjusting another dress in the window.

I moved on as quickly as possible, when I heard a tap on the glass.

I froze, and turned the woman held up her finger indicating for me to wait one moment. I felt a lump form in my throat. She came out of the window and to the front door.

"Please come in, don't be shy."

I freaked, I could have messed myself.

"I have a class to go to!" I said.

"This will only take a minute."

I don't know why I obliged, but I stepped into the store and trembled ever so slightly as I saw the racks of dresses and gowns.

"So I see you like that pink dress in my window?"

I should have just denied everything. But I didn't, I just stood there silent and nodded.

"You know I know some men that like to dress up in women's clothes, do you like to do that also?"

Panic, heart racing, I think I am sweating. "Yes I do!"

I can't believe I admitted that I like to wear women's clothes oh I just want to turn around and run the hell out of this store and just crawl up in a corner and die! The woman smiled at me and took my hand giving it a squeeze.

She said, "Relax, I am not judging you, I want to help. I just knew the other day when I saw you walking back and forth that you were admiring my gowns."

I felt like a weight was crushing down on me as I was being exposed to this complete stranger. I must have been very obvious. "How can you help me?" I boldly asked. I say that because I was scared to death.

She looked me over and then pulled me further into her store.

"Look I just want to take a few measurements is all!" She insisted, and I might as well of been a rag doll. Because I went with it hoping this would not get out of hand.

She wrapped the tape around my hips, waist, and chest. She measured the lengths of my legs.

"May I ask do you have a lot of body hair?"

"My legs, a little on my chest and arms." I confessed.

I saw her writing down the numbers to my measurements. Wondering what was going on and why did she care about my body.

"A gown usually takes 6 to 8 weeks, but I can put a rush on it and have one here in 2 weeks."

I was shocked! "What, you can't be serious?"

"Nonsense girl!" She spanked my butt...

..."You have a connection with that pink gown and you must simply have it, I won't let you leave here until you promise me that in 2 weeks you will come back, all clean shaven, and I mean every ounce of body hair removed."

I shook my head no, how could I promise that, I come back, me wear such a frilly, girly, lovely gown! "Yes!" came out of my mouth.

"Good!" She smiled.

On that note, I was escorted to the door and let out, I forgot all about class, I just stood there by the window and stared at the pink gown which sang to me.

I walked a few blocks and realized what had just happened.

I would find myself walking by the dress shop on the days I had classes, and only glance at the gown of my dreams. As I patiently waited for the two weeks to end, I found myself doing things I never in a million years would do as a guy. I virtually stopped eating; I stuck to high protein foods, low calorie, and drank lots of water. I was going to lose some weight if it killed me; I wanted to look good in the gown.

I wanted to sacrifice more than my body hair; I wanted to feel pretty and feminine. I started to let my fingernails grow, and I purchased a nail kit, as well as a bottle of Nair Hair Remover. At night I used an emery board to shape and maintain my nails.

Day by day passed and I was closer to setting foot back inside the store.

Finally the night before, I stood in my bathroom and did what weeks ago would be unthinkable, and I coated my body in the white cream, and let it settle as it chemically reacted to the hair.

Odorless my behind! There was a smell and I was afraid my mother or even worse my sister would come knocking. I opened a window to the bathroom and turned on the ceiling fan. Praying and waiting, the bottle said in as little as 3 minutes, But I wasn't taking chances. Ten good minutes and I stepped into the shower and took a warm washcloth and started to wipe away the cream. Clumps of hair stuck to the washcloth as I wiped, and were there was once hair was now just smooth skin.

I became aroused from the experience, I finished up and then rinsed off under the shower head. Once done, I dried off, and the towel against my now smooth hairless skin was incredible.

Tomorrow I would not be going to class; I would be stepping into the store and get to do something I have dreamed about since I first laid eyes on the dreamy pink gown.

What was in store for me am I going to do this? Hell yes I am.

I want to feel like a princess.

I want to experience something that only females get to.

As I got under my covers I felt my cool smooth skin as I slid in and it was a wonderful feeling. I imagined what wearing lingerie would be like now that I am hairless.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, hoping it would be a night filled with dreams of femininity.

The sun was shining and there was a skip in my step, as I stepped closer and closer to the corner dress shop. As I passed the window I saw the display of gowns and it had me excited to know that I was finally going to get a chance to wear a dream gown.

I reached for the door and caught a glimpse of my nails, and felt a twinge in my pants.

I looked ahead and saw the shop owner look up and smile as I entered.

"Are you excited?" She asked.

I looked around, and said "Yes!"

Well the gown is here and in ready for you to try on. Did you prepare yourself?

I nodded.

"Good, come in back with me so that I might make an inspection."

She motioned for me to follow, and I became so nervous all of a sudden as if my stomach started doing flips. I was following her, and I was led into the back where the dressing rooms were located. She pulled back a curtain in the last one, and ushered me in.

"Go ahead and make yourself comfortable, no one should bother us today. Now get undressed."

She closed the curtain behind herself as she left. I took a deep breath and stared at myself in a full length mirror. I started to remove my shirt. It didn't take long; I was down to my briefs and socks. I took a seat and waited.

The curtain whisked open, and she stood there, looking at me, "tsk tsk tsk!" She picked up my pants, shoes, and shirt from the floor, "I said get undressed can't have you wear boys underwear when trying on a gown."

She turned around with my cloths in hand and closed the curtain.

"I expect to see you socks and underwear off by the time I return."

I went ahead and took them off. It did not even occur to me that she had scooped up my clothes. When she returned and opened up the curtain again she was holding a few dainties that I had never seen before in my life.

She stood there inspecting me. "I think I have a good size her, I wanted to go small, and these foundation garments can take in an inch or two."

I wondered what she was talking about, I had not known the first thing about women's undergarments other than bras and panties

her hands ran across my body, "You are all smooth, your skin is soft too, just like a babies bottom."

I blushed, and I felt a spring in my pecker from her touch. She mostly ignored it, which I was grateful for.

"Now raise your arms so I can get this on you." She held out a white type of bra, only it had length and no shoulder straps. She turned me and from the back she pulled hard and began clasping the long line bra into place, I could feel it pull me in.

"It's tight!" I commented.

"Good it's supposed to be, a girls got to accentuate her figure you know. These garments help."

I saw that she had some straps in her hand and she started to insert them into the hem of the bra, "What are those?"

She looked up at me, "These are garters, they'll help hold up your stockings. You'll love the way these feel once they are suspending your hosiery."

A shiver ran up my spine, I could not believe this was really happening I was being dressed in ladies undergarments. I was feeling really turned on, and I was getting embarrassed. I tried to think of something else, but it was hard not to.

Then the chimes rang on the front door to the store. I froze, she stood up, "relax; I'll be back in a minute, meanwhile why don't you roll on the stockings from that package."

She pointed towards the other items she brought in, I looked and before she left she picked up my underwear and socks and disappeared with them.

I sat and looked at the white stockings in the package, they had a design on them, I opened the package and delicately handled the material, I was ever so careful in rolling them and stepping into each stocking. I had some nail length and the last thing I wanted was to put a run in this pretty silky stocking.

I heard some talking, and someone walked back and forth past the dressing room, I heard the ringing of a cash register. I was pretty calm, but my heart was not beating slowly either.

I sat and waited with the stockings in place, and then she finally returned.

"Sorry about that, well the stockings look nice, please stand up so that I can help you attach the garter straps."

She knelt before me and I realized my cock was flaccid finally something was going right, and then again it was cold in the dressing room. She worked all six of the straps into place, three for each stocking. I did agree that it felt good.

"Very nice, now for your panties, these high waists, they'll help suck you in and also hold the bra into place, she held them out for me and I stepped into them a leg at a time, she pulled them up and set it into place. My cock became confined by the material, and I saw my lingerie clad body in the mirror.

"Well how does it feel to be wearing women's undergarments? Have you ever worn anything like these before?"

I shook my head, "No I wore panties and just a regular bra, never anything as fancy as this."

"Well we can't have you cups empty you know so I am going to return with some forms in just a minute."

"Forms?" I asked.

"Be right back."

I wasn't sure what she meant, pads maybe, I was pretty naive.

A few moments later she returned with a box, and in it were two skin colored lumps, when she removed it from the box I saw a realistic nipple, my goodness they looked like breasts.

"These are breast forms, we sell them in the store, and they cost a pretty penny. Look pretty real, they feel fantastic. Its silicone, go ahead and touch."

I reached out and touched them, they felt soft. I honestly never touched a breast before on a woman. She stood up and inserted them into the bra cups, I do not know what size they were, but they did the trick, when she stepped away from me and I saw my figure in the mirror, it was as if I had magically grown boobs. I reached up and cupped myself and they felt good. I began to feel excitement return.

I had a womanly figure.

"Much Mush better, your almost ready for your gown, I think we need to get some make up on you first."

I stopped. "Make Up?"

"Sure a pretty girl such as yourself needs her makeup and hair done."

The bell rang to the front door, a voice called out. "I'm here, is he ready for me?"

I turned flush. She told someone I was here!