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Hypno Girl/Hypno Slut © by Dollyanne part - 2

Hypno Girl

Script #2

Sleep girl, sleep.

Relax. Send a wave of relaxation through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Go deeper in trance, honey, go deeper. That’s a good girl. When you were in the womb, before that awful male switch was mistakenly thrown, your feet, calves, knees, thighs, hips, genitalia, breast tissue and glands were all poised to develop during puberty. And they would have developed nicely if that switch hadn’t been thrown.

Let’s go back and recreate that time in the womb and change things. Imagine yourself floating in the womb now before that switch was thrown, when you were the same as any other natural girl. Only this time the switch will not be thrown and you will develop fully as a natural girl just as you should. Imagine yourself inside a magic girl-shaping machine—a shape-shifter. All the correct hormones are already in your body. The girlie shape-shifter machine stimulates them by focusing a powerful white-hot beam of feminine shaping light in your mind on your toes, feet, knees, calves, your thighs, your hips, your genitals, your breasts, and your nipples. Imagine how you want each of them to look, how you want them to feel and be shaped.

Shape them starting with the toes and feet. As you imagine the beam of light moving across your toes and the feet feel your polished toes getting daintier, the feet softer and more pliable like a ballet dancer.

Next imagine the light passing over your calves. Feel them getting rounder, shapelier, with long taut muscles from wearing sky-high heels.

See the light reaching your knees. As it passes over them feel them soften and get smoother, like a girl’s knees.

Now the thighs. Focus the light in your mind on your thighs and feel them getting softer, rounder, and more sensitive to the touch.

Move the light on to your hips. Feel them expand outward taking your thighs with them. Your hips are getting rounder and wider and curvier with the shaping beam focused on them now, making your waist look smaller, narrower. Spread your legs a little more and imagine the beam focused on your inner girl’s pussy lips. They are becoming more sensitive, more open, and your cavity is becoming more inviting and ready for use.

Focus a special blue light on your little penis to shape the clitty. It’s a colder cylindrical light and is focused hard on your penis. You can feel it shrinking, getting smaller and smaller, going back into your body with just the tip remaining as your clitty, like a button. Your clitty can engorge and expand like a girl’s, but to no more than 3” in length. That is all an aroused clitty needs. Keep the cold blue light focused on your clitty  pressing it into your body and opening a pink slit, while you move the white-hot white light to your waist. Your clitty will continue to shrink so big fingers can stroke and caress it, and your waist will narrow so big hands can fit around it with ease. You will love the feel of big fingers and hands on your new girly body.

The white light moves up to your belly now and as it moves across it softens and flattens to give you a more exposable belly.

Now, move to your breasts. Imagine two cylinders of extremely hot white light focused on your breasts, sucking the nipples and breasts upward into a cone. Stimulate them by focusing the powerful beam of white-hot feminine light on your breasts and your nipples. Imagine how you want them to look, how you want them to feel. Now, increase the blood flow to your bust area, and stimulate your breast tissue to develop into the size and shape of bust you desire, appearing the way you want it to look in your clothes. Visualize the pectoral muscles and the muscles around your breast area developing to hold your bust firmly to prevent sagging.

Keep the hot white cylinders focused on sucking on your breasts as the blue cylinder of cold light continues to work its magic on your girlie clitty. As the light moves upward your neck lengthens, your chin, nose and cheeks become soft and feminine, your lips become puffy and pouty, your eyebrows are shaped and arched, your lashes are extended.

Your inner girl is now on the surface. Now your body is developing as it should: rounder, curvier, softer, more sensitive.

You will keep your inner girl’s body totally smooth and soft by regular shaving and waxing and using moisturizing body lotion every day. You will bathe her regularly with lavender and vanilla bath oils and you will keep her shaved smooth when bathing.

You will feel very feminine, very sexy. You will show off your inner girl, show how feminine and how sexy she smells and looks. While doing this you can’t help but think of a Real Man’s hands rubbing and caressing your smooth legs and buttocks and spreading you open to enjoy your girlie charms.

You will put her to bed in the silkiest, smoothest, prettiest feminine garments you can—nighties, teddies, gowns, and panties.

In the future when you hear “Shape your girl,” you will mentally imagine going through this girlie shape shifting machine again and getting girlier and more feminine each time, your inner girl coming more and more to the surface until she is indistinguishable from you. When you shape your girl she is you and you are her.

Awaken fully, pretty girl.