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Hypno Slut © by Dollyanne part - 5

Hypno Slut

Script #7

Sleep girl, sleep.

You may turn loose now of all tension, fears, and anxieties. Let them float away from your body like helium balloons and disappear into the vastness of space.

That’s a good girl, a good sissy girl. Send a nice pleasant wave of relaxation through your entire body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Feel it pass through your temples, your eyes, your jaw, your lips, and neck. Feel it relaxing your shoulders, your chest, your arms and hands. Let it pass through your stomach and hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, feet, until it passes through your toes and out.

You feel droopy, drowsy, and sleepy. So calm and relaxed. Feeling more relaxed with every easy breath you take.

Relax…relax. Let a good, pleasant feeling of well being fill your body. Let every muscle, every nerve lose its tension and go loose and limp and so relaxed. Your arms and legs are limp as a rag doll.

Shape your girl.

Imagine yourself in the magic girlie shaping machine. The white-hot light shapes you like a girl, rounder and softer with wider hips and breasts. The cool blue cylindrical light shrinks and shapes your clitty the way a girl’s should be. Go bimbo blank, girl.

Your mind is open wide and so accepting of these gentle words. You are hearing them, absorbing them, feeling them caress and settle comfortably into your mind and deepest thoughts.

You feel so compliant, so obedient, so submissive to these words and thoughts now. You are one with them, ready to learn, to believe, to understand, to shape and become.

You are such a good submissive sissy girl and becoming better every day. Remember that right thought is as important as right action.

You obey the sissy girl within you more and more and are becoming more obedient, more submissive to your Masters and Mistresses, the Real Men, and the Real Women around you.

You’re a sensuous and loving sissy girlie when you want to be, you are a wanton slut when you want to be.

Sex is a wonderful experience for you.

You are ready to Come out and play, girl.

You truly enjoy giving pleasure and as you concentrate on that you make your partner feel happy and you will succeed in giving and receiving peak pleasure and enjoyment.

Each sexual experience will be better and better and more and more sensuous and enjoyable.

Excite your clit, girl.

You experience sex like a very naughty girl, a slut, the kind of girl Real Men like. You love foreplay and passionate kissing and caressing.

You have a very talented mouth, lips, and tongue.

You have a very tight and deep pussy that you keep clean and lubricated and ready for use.

Your throat is deep and accepting.

You have soft, sensual gentle hands and fingers.

You love to suck and lick and stroke a Real Man’s cock and make it hard and throbbing.

You love to lick and suck and tease a Real Man’s cream-filled balls and make them churn and boil.

You love sweet cum cream and the more you kiss and lick and suck the sweeter the cream becomes.

And the longer you nibble and slurp and lick and suck a Real Man’s cock and balls and hold him back from cumming the more sweet cream you will get and the hotter it will be.

And if you finger and lick and tongue around and in his ass and asshole the sweet hot cream will erupt like a geyser filling your mouth faster than you can swallow it, dripping from the corners of your mouth and down your chin. It is sweet and heavenly like the nectar of the gods, and you will not waste a drop of it.

The more sweet cream you have, the more of a woman you become, and the sexier you become the more sweet cream you crave and lust for.

Sweet man-cream makes your breasts bigger, your hips wider, your skin softer, your hair shinier.

It makes you smile and giggle like an air-headed blonde bimbo with nothing on her mind but cock, hot hard cock full of sweet cum cream for you.

You are a cum junkie, a cum addict, a cum bank, a cum depository.

You need to be constantly filled with cock and cum.

It is more than a need, more than a want, it is a lustful craving, sweeter than candy, tastier than chocolate.

You need it and you need it often.

You love to beg and plead in your best sissy girlie voice for him to fuck your pussy lips deep and hard and make you his wanton woman.

You want his sweet cum inside your pussy, on your face, in your mouth, everywhere and anywhere you can get it, wherever he wants to put it.

You love to lick his cum-coated cock and balls until they are clean and wet and shiny.

You become delirious when he licks and sucks and nibbles on your sensitive girlie nipples.

Wanton sex will make you quiver and shiver and shake like an orgasmic girl. Wanton sex opens up your pussy and makes it smile.

You go wild when he cups his hand on your clitty and rubs it.

You beg him to take you and fuck you as his whore, his slut.

You spread your legs wide—wife-wide—for him.

You moan and scream with delight and pleasure.

You tell your lover to never stop.

You want to be completely dominated and used shamelessly for pleasure.

You dress to please in heels and hose and short skirts.

You want to be owned, shown off, whored out.

You want to be ravaged, relentlessly into total submission.

You have a soft and willing mouth, lips and tongue for kissing, licking, and nibbling nipples, clit, ass, balls, or cock.

You are available for total pleasure from head to toe, whether its kissing or massage or getting hot and rough and nasty and dirty.

You are in constant need of hard cock and loads and loads of hot sweet cum on your face, your tits, and in your mouth and pussy, day and night.

You want your pussy and mouth used and used well on a regular basis.

You love to tease and flirt and your sex drive and stamina are insatiable.

You want to be treated like the slut and whore you are.

You love to swallow and taste sweet cum from heavy cumming cocks.

You want your pussy pounded, your ass spanked, your hair pulled like a slut.

You love deep hard long fucking by dirty-talking dominant men.

You love being made to beg for sweet cum.

After sex, you love to hug and kiss and snuggle and cuddle.

You do whatever is needed to be taken fully for loving.

You are eager to please, to be played with, and be enjoyed.

You love for your pussy to be penetrated and thoroughly fucked.

You love to eat pussy, to suck cock, and get fucked hard.

There is nothing more exciting than having your lipsticked lips wrapped around a big thick hard cock.

You have a huge appetite for sweet cum, you can’t get enough of it.

You love to be paddled, spread, fucked, and forced to swallow.

You think about cock all the time, caressing it kissing it, licking it, sucking it. Cum is yummy, yummy cum is what you want, what you need.

Script #8

Sleep girl, sleep.

Relax. Send a wave of relaxation through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Go deeper in trance, honey, go deeper. That’s a good girl, a good bimbo.

Shape your girl.

Feel the white hot light on your body and the cool blue light on your clitty shaping you, rounding you, feminizing you.

Go-blank, bimbo girl

You feel so silly and happy and fluffy and your mind is blank and open to everyone, ready to listen and obey, ready for pleasure in whatever form it might take.

You feel so deeply relaxed, so deeply feminine, such a good sissy girl.

Let go and embrace those secret feminine desires.

Accept the delicious sensuous girl within you.

Imagine your pussy lips parting and the intense throbbing in your clitty.

See your legs spreading and your pussy parting and that big hard cock going past your opening and sliding deep inside you.

See the big, thick, long cock fucking your pussy lips, in and out, deeper and deeper and deeper with his big belly crushing and rubbing your throbbing clitty with every powerful thrust.

You want that big thick cock soooo bad.

Your girlie pussy feels alone and empty without a Real Man’s big cock filling it up, and stretching it open.

You need hard wet nasty animalistic sex.

You need to feel a man’s cock thrusting deeply inside you to feel like a woman. When you feel the masculine power of a Real Man’s cock inside you, it makes you more feminine, more submissive.

You love it when a Real Man fucks you and you are becoming more addicted to cock everyday.

Your pussy and mouth are so horny for cock.

Hard cock is your drug, your addiction. It is the only way you can cum.

You will become the ultimate cockslut.

You will worship cock.

You want to be fucked all the time, everyday.

You will beg for it just like a love-starved girlie slut.

You love to be fucked and you want the world to know it.

You are a slut, a slut for cock. A cum swallowing, cock sucking, fuck slut whore. And you like sweet cock cream more than anything.

It is better than sugar, candy, chocolate, cake, all rolled into one.

There is no turning back.

As of now, you are a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut.

You will go forth, as a wanton cockslut, and please Real Men in every way you can, regardless of size, shape, or color.

Hairy men, muscular men, bald men, flabby men, white men, black men—it makes no difference as long as they have a cock full of sweet cream.

Serving their cock is your duty, your job, what you were put on this planet for. You will get better and better and better at it with practice.

You are in constant training to give pleasure.

From now on, whenever you hear, say, or think the words, “Be a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut,” your pussy will ache for cock, your clitty will engorge and throb with an intense desire to cum, you will long to wrap your sissy bimbo girlie lips around a Real Man’s hard cock. The words, “Be a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut,” will drive you to feed your addiction, to take your drug of cock. And you will want this drug of hard cock more and more every day. You will want to feast on sweet cock cream.

You will be unable to say no. You will be unable to lie. You will tell the truth to the whole world, that you are truly a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut. It is your destiny.

If someone asks, “what do you do?” you will said, “I am a silly submissive sissy bimbo slut.”

If someone asks, “what is your name?” you will say, “I am Sissy, a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut.”

You are ready, slut.

Excite your clit, girl.

Come out and play, girl

Be a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut...