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Turning Tim into Tammi part 1

A while back I had separated from my husband and moved in with my friend Debbie. I wasn’t sure how long I would be there, but had an open invitation to stay as long as I needed.

Debbie had an older house in the Village that she was renovating into several apartments, it was perfect.

Tim was her first tenant, a college student as well as a very talented carpenter. He had long brown hair that he kept in a ponytail, and wore jeans with an old button down dress shirt. He grew up working with his father on a construction crew, and knew every aspect of the building trade. In exchange for his rent, he was doing most of the renovation, occasionally calling in an electrician or plumber when necessary.

Debbie was one of my best friends in college, and although we kept in touch, I really didn’t see much of her after I got married. She was tall and slender, with beautiful, auburn hair and a fantastic figure. I secretly had a huge crush on her back then, but was afraid to tell her for fear of losing a great friend. She worked in Manhattan as a fashion designer and was out of town during the week. I hardly saw her during those two months which was OK, because I needed the time to figure things out.

I did see a lot of Tim, my new roommate, and we became friends very quickly. I wasn’t sure if he was gay or not, but he never pried into my personal life or asked me out. It was both comfortable and a little frustrating. I’m used to more attention, and the fact that Tim didn’t seem interested was almost insulting!

I began to wear more revealing clothes and sort of flirt with him without actually flirting. He would talk about school, and life as if I was one of his buddies. Maybe he was just very shy. Either way, he was great company and always there to talk to about my failing marriage when I felt like it.

After a while, I’d worn everything I’d brought with me and wanted to go home to get some fancier clothes, it looked like I’d be staying a while. I had already brought two suitcases full of things, but since I was going to be staying with Debbie for a while I wanted more.

Debbie had the washer and drier set up in a spare room that we could all share. I threw in a large load and piled the rest of my stuff on the old couch that we used as a table. I needed to run home for an hour or so while my asshole hubbie was at work.

Once home, I found what I wanted and stared at my still full closet. There, at the bottom, was a French maids outfit still in the box. Well, hubbie wasn’t going to be seeing me in that for a while. Maybe I could give it to Debbie as a gag gift. I'd LOVE to see her in that!

I went downstairs and sorted through the DVD’s of our last vacation. I wanted to look at them again and try to figure out what was left of our relationship, if any. I looked at the clock and realized that over an hour has passed. Maybe I should call Tim to make sure he doesn’t put my clothes in the drier. I don’t want to be buying new things right now.

“Hi Tim? This is Teresa.”

“Hi, where are you?”

“I just ran home to grab a couple of things. Whatever you do, don’t put my things in the drier, they all have to be hung, OK?”

“Yeah, no problem. I can do that for you if you like.”

“Um, alright, sure. See you in a bit.”

What a nice boy, I thought.

Tim helps out