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Lady Jane’s toilet slave by Valerie

Valerie was a nasty little cross dressing slut. She had some dirty nasty fetishes hidden deep in her mind. Valerie was owned by Lady Jane who thought that Valerie needed to get these nasty thoughts out into the open so she began to devise a plan to either get Valerie to admit that she was a filthy toilet slave.

Lady Jane decided that proper training of a toilet slave should be done in the bathroom so she set up a cage next to the bathtub to keep Valerie in when her toilet services were not needed. Lady Jane led Valerie into the bathroom and showed her the cage……”You are to stay in the cage until your services as my toilet are needed. You will wear a latex dress at all times while you are my toilet slave. You will also be toilet slave to anyone else that wishes to use you.

“I plan to have some guests over this evening so you must prepare yourself to serve anyone that needs to use the toilet…..You must also give yourself to them in any way they wish to use you. You will comply with their wishes with out hesitation. Now, go put on a pretty slut face and get your latex dress on. When you think you are ready you are to stand next to the cage in the bathroom for inspection.”

Valerie did as she was told, she put on her makeup and got dressed then stood next to the cage for inspection.

“Are you ready dear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Lady Jane inspected her slave, Valerie had done a good job and Lady Jane was pleased.

“Before you get into your cage, I need you to do something…..I need to pee so get in the tub and open your toilet mouth!”

Valerie got into the bathtub and lay down on her back. Lady Jane stepped over her and positioned herself over Valerie’s face.

“Now, open wide dear, I want you to catch all of my golden nectar.”

With that Lady Jane let her pee flow down into Valerie’s’ mouth. The piss filled Valerie’s mouth and started running down her face and into her hair.

“Very good dear, now you must remember to keep up the good work the rest of the night. Now, get in the cage.”

Soon the guests began to arrive; all were made aware of the toilet slave in the bathroom and told to make good use of her.

Valerie could hear the commotion going on in the other room but did not know how many people were there.

The first to enter the bathroom was a male…he looked at Valerie and said “What do we have here? Get in the tub bitch, I gotta pee!”

Valerie did as she was told and the man just peed all over her.

“I think I need a good head job. Show me how good you are at sucking cock.”

Valerie started sucking the mans cock… it got hard she took it into her mouth as far as she could. The man grabbed her hair and thrust his cock deep into Valerie’s throat. Valerie started choking but the man slapped her face and said, “Just suck it good you dirty bitch!”

Valerie did her best and continued to take the mans cock deep into her throat until his cum exploded into Valerie’s throat.

“Ahhhhh…..that’s the way bitch….that feels good doesn’t it?”

The man finished his business and left Valerie to get back into her cage. The next person to enter was a woman.

“I may need a little extra service dear….I am on my period. I need to pee as well but you must changer my tampon and clean me first. Use your teeth to remove it then you may lick me clean.”

Valerie got into the tub and asked the woman to stand in the tub as well. She then used her teeth to grasp the string the was hanging from the woman’s pussy. She pulled on the string and the blood soaked tampon came out and crashed up against Valerie’s face. Valerie let the tampon fall into the tub then wiped her face with a wash towel so she could lick the excess blood from the woman’s pussy.

“ Ooooohhhh…..that is nice. You are a good slave. I must ask Jane if I can take you home to serve me occasionally. I have to pee now so get your face under me.”

The woman squatted over Valerie and filled her mouth with urine, the pee ran down Valerie's face, neck then down the front of her latex dress. Valerie could feel the warm liquid running down between her chest and the dress. When the woman was done she said, “Now, I need you to put a fresh tampon in my pussy.”

Valerie did as directed, then cleaned herself up a bit and returned to her cage.

Valerie’s next customer was another woman…..”Er….ah…I have to pooh dear. I was informed that you would do anything asked of you.”

“Yes Madam.”

“How does this work? I mean if I want to poop in your mouth, how do we do it?”

“I will get in the bath tub and you can squat over my face and just go.”

Valerie got into the tub and assumed the position. The woman got over her mouth and prepared to shit on Valerie’s face. First she emptied her bladder all over Valerie’s face then she started to push out her load. As she did, Valerie moved her mouth up to the woman’s rosebud and took the turd into her mouth. The crap piled up on Valerie’s face as the woman continued to shit. When she was done she turned to see Valerie’s shit covered face. “You are one sick shit eating bitch.” She then wiped herself clean as Valerie sat there, embarrassed and feeling degraded. The woman left the room and Valerie started cleaning herself up….She started to wonder what she had got herself into…..just then another man entered the bathroom.

“Well…well…well a shit eater! How nice. I just have to piss bitch but you have got me horny. Get in the tub in your hands and knees, I’m gonna piss on your back then fuck your ass.”

Reluctantly Valerie got in the tub as directed and the man pissed all over her back.

“Now, get that shit filled mouth over here. I want to lube my cock with that shit then I am going to ram it up your shit hole.”

Valerie turned to let the man dip his penis in the shit.

“Now, get out of the tub, kneel and lie over the edge of the tub so I can fuck you.”

Leaning over the tub Valerie’s ass hole was high enough for the man to enter her…..he shoved his throbbing dick into Valerie’s hole. He rammed it in to the hilt then started fucking Valerie fast and hard. After what seemed like hours the man finally reached orgasm and pumped his entire load deep into Valerie’s ass. “Aaaaahhhhh…..damn, that feels good.” He said. After a brief moment he said. “Now I need my dick cleaned. Do you think you can help?”

Valerie nodded and took the mans penis into her mouth and used her tongue to clean the mans dick. She licked his shaft and balls until the man said, “Thank you bitch.”

He left the room and Valerie finally got the chance to clean herself up…..she felt degraded, less than human, dirty and disgusting. As she was washing herself Lady Jane entered the room. “Well, you have done very well dear. All of my guests were very pleased with your services. Now, finish washing yourself and you may go to bed.”

“Thank you Lady Jane.”

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